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Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income

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Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income Empty Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income

Post by claud39 on Sun Mar 24, 2019 8:42 am


[size=36][rtl]Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income[/rtl][/size]

Saturday 23 March 2019

Stimulating the private sector and fair distribution of income 980-Alsabbaq

Baghdad / Emad Al-Amara

Adopting macroeconomic policies aimed at reducing inequality in income distribution would reduce poverty rates and redistribute incomes for poor and low-income groups.

The academic d. "The existence of measures to reduce the phenomenon of poverty, including support and stimulate private sector institutions by providing an appropriate climate for this sector, to take the leading role in the real competition and accelerate the treatment of dumping in the domestic market, which contributed to the reduction of national production rates, Sound rules and regulations of the tariff system and provide the necessary protection for local products for the purpose of encouraging them to develop and increase production. 

He pointed out the importance of revising the ration card system and legislating a law whereby the rationing items will be canceled for high income holders in the public and private sectors based on the foundations of social justice and adopting proper controls aimed at restricting this system to poor families only, with the active contribution of the Central Organization for Statistics and Information Technology Work and social affairs to prepare and compile accurate statistical data to identify those covered by this system, and study the possibility of increasing some of the food vocabulary, which is concentrated consumption of poor families.

The poverty line

Al-Jabri pointed to the importance of developing and expanding the social protection network to include all individuals and families living below the poverty line, through committees that enjoy integrity and transparency, investigate the situation of poor groups in all cities, and not rely on traditional methods and formulas that do not relate to the reality of their situation, The poorest, which may not be able to reach the stakeholders to provide the subsidy. " He stressed that "the monthly allowance allocated to the individual or the poor family should be increased to suit the economic reality of life, by adopting the national line, which was estimated by the Ministry of Planning and its supporting bodies, and benefit from scientific research and studies in this field.

Statistical systems

He urged the "support and development of statistical and informatics systems in the country in order to adopt a database based on the latest statistical data in the field of family budget statistics and the standard of living and to know the nature of the relationship between economic growth and cooperation in the distribution of income and their effects on poverty in the Iraqi economy, Anti-poverty according to a modern scientific vision stemming from the Iraqi reality. " 

He called for "to benefit from the experience of the fast-growing economies in East Asia, which have been successful in reducing poverty due to their respect for basic macroeconomic rules and their adoption of a fair distribution of incomes through government intervention in investment and trade." 
He also called for "activating the Iraqi economy and increasing productivity in its various industrial and agricultural sectors by focusing on intensive technology, using and rehabilitating the labor, training it excellence and providing its workers with high skill and trained, in addition to providing and providing productive assets necessary to promote the development of the Iraqi economy through job creation. Investment ".

Poor categories

It is noteworthy that the voices are high for the interest of containing the causes of poverty through the development of human capacities and the development of human capital, especially for the poor, which is the rehabilitation and development of the sectors of education, health and other public services, and promote the reality of these public facilities, which is a prerequisite to meet the necessary needs for the poor and an important pillar in To create favorable conditions for the expansion of human choices for future generations in order to expand the foundations and concepts of sustainable development.
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