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Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil

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Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil Empty Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil

Post by claud39 on Sun Mar 24, 2019 9:39 am


[size=36][rtl]Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil[/rtl][/size]

Saturday 23 March 2019

Middle East Tourism Fair concludes in Erbil 980-Alsabbaq

Erbil / Sondos Abdel Wahab
The Middle East Tourism Fair was recently concluded on the ground of the Erbil International Fair with the participation of 250 companies from 20 countries and a distinguished attendance by visitors, representatives of local and Arab companies and investors, as well as cultural, artistic and musical sections.

Director of Arbil International Exhibition Abdullah Ahmed said in an interview for "Al Sabah": "The exhibition was held in conjunction with the holidays of Norouz in its third session has witnessed a great turnout by representatives of tourism companies and local investors and Arabs and foreigners and visitors that the region has a beautiful nature and suitable for tourism and investment and the opportunity to ponder More to attract tourists to the region. "
Signing contracts

 He added that "Arbil International Fair this year, a large number of exhibitions estimated between 10 to 15 exhibitions and contracts are signed with a group of specialized exhibitions, pointing out that next month, the opening of a number of exhibitions, including the Book Fair and the exhibition of medical and exhibition of machinery and equipment and equipment and the establishment of exhibitions Including the Fifth International Conference on Oil and Gas, as well as the 11th exhibition for construction, construction, municipal equipment, the European exhibition and others. "

 "The improvement in the overall economic situation in the region is due to the support provided by the federal government and communication with it, which has played a major role in the return of the region to a prosperous phase, especially after the distribution of salaries and lifting the international air embargo last year And the relaxation of the political crisis in the region, factors helped to improve significantly in various areas, including economic and tourism and other sectors.
He pointed out that "organizing exhibitions in various fields and specialties is a bridge linking local and foreign companies in order to keep abreast of development and the conclusion of agreements and commercial and economic transactions and access to companies and global brands."
Increase investment

"The exhibition is an opportunity to introduce companies to the region and increase investment in it to showcase its products and offerings, as the participating companies seek to win and win new partners in order to strengthen their current and future relationship," said Nadir Rostai, spokesman for the Tourism Authority.
He pointed out that "the region in these days witnessed with the establishment of the exhibition a large number of tourists on the occasion of the Spring Festival Nuroz, especially from the provinces of the center and the south, and close cooperation with the relevant authorities in the federal government, especially the Tourism Authority to facilitate and ensure all procedures to receive large numbers and From trips by tourist companies (cherubat) and families from the south and center of the country to the region to celebrate the holiday of Nowruz and for the enjoyment and enjoy the views that are characterized by the nature of the charming areas of waterfalls, mountains and valleys and moderate climate, Resorts and other attractions. "
Tourism Projects

 "The Tourism Authority is planning to attract large numbers of tourists to the region in the coming period after the implementation of several tourism projects and the reconstruction and development of other tourism projects."
Noting that the arrival of tourists from other provinces contribute to the recovery of the work of hotels and restaurants and commercial places, including malls and markets and the main tourist facilities of the parks and monuments and museums in the Kurdistan region by 
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