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Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers? DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers?

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Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers? Empty Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers?

Post by claud39 Sun Mar 24, 2019 7:34 am


Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers?


Which countries are best at attracting skilled workers? 13893

Economy News Baghdad

Everyone is looking for the best, everyone wants to hire skilled labor, but the situation varies from state to state of course.
For the most innovative companies around the world, the stated goal of attracting the best talent is not only a motto for human resources management but a "survival issue," according to a World Economic Forum report.
Whether we're talking about a giant like Google who is constantly looking to add world-class engineers or we're talking about an emerging company that needs to see to shape future products, innovation companies require access to highly skilled workers to stay ahead of their competitors.

Global Search for Talent

There is no doubt that the big companies will do their best to bring in highly skilled workers, even if they should be looking internationally for the best.
However, part of this recruitment process is not necessarily subject to their control.
The fact is that these same countries have different policies that affect how easy it is to attract, educate and develop people, as well as retain the best workers. These factors can either provide or undermine the recruitment efforts of those with talent.
If attracting the best people is not very difficult, another factor can complicate things: sometimes the best people are not found locally or even nationally.
For large companies, employment is a global game, partly driven by government policies as well as the type of life within states.

The best countries to attract highly skilled workers

Using data from the United Nations and the Global Competitiveness Index, the top 10 countries are best at attracting and retaining highly skilled workers.
The ranking of countries is based on the general index, while the sub-evaluations are divided into empowerment: the organizational situation and the market in the country, attraction: the ability to attract companies and people with the required competence, and growth: the ability to provide quality education in addition to training, retention: refers to the quality of life In the state.
According to the data, Switzerland and Singapore are the best countries to reach and maintain highly skilled workers.
While the regulatory environments in both countries are renowned for their prestige, perhaps the most surprising is that Singapore is ranked first in the category of attraction, while Switzerland is at the forefront in maintaining talent due to quality of life.
In the United States, the total number of immigrants (46.6 million) is higher than all countries in the top 10 combined.
Not surprisingly, the huge US economy is witnessing a high ranking in the "growth" category, which represents opportunities to attract highly skilled workers to the next level through education and training.

Source: Mubasher
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