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 "Final Article" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Final Article" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/21/19

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 "Final Article" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/21/19 Empty "Final Article" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/21/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Mar 22, 2019 10:14 am


Sunkissed » March 21st, 2019


Nowruz (pronounced no-rooz) is a combination of two Persian words. The first word “now” means new and the second word “ruz” means day; together they mean “New Day.”

Nowruz is the name for the celebrations that observe the New Year for many Persian and Central Asian communities. The exact beginning of the New Year occurs when the season changes from winter to spring on the vernal equinox, which usually happens on 20 or 21 March each year.

Marking one of the holiest days of the ancient Zoroastrian calendar, Nowruz is an annual event that honors our common Silk Roads heritage, traditions, and culture with the birth of spring. Although celebrated in various different countries, the festive celebration promotes peace, prosperity, and solidarity within communities by recognizing the significance of our pluralistic identities.

Nowruz is a time for family and friends to gather and celebrate the end of one year and the beginning of the next. Children have a fourteen-day vacation from school, and most adults do not work during the Nowruz festivities.

Therefore, Nowruz signifies new day, and symbolizes new beginnings.

The return of spring has a great spiritual significance, symbolising the triumph of good over evil, and joy over sorrow.

Nowruz provides an opportunity not only to enjoy ancient cultural customs, but also to promote peace and solidarity within towns and communities.

Another common ritual and widespread tradition is the preparation of a Nowruz table. The objects on the table symbolise purity, brightness, abundance, happiness, and fertility for the New Year.

On the night of the last Wednesday of the old year Chahar Shanbe Suri, in Persian, is celebrated. During the night of Chahar Shanbe Suri people traditionally gather and light small bonfires in the streets and jump over the flames shouting: “Zardie man az to, sorkhie to az man” in Persian, which means, “May my sickly pallor be yours and your red glow be mine.” With this phrase, the flames symbolically take away all of the unpleasant things that happened in the past year.

The festivities of Nowruz reflect the renewal of the Earth that occurs with the coming of spring. Activities that celebrate the arrival of Nowruz share many similarities with other spring festivals such as Easter, celebrated by Christians, and the Egyptian holiday called Sham Al-Naseem, which dates back to the time of the Pharaohs.

Nowruz became a popular celebration among the communities that grew from these Persian influenced cultural areas. While the physical region called Persia no longer exists, the traditions of Nowruz are strong among people in Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, India, Pakistan, Turkey, Canada and the United States.

The celebration of Nowruz lasts typically 13 days from the start to finish: March 21 => April 02 (Gregorian calendar)

You can use the phrase nowruz mobarak to say happy new year, nowruz pirouz, meaning may it be a victorious new year, or aidé shomā mobarak, also meaning happy new year.

Links provided if you want to read the entire history:



To everyone here in KTFA Nowruz Pirouz!! ~ Sunkissed

Clare » March 21st, 2019

ISIS has officially crumbled and last stronghold liberated

BAGHOUZ, Syria -- The caliphate has crumbled, and the final offensive is over. While the official announcement hasn’t yet been made – Fox News has been told that this village, the last ISIS stronghold, is liberated.

It’s the first time since we’ve been here in Syria for five days that the bombs have stopped dropping and the gunfire has disappeared. We have witnessed the end of the caliphate – the brutal empire that once ruled over 8 million people – is gone.

Troops here are now bringing down the black flags of ISIS. The flags no longer fly over the town, instilling fear.

The last five days, Fox News has witnessed the last major offensive up close -– with U.S.-backed SDF forces attacking ISIS from three sides, pushing the fighters back, house to house, then tent to tent, against the Euphrates River.

Inside Baghouz, it’s easy to see how they hid for so long – not just in tunnels but trenches and hundreds of cubby holes covered by tarpaulins, which blend in perfectly to the dirt.

In the end, the majority surrendered. In fact, since the start of the year about 60,000 have dripped into the desert, and most are now held in camps.

There is a major concern about what to do with the camps though. The SDF has asked for U.S. support in setting up a tribunal here to prosecute them.

This final corner of the caliphate was in the far eastern desert of Syria– it was where ISIS first captured territory, and it is where they finally lost.

A clearing operation is now underway in the town– and an announcement is expected soon.
None of the main surviving ISIS leaders have been caught inside Baghouz. Instead, they left their men to fight alone. It’s thought they prepared ahead for the insurgency.

The scale of the devastation here is incredible. And everyone acknowledges that without U.S. support, it would have taken far longer.

For four-and-a-half years, ISIS held this territory, ruling over it with an iron fist. It was the terrorist group’s heartland – and they were so dug in that the only way to push them back was to flatten whole villages. The devastation here goes on for miles – and craters like this are a reminder of the critical role played by U.S. airpower. Military jets still fly overhead.

SDF fighters are all so grateful to the U.S., not just for their help in the battle, but now for its decision to leave troops here when it’s done. Reports now suggest the figure may be around 1,000 staying.


RE: https://www.dinarrecaps.com/our-blog/exciting-news-from-iraq-frank-26-and-ktfa-members-wednesday-am-3-20-19

Frank26 » March 21st, 2019

IMO ................. A FINAL ARTICLE

Article: “Parliamentary move to raise the price of the dinar and maintain the stability of inflation”

PasterR » March 21st, 2019

Frank, are you telling us this is article 2 we have been waiting on? If not still exciting times.

Don961 » March 21st, 2019

imo ... as stated on the CCs ... this is an escort article ... a good one for sure ... but remember the 2nd will include details about dropping zeroes ... currency values ... times ... where and how to exchange old notes for new , etc. ... as WS/Frank/DELTA/Teams have opined .. leaving no questions about what will occur ... or any speculations of whether or not it is the article we look for ... it will be clear as can be ...

Has Washington received official approval to stay? And who are the political parties willing to do so?

2019 - 03 - 21

According to a press report, America has finally obtained the approval of both the Iraqi government and the Iraqi parliament, as well as the Kurdistan government, for the continued presence of US forces, as revealed by the Fatah Alliance of political parties wishing to extend the stay of US forces on Iraqi territory, The insistence of the American administration on the survival of its troops as a disregard for their demands, have returned to take them out is necessary.

"A delegation from the Armed Services Committee of the US Congress visited Baghdad and Erbil on March 18 and 19 to discuss US-Iraqi relations," the report said, noting that "members of the House of Representatives (Congress) American John Garamende of the Democratic Party of California, Deb Haland of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and Veronica Escobar of the Texas Democratic Party met in Baghdad with Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi and Speaker of the Iraqi Council of Representatives Mohammad Halboussi.

He added that "these members met in Erbil, Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Regional Government, Najirvan Barzani, and Deputy Prime Minister Qubad Talabani," pointing out that "at the invitation of the Iraqi government and in partnership with the Iraqi security forces, should remain US military forces in Iraq as part of the International Alliance to defeat "Stressing at the same time the importance of" this partnership respects the continued sovereignty of Iraq while working with the Iraqi security forces to achieve the common goal of ensuring the permanent defeat of violent extremist organizations such as a sympathetic organization in Iraq, "according to the statement.

For his part, the MP revealed the alliance of conquest Haneen Qado, "The Speaker of Parliament Mohammed Halbusi, the most prominent wish to extend the survival of US combat forces in Iraq," pointing out that "a large number of Kurdish leaders and Sunnis support the survival of US forces in the country and refuse to vote on the output," indicating That "the statement of the US Embassy in Baghdad last on the request of the Iraqi government of Abdul Mahdi, the extension of the survival of its combat forces carries the meanings of lining."

He said that "the official government position with the reduction of the number of US troops and limited to the tasks of training and consulting only, adding that" a lot of political parties changed their convictions overnight and for reasons known to the survival of US forces. "

In the context of the deputy of the alliance of conquest Hamam Tamimi, "Washington's malicious policy towards Iraq by insisting on the imposition of the survival of its combat forces and violation of sovereignty is tantamount to treating Iraqis as citizens of the tenth degree," pointing out that "all foreign forces in Iraq are violated Of sovereignty that the country was liberated from the gangs of the terrorist and no need to stay, "noting that" the removal of US forces is urgent and necessary to maintain the sovereignty of the country. "

In turn, the MP for the alliance of Fatah Hassan Salim, that the Iraqi government is not bound by the US sanctions imposed against the Islamic Republic of Iran, while that the extension of the period of exemption of Iraq from those sanctions is a way to save the face of Washington, which failed in the sanctions against Tehran, pointing out that " Washington has failed to push Tehran through its economic sanctions. "

The security expert, Kazim al-Hajj, said that the United States is seeking to control the western region, especially the Sahara, by spreading it to the region in order to find a suitable ground for the terrorist and to separate Iraq from Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, pointing out that "the United States plans to control the western region through the deployment In order to find a suitable ground for terrorism and the separation of Iraq from Syria, Jordan and Saudi Arabia. "

US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo conceded that there were disagreements within the US administration over the inclusion of the terrorist movement on the terrorism list, revealing the opposition of the Pentagon to that step. "The US State Department has designated an Iraqi group, As a terrorist organization earlier this month despite the Pentagon's objection. "

Meanwhile, the New York Times revealed new US plans to classify some popular factions as "terrorist organizations", while noting that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, who began a visit to the region today, is leading a campaign to push Iraq to confront Iran. Who is due to arrive in the Middle East today to talk with officials in Kuwait, Lebanon and the Israeli entity about containing Iran. "

For his part, said a security source in Anbar province, said that "an American force supported by military vehicles accompanied by helicopters surveyed by the area of ​​Rummaneh district of Qaim district in western Anbar, near the border with Syria without knowing the real reasons behind the process of the reconnaissance and the purpose," adding that "The movement of these forces is not subject to the approval of security leaders overseeing the security file."

Also the security expert Kazem al-Hajj, that the savior of Dahesh in Syria and Iraq are the US forces and the safe haven of Al-Maash are the American bases and what is happening in Syria is a clear play known in terms of handover to the Syrian Democratic Forces in order to airlift them to Iraqi territory. " The terrorists surrendered to their own devices and then were transferred to Iraq by the Chinook and Apache planes without the intervention of the government.

In the meantime, the security expert Hazem al-Bawi, said that "the recent US military moves in the western region show plans are being arranged, especially after the recent security developments represented by the increasing terrorists from Syria, as reported," noting that "Iraq can invest a paragraph of respect (sovereignty Mutual) stipulated by the strategic framework agreement signed between Baghdad and Washington in 2011 to get the American side to accept any Iraqi decision sovereign and internal. link

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