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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/20/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/20/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/20/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/20/19

Post by Ssmith on Thu Mar 21, 2019 10:24 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Ray: . . .(read updates) . . . RAY’S TNT UPDATE, Tuesday, March 19, 2019 “Supposedly” new release codes were to be released to the banks on last Friday after the market closed for Monday morning effectiveness. We are still awaiting more information on the status of said specific codes. Iraqi TV is broadcast Cleric Sadr talking about starting up an effort to replace PM Madhi due to failing to complete the government by now. He also proposed bringing Abadi back as the Prime Minister. Parliament moved it’s March 23 session to Sunday , March 24 citing a holiday schedule conflict.

US Banks- One source says the final rates are not visible, but temporary rates are still intermittently flashing. Other sources are again excited and telling us that we will be “jumping for joy” later this week. [Well, I am pleased to hear their excitement, but I remain cool, calm and collective until something substantial happens….so should you] smileTime Will Tell It All! “Here We Go Again” by White Snake

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It’s another, another Wednesday. Guess what, nothing but good news today. It almost can’t get any better! Today is a different day, once again. We will start with the meeting on Sunday, they were supposed to vote. The names have been turned over to Mahdi. Three names for each position. He can select who he wants. As of this morning they are going to vote on Saturday.

We will see what happens once again. That’s the good part. As far as the codes. Last week I told you we had a 4 day window – the new release codes were done on Friday. We got from the bank on Sunday it was done over, finished and should be jumping for joy by the end of the week. Then we needed confirmation on the new codes and got that they were put in to be activated Monday morning. Again sometime this week.

How high is our confirmation? You know six degrees of seperation. Well this is one degree of separation. Only one person between us and someone who is actually in the room that said Okay, now we’re ready to go.

Today articles out all over Iraq talking about changing the currency, the rates of dinar, foreign currency and exchange rates. Anybody that thought this was not going to happen, that it was not possible – all they have to do is read today’s articles. Said they were going to do it in the next phase. We are in it right now. The vote is Saturday. I think we will see it prior to the vote. They say they are going to do it.

Articles will be posted in the forum, if they are not already there. Too much to put in a tweet. Are we done? Complete? They say in one of the articles about taking the rate back to $3.30. We know when we calculated rate from the budget, $4.44. We know the people inside Iraq have a new rate of $2.86.

Man, we are ready to go! It’s over. I’m excited! The bank people are excited! Ready to go! Jumping up and down! Our committee guy re verified it with somebody who was actually in the room, involved in the process and they said, ‘It’s now completed and ready to go!’
CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: . . . Said they were going to do it in the next phase. We are in it right now. . . As of this morning they are going to vote on Saturday . . . I think we will see it prior to the vote. . .

Tony: I just know by the end of the week. . . could be the week we go to the bank. They are anticipating it and because Iraq has put so much information out today about what they plan on doing and when they plan on doing it.

Tony: April 24th they want us to be through so they can do the general public (exchange.) (On Monday’s call Tony said they were allowing for the internet groups to take 30 days to exchange indicating we would start 30 day’s prior to the public so we can be done when they are to start – Sunny)

IRAQ: Parliament: Vote was moved from Saturday to Sunday. Today they have announced the vote is moved back to this Saturday. Mahdi has been given three names for each Minister position to chose from. Articles out that Parliament to make changes to the currency which will change the currency value. Media: Articles out all over Iraq talking about changing the currency, the rates of dinar, foreign currency and exchange rates. Tony: They are just notifying the people this is about to happen.

INTERNATIONAL: Middle East: No, one currency for all of the ME in the plans.

Canada IMF: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) is an organization of 189 countries, working to foster global monetary cooperation, secure financial stability, facilitate international trade, promote high employment and sustainable economic growth, and reduce poverty around the world. https://www.imf.org/en/About
Currencies Rates: Tony had no new information about rates today.

UNITED STATES: Banks: Tony: Bank people are excited and jumping up and down! Our committee guy re verified it with somebody who was actually in the room, involved in the process and they said, ‘It’s now completed and ready to go!’ Release Codes: They are the codes that go into the banking system that let’s it go throughout the world.

Tony: They are what we have waited 10 years to see. They have had them out before. Usually good for a week or so until they are activated. If you want to know how “fractional banking” works, Tony suggested you google it.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event. 800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release. Traveling with/Transporting of cash: Louisiana is another state that will pull you over and take cash your transporting. Abbott Downing is the high wealth division of Wells Fargo. Minimum client requirement is $50 million.

EXCHANGING: The internet group exchanging will get the same rates as the public. If your going to use the FOREX designations (IQN or IQD) for your dinar, since it’s uncertain what designations will be clear just ask twice. Ask, “What is the highest rate for the IQD? AND, What is the highest rate for the IQN?” How do you get the contract rate? Ask for it!!! Protect Your Principal:

Ray: You exchange for $5 million dollars. Your first inclination might be to pay your bills, gift others and invest what’s left, but you’ll already expended some of your principal when you got that money. You maybe can take out a loan to pay the bills, using someone else’s money and your real money (the principal) has been working since day one.

ZIM Information: Banks still saying they will take the 2008 & 2009 issued ZIM notes that Tony’s UST source told him to purchase and would be exchanged. Committee guy still saying they will not be exchanged. Tony has no knowledge where to purchase ZIM notes issued 2014 or later. Ray nor Tony know of no particular separate ZIM exchanges.

Tony: I would go nowhere individually to exchange my ZIM. Not taking it to some guy in some back room. Do not listen to that there are locations just to exchange your ZIM. If it is we will do a call. I know people at Wells Fargo and Chase, who work there, saying they are going to exchange the ZIM.

Q & A: Callers Q.

– Caller said Iraq’s New Year holiday was beginning today.

Tony: We’ve heard nothing about a celebration or their New Year’s.
Q. – I have someone who is uneducated and wants to give me a Power of Attorney to exchange two ZIM notes for them.

Tony: I am never going to put myself in that type of situation. Where a capable person will not go to the bank to. . . If a period is put in the wrong position it becomes your fault, for the rest of your life. No way in the world I would take that type of responsibility. If somebody does not listen to these calls to plan for their own future why would you want to take on that responsibility? Just because they don’t want to do it . . . or go through the process . . .didn’t want to learn how money works . . . just going to rely on you for the rest of your life?

Ray: If you have a properly drawn up Power of Attorney, they (the bank) might. If it’s a legally drawn up document they would do it, but because of the responsibility I wouldn’t do it.

Q. – This going into the bank to a wealth manager with a humanitarian plan of how your going to use it – you don’t even know how much your going to get.

Tony: And who is he? He makes $100,000 a year and he gets to determine what you get and how you use it. . . . How many people are you going to employ? I don’t know. Who does that make sense too? I know what makes sense and doesn’t make sense. Just somebody feeding you a bunch of BS. People out there honestly believing what these idiots are saying.

Q. – Anything that this country could do now to stop this? Does this President want this to happen?

Tony: Every President has wanted this to happen, just happen the right way. Bush wanted the money. Obama wanted to build a country. At the end of Obama’s turn this was supposed to go to Hillary because she was supposed to win. I don’t see anything so far that he has done to change the plan at all. He has not made them re-do their government. Two months ago he did say on TV saying their was an economic miracle about to happen. This is the only economic miracle I know of. Does Pres. Trump want this to happen? Absolutely! Our economy will explode. Everyone will think he did some kind of magic. Why wouldn’t he want this to happen. It will make his numbers look better than they do today. Economists this morning say our economy looks better than it has in twenty years. Only Dinarian’s will know what happened.

Q. Would you trust Wells Fargo? Hearing the new WF President has accomplished a lot but why aren’t they saying what he’s accomplished.

Tony: They are the foundation bank. I’m going to say I will trust them now because they are trying to rebuild their reputation and because they have been caught three times doing things and now they are under the microscope right now.

Ray: Also, can look at it from another perspective. They didn’t lose any money. They got caught making themselves and shareholders more money.

Caller: People lost their homes; they took peoples money and left them with little.

Ray: Ooh! Well, on exchange day if they can beat the others, we are going to do business. But investments, long term I may choose others to do that with. If they can give me the best deal on exchange day then I’ll do business with them. Tomorrow may be a whole new ball game.

Q: Any concern currency from Sterling Currency is not legitimate?

Tony: I don’t think there is any concern at all. I purchased currency from them and feel any concern is Zero. ZERO!

CLOSING STATEMENTS: Tony . . . All right guys. It’s a great day today. Middle of the week. Everybody excited. Banks excited. Iraq excited. Numbers are there. Put out so much information today. Articles actually say, “increase the exchange rate of the dinar” and they are going to do it now. We’ll see what happens on Saturday. You can read the article for yourself. This is a day to be excited. All the information says we are on our way. Enjoy your day. Hopefully we will come back tomorrow and do it again. If not I will see you on Friday.

Ray . . .Fear disabled, knowledge empowered. A lot of the decisions you all are making are based on fear, not knowledge. Travel restrictions, money restrictions you can learn today by calling the proper authorities and asking. . . then they will be decisions you are not making out of fear but out of knowledge. (played “I Believe” and “It’s Already Done!”) Ray: We are just waiting . . . for the call, any day.

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