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Douche of the Month (3/21/2014) DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Douche of the Month (3/21/2014)

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Douche of the Month (3/21/2014) Empty Douche of the Month (3/21/2014)

Post by Sam I Am Thu Mar 21, 2019 4:55 am

A while back I said that I was only going to award Douchies on an ad hoc basis.  Well I think it's time to add a hoc.  A man named Dave Schmidt has been calling the RV lately, although he wasn't really calling it because he only said that it was happening or unfolding or something like that.  Then when nothing happened he resorted to the old fallback used by Phoenix and others that it's a fluid situation, meaning it's unpredictable and things are subject to change.  Can you say "wiggle room"?  Whatever!  One has to ask "if it's unpredictable then why are you trying to predict it?"  Actually my theory about this guy with his "Sedona Connection" (Sedona, Arizona is a hotbed for enthusiasts of the paranormal) is that he is trying to cut into Phoenix' market share by mixing conspiracy theories with RV/GCR hype, backed up by his credentials as a former elected official.  He claims to be a former state senator and he claims to have top notch intel on the GCR and the RV.  

Unfortunately he also claims to have seen a UFO.

At this time I'd like to provide a few links for a little light reading on Davey.  

http://www.spokesman.com/elections/2010/washington-general-election/candidates/dave-schmidt/ (Okay, maybe that claim was true.)



Anyway, Dave is planning on doing a workshop in the Dallas/Fort Worth area on Sunday called "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?" where he's going to offer advice on how to manage the millions of dollars you're going to have after the RV.  Interesting how this guy who's got all the answers feels the need to include a "Donate" button on the same page where you see this announcement.  


It's incomprehensible why anybody would shell out hundreds or even thousands of dollars for advice on what to do with a fortune that they are only speculating on in the future.  Obviously you will want to talk with financial planners and tax attorneys if a few million dollars falls into your lap, but anybody who wants you to fork over your hard earned money before this once in a lifetime event occurs would certainly have to be classified as dubious.  

Douche of the Month (3/21/2014) Sam+(2)

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