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Mountain Goat 3/18/19

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Post by Mountain Goatee Tue Mar 19, 2019 10:52 am

March 18, 2019 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Did many of you enjoy this ridiculous roller coaster ride this weekend? It’s your fault once again for listening to the garbage instead of listening the FACTS.

In today’s newsletter we have many very interesting articles. They all seem to be interconnected somehow. The news pouring out of Iraq now is all about Iranian influence and how it is negatively effecting Iraq and the currency reform process. When we see such a number of articles concentrating all on the same topic, we can see clearly that this is what they are working on now and need to resolve. There always seems to be one or two main areas of concentration. This area I totally see how it is impacting on holding back the currency reform, the project to delete the zeros and the reinstatement and so it got my attention. So will be our main part of our information today.

As you read my comments with each article you will see how they interconnect. I explain the significance of them after the articles. You can find the entire set of articles in the articles section below.

This is a very important newsletter today. I hope you will read the entire newsletter very carefully and try to understand what is going on. If you do you can then see the hold up as it will stare right in your face. We may be coming to an end to this fiasco of holding back the reinstatement after all if this newest effort will work.

So, we sit tight and wait for anticipation. This is all we can do. I totally have faith in the prophecies by Kim Clement when he talks about Iraq, Iran and the middle east. He puts them together and says (paraphrase) something like - we will wait and wait and then suddenly it is there, one day it is not and the next it is. So this tells us we will not have much of a warning or many signs and the RI will come suddenly when we least expect it.

There is no need to lie or make up stories about any RV in Iraq already taking place, it hasn’t. No need to say the smaller category notes are “slowly trickling out from the top down” (how ridiculous is this?). We don’t need to take every little grain of information from Iraq and make it into a mountain of intel to wrongly substantiate in our own little minds an RV. It is a know FACT that these sources from Iraq consistently lie to us.

But we know why the intel guru lie. It is to sell FAKE news. Go figure!

More news….


We were told they plan to vote on these last 4 ministers on Thursday 3/21 so far I have not heard any changes. These are the new candidates below.

A source in the Fatah alliance said on Monday that the competition for the post of interior minister was confined to the team of General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi and Major General Yasin al-Yasiri, while revealing the dissolution of the position of the Ministry of Defense in favor of candidate Salah al-Hariri.

The source said in a statement to the "information", "The political blocs reached a semi-final agreement by consensus on the nomination of candidates for defense and the interior," asserting that "the two positions will be resolved next week during the meetings of the House of Representatives."

The source added that "the political blocs reached the lines before the end of the nomination of Lieutenant General Abdul Ghani al-Asadi and Major General Yasin al-Yasiri for the post of Interior Ministry," noting that "Asadi is considered the current favorite."

On the post of defense minister, the source revealed that "the position was resolved in favor of Salah al-Hariri, a military figure."

More news….


Again, I say the CNN news (and intel guru) boycotts are not all about YOU. Everything is not always all about YOU. Get it? Instead it’s about YOU getting others to boycott since we already know most of us are smart enough not to watch this CNN garbage. But what about others? We need millions and millions to boycott to shut down CNN.

It seems most of what I publish many take the viewpoint of selfishness as if its all about YOU. Its not! We know better (at least we should) and I can see that by the comments in my Facebook pages. So, going forward can we all agree that, if we are going to be PART OF THE SOLUTION AND NOT THE PROBLEM, we must become “selfless” and think more about the nation as a whole. We must get off our asses and do something and when we do this it is called being “selfless” not “selfish”. So, I don’t need to hear 1000 comments on how you don’t watch CNN. I already know that. I don’t care to read them. Get it? What I want to read is how you are going to educate other people and are reaching out to them.

What I need to hear from you is that you are starting a movement in your neighborhood or amongst friends to explain to them, show them videos, etc,, of what is going on with the news media and why Trump is being bashed so much. Ask them nicely to Boycott the channel as a possible solution to help. Print off and give them my instructions. If everyone just tells 10 people we could potentially impact millions. Its all about low ratings when it comes to TV. The lower the more likely they will cancel the program. No network will want to carry it.

Some think Trump deserves it. Sometimes a president does deserve some bashing as that is the American way too. But it should be impartial and not this ridiculous bullshit being presented by CNN, MSN and NBC. But come’on folks when the news media comes on TV and slanders and cuts and pastes parts of an interview to slant towards their viewpoint this is dishonest and lying. They try to convince you the interviewee was on their side when the guts of the interview would have shown otherwise but only if they played the entire interview. This is FAKE news not professional journalism. Sorry! They have crossed the line and gone too far.

I hope everyone can help in this effort. You are not doing this for me. You are doing it for your nation and to better FREE speech and strengthen the 1st Amendment to the US Constitution.

People must get up and fight for FREEDOM. Fighting for FREEDOM does not necessarily only mean putting on military war in foreign countries with bombs and explosions. There are political and propaganda battles going on right now in your own country. Get it? Will you take up the fight and fight for what you believe in or just sit on your asses and wishing someone else will do it? Will you help WIN this war?

More news….


March 14, 2019

Iraqi National Security Adviser Faleh al-Fayadh, Friday, March 15, 2019, with Massoud Barzani .settlement of differences between Baghdad and Erbil and the conditions of the areas covered by Article 140 A statement issued by the official website of Massoud Barzani, followed by "Masala", that the meeting dealt with the political situation in the region and the war on the rapprochement and steps to root out terrorism in Iraq.

He added that the meeting dealt with the situation of the areas of Article 140 and the efforts of the parties to resolve the differences, and stressed the coordination between Erbil and Baghdad in the field of security and provide a better future for citizens .The application of Article 140 of the Iraqi Constitution, is related to resolving the problem of disputed areas.


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


The abolition of the dollar from Iranian economic exchanges with the region and the world, one of the most important results of Iran's new trade strategy.

"What is happening in economic and trade relations with Iraq and other neighbors, such as Turkey and Afghanistan, is an evolution of Iran's commercial goals," he said. "I have been talking about the agreements that were signed between Tehran and Baghdad. "He said.

"Restrictions on Iranian and Iraqi financial exchanges because of US sanctions against Iran have complicated the banking relations between the two countries, but by understanding the restrictions and conditions in Iraq, using a special payment mechanism, we have continued to work properly, about the current huge exports. "

According to the Central Bank president, " the new strategy, caused the failure of US sanctions policy in practice."

Hemmati adds that " in addition to trade agreements; the agreement on the activation of the border agreement and good neighborliness between Iraq and Iran, dated 13 June 1975 in Algeria, and remove remnants of the Shatt al - Arab (Arvand Rud), of the most important results of the visit of the Iranian president to Iraq."

(Mnt Goat – Wait a second. I quote from the article - “the new strategy, caused the failure of US sanctions policy in practice.” Really? Why does another article today tell us this is instead a sign the US sanctions are working. Who is right? Is this a political article or factual article?)



The monetary policy of Iran is aimed at emptying the Treasury of the Iraqi state is part of the plan to dispel Iraq's wealth because of the continued scarcity of cash liquidity from hard currencies in order not to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar compared to the dollar.


THIS IS WHY THE CENTRAL BANK HAS BEEN WORKING FOR YEARS OVER THE SALE OF THE DOLLAR AT THE CURRENCY AUCTION AS IT IS KNOWN FOR THE PURPOSE OF SMUGGLING IT ABROAD BY THE POWERFUL THIEVES AND MOST OF IT WAS GOING TO IRANIAN BANKS TO INCREASE THE IRANIAN RESERVE of hard currency in order to rise the value of the Iranian currency and continue the deficit In the Iraqi budget so that THERE IS NO SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE EXCHANGE RATE OF THE IRAQI DINAR AND THE PRICE OF THE IRANIAN CURRENCY, i.e. there should be no variation in the value of the two currencies on which the trade is based because in many cases the sale and purchase was done in the Iranian Toman in the governorates of the South, especially Basra.

But after the impact of U.S. SANCTIONS ON IRAN, WHICH LED TO A DRAMATIC FALL IN IRAN'S TOMANS, CAUSED A DECREASE IN THE BALANCE OF TRADE BETWEEN THE TWO COUNTRIES and the decline of religious tourism until the gap became deep and the difference between the Iraqi and Iranian currency, from here Rouhani came to Iraq to protect the remainder of the goods in Iraq in order to save the Iranian economy through economic agreements that have transformed the balance of trade to zero in terms of Iraq as a backyard park and a consumer state for all Iranian products without exporting any Iraqi goods to Iran because the situation of Iraq as it is known has nothing Exported by non-oil and most of its revenues go to Iran to cover its absurd wars here and there and remaining enter into the pockets of thieves in the form of salaries and fairy privileges.

Also among the dictates of falsely CALLED AGREEMENTS ARE THE CANCELLATION OF IRANIAN VISA FEES TO IRAQ SO THAT IRAN CAN NOT BE LOST IN HARD CURRENCY WHERE WE ARE SAID TO ENTER 7 MILLION IRANIANS IN THE VISITING SEASONS AND EVERY INDIVIDUAL WHO PAYS AT LEAST 20 DOLLARS A VISA FEE to become the product of Iraq's income from Alesia At $140 million, this amount was raised from the mouth of the Iraqis and entered into the bellies of the people of Iran, as well as the Iraqi state and religious thresholds to spend on Iranian visitors and provide the food and hotel services they need free of charge to Iraq, which caused a double economic loss for His idol should be blessed with the masses in Iraq's goodness.

The proof is that if we go back to memory before the US blockade on Iraq, where the Iraqi state budget was 11 billion dollars and the exchange rate of the dollar 3.3 and today the state budget 450 billion and the exchange rate of the dollar is 1189 dinars. Who is responsible for it and for the benefit of.

(Mnt Goat – I quote from the article above – “WHENEVER A RESERVE OF HARD CURRENCY IS INCREASED IN THE STATE TREASURY, THE VALUE OF THE LOCAL CURRENCY RISES.” WOW! Could this also be yet another reason why the CBI is waiting to RI? They need for the reserves to increase? Remember that when Dr Shabibi was about the RI way back in Jan 2013, the CBI reserves where at a all time high of 90+ billion. We know the war with ISIS has brought the CBI reserves down to a dangerous level of about 45 billion. Last we hear the reserves recovered and were about 60+ billion and climbing. The agriculture crops exported last year were a record high since before the 1990’s war. This brought in a nice cash flow along with the oil revenues. Another tactic the GOI is working on is getting these customs and tariffs working. If successful they could rival the oil revenues. But in one of today’s article they tell us the many of the tourist can not afford to come to Iraq due to the low value of the Rial now at about 135,000 rials to the dollar. WOW! and you think the IQD is low. So the strategy of Iran is make them equal by stealing the wealth from Iraq. On vehicle is the currency auctions but since the agriculture boom even the auctions are very low. They are low since they are exporting more veggies rather than importing. When you import you must go to auctions to trade IQD for USD to pay for the imports. So one defense Iraq has against this strategy of Iran is to export more and buy less. This is something the IMF and the US wants them to do anyhow and is going to raise the amount of reserves in the CBI thus eventually raise the value of the dinar, thus allow the reinstatement to occur. NOTE – I DID NOT say that the dinar is going to come out low on FOREX as the program rate and float upwards. All I said it when they think that the CBI has the adequate reserves (and other things) this will give the CBI sound reasoning to go for the reinstatement. In one of the articles today once again they told us they would the “3.3” ($3.30) rate back to the dinar. I think the will get it too. In fact they will probably go beyond that. I quote from the article above – “Iraqi state budget was 11 billion dollars and the exchange rate of the dollar 3.3 and today the state budget 450 billion and the exchange rate of the dollar is 1189 dinars.”

So what I do not understand is why all these idiots like Bruce Bigcall and TNT Tony and many others keep telling you that the RV is imminent. I see nothing to tell us is the case. I think we could possibly be in a window since I do not see anything remaining to hold it up except maybe what they just told us in these articles today.)



(taken from a larger article)

The second reason for Tehran’s heightened focus on Iraq is its aim to score a strategic and geopolitical victory against the US at this critical time.

(Mnt Goat – So Iran is using Iraq to get back at the US for political reasons of the US sanctions)

The Iranian leaders aim to project to Washington that Iran enjoys political and economic dominance not only in Syria and Lebanon, but also in Iraq. The Iranian regime continues to intervene in Iraq through various strategies, ranging from influencing elections via the use of money to dispatching troops and transferring arms and missiles to militias. Lately, ACCORDING TO BRITISH SECURITY OFFICIALS, IRAN HAS BEEN DEPLOYING HIT SQUADS IN IRAQ — UNDER THE INSTRUCTIONS OF QASSEM SOLEIMANI, THE COMMANDER OF THE ISLAMIC REVOLUTIONARY GUARD CORPS’ (IRGC) ELITE QUDS FORCE — TO SILENCE INDIVIDUALS OR GROUPS THAT OPPOSE THE IRANIAN REGIME’S POLICIES AND INTERVENTIONS IN IRAQ’S INTERNAL AFFAIRS.

IRAN HAS ALSO BEEN ATTEMPTING TO CONTROL IRAQ AND DICTATE ITS FOREIGN POLICY BY FUELING SECTARIAN CONFLICT IN THE COUNTRY. This heightened meddling led to Iraqi Vice President Ayad Allawi calling on Tehran to stop interfering in his country’s internal affairs. He said: “Iran does not have the right to meddle in the Iraqi affairs and I hope that (Iraq’s) relations with Saudi Arabia will be strategic.”

Thirdly, since Iran’s IRGC has been trying to ratchet up the illegal transfer of weapons and ballistic missiles to its proxies in the northern Middle East, further reliance on the military highway through Iraqi territory has become critical for the IRGC and the Quds Force. That is why Iran’s hardliners joined the moderates in hailing Rouhani’s efforts to strengthen ties with Iraq.

Finally, IRAN IS USING IRAQ AS A PROXY FOR ITS RIVALRY WITH THE US. Tehran is attempting to project its geopolitical, military and economic dominance in the region, AS WELL AS TRYING TO BYPASS US SANCTIONS.

The Iranian leaders are playing a dangerous game in Iraq, and this must cause significant alarm in the international community.

Article by Dr. Majid Rafizadeh is a Harvard-educated Iranian-American political scientist.

(Mnt Goat – So like I keep telling everyone they must figure out a way to peacefully get rid of the Iranian influence within Iraq. It is holding back any real progress. This is essential to the survival of Iraq. We all should know by now that Nori al-Maliki is the man responsible for letting them into Iraq in the first place to fill the void once the US forces moved out under Obama administration in late 2011. He is also the hinge pin to keeping them inside Iraq. So how do you slam the door on Iran and keep it closed? You take out the hinge pin…lol..lol.. Do they have the guts enough to do it? Will they let the global justice system INTERPOL take care of it?)



March 14, 2019

The Central Bank published pictures of the currency and metal issued by the Central Bank of Iraq to trade after 2003 did not succeed, which was decided to cancel.

The paper currency was withdrawn in the category of 50 dinars, which is from the issuance of 2003, which was the front face of the Basra silo and the back of the palm leaf.

With the withdrawal of metal currency with the issuance of 2004 of circulation for categories 25, 50 and 100 dinars but was not circulated to the public at that time.

(Mnt Goat- I would consider this an early phase of educating the citizens about the currency. Remember that in 2015 coming close to January 2016, the CBI told us they wanted launch the 100 coins but later decided not to. So what are they really telling us in this article? What is getting lost in the translation? I believe they are getting ready to launch these 25, 50 and 100 very soon and are telling the citizens to watch out for the “cancelled” 50 dinar notes from 2003 no longer valid and that here are the pictures of the coins that are valid and coming soon. This is PERFECT too since we know that are going to slowly launch these smaller categories as the market dictates it would make common sense then to start with the highest of the smaller categories and work your way down. Get it?)



BAGHDAD – A source close to the Integrity Commission, Friday, that the

President of the Izzat Tawfiq six corruption files were submitted two days before his death as a result of a traffic accident in the province of Dohuk.

The source said according to the new Arab newspaper, “Judge Ezzat Tawfiq attended the meeting of the Supreme Council to combat corruption, which was held two days ago in Baghdad, and put important files.”

He added that “the late President of the Commission was in the process of OPENING SIX FILES OF CORRUPTION IS IMPORTANT TO INDICATE THE INVOLVEMENT OF SENIOR OFFICIALS IN THE LOSS OF FUNDS of the Iraqi state.”

The Integrity Commission announced yesterday, the death of its head Judge Ezzat Tawfiq as a result of a traffic accident in the province of Dohuk.

(Mnt Goat – Traffic accident? Really? Do you see now how difficult it is to clean up the corruption? These men must even risk their lives on their efforts. They are trying to shut down this Iranian stealing of Iraqi funds. But who will want to lead the effort when they know they can be easily assassinated? Do you see the problem here?)



Najaf (Iraq) – A statement issued by the Supreme Shiite cleric in Iraq, Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, on his demand to limit arms to the state, as the MOST IMPORTANT CHALLENGE FACING THE STATE, raised questions about its significance.

The statement quoted Sistani as saying that “the most important challenges facing Iraq at this stage IS TO COMBAT CORRUPTION AND IMPROVE PUBLIC SERVICES AND ARMS INVENTORY BY THE STATE AND ITS SECURITY SERVICES,” expressing his hope that the Iraqi government to make acceptable progress in these areas.

It is noteworthy that the armed militias classified internationally in terrorist groups have independent headquarters in Iraqi cities and still retain their weapons after the restoration of the city of Mosul from the organization of Dahesh, and RECEIVED FINANCIAL SUPPORT AND ARMAMENT OF THE IRANIAN REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS.


Sistani welcomed “any step to strengthen Iraq’s relations with its neighbors according to the interests of both parties and on the basis of respect for the sovereignty of States and non-interference in their internal affairs.”

Iraqi political sources expressed their surprise that Sistani’s statement would be issued immediately after a spiritual meeting. He knew that the militia file was Sulaymani, not Rouhani, and that the Iraqi government itself was incapable of disarming the militias.

Sistani’s statement stressed that “regional and international policies in this sensitive region must be balanced and moderate in order to spare their peoples more tragedies and damage.”

An Iraqi political observer wondered if there was a link between the statement attributed to Sistani and his reception to the Iranian president, especially what is related to the talk about the sovereignty of states, which is not found in Iran’s relationship with Iraq, where Iran dominates the militias that owe their ideological allegiance to the Supreme Leader of Iran, Sulaimani.

The observer said in a statement to the “Arabs”, “The paragraph on the weapon appeared as if it had been included in the statement because it is not applicable for two reasons:

First, it is the Iraqi government that funds the militias.

The second reason is that these militias are directly protected by Iran. That paragraph may not be aimed at popular mobilization, but at what the popular crowd calls the illegal militias. The militias that have been dispensed with their services recently.

(Mnt Goat – this is BIG part of the Iranian influence in Iraq. This is the insurance policy for the Iranians should a politician get out of hand. These militias are like the mafia hit men. Fighting ISIS is now over and so they must now go.)



A spokesman for the Kurdistan Regional Government, Sven Dzai, that the issue of oil delivery of the province to Baghdad need to conduct dialogues, adding that the budget law for the year 2019, the Iraqi government to send salaries to the staff of the region.

Dzi's remarks came during his visit to the Erbil International Tourism Fair, in which he said that according to the Iraqi budget law for the year 2019, the IRAQI GOVERNMENT IS OBLIGED TO SEND MONTHLY SALARIES TO EMPLOYEES OF THE REGION, pointing out that the rest so far is the issue of oil delivery of the region by 250 thousand barrels per day to Baghdad, Baghdad is currently sending only 522 billion dinars to the region.

He added that the issue of oil between Arbil and Baghdad needs dialogue and negotiations and should be far from the media.

Dzii pointed out that all those sent by Baghdad for the region is the amount of 522 billion dinars as salaries for the month of March this year only and there is no other new.

Dzii's comments come at a time when the provincial government has not distributed the salaries of the months 1, 2 and 3 of this year so far.

According to the Iraqi budget law, the Kurdistan Regional Government must hand over 250 thousand barrels of crude oil to the government of Baghdad every day to send the last amount of 522 billion dinars per month to the region as salaries to employees.

(Mnt Goat – So we read in this article that the salaries to be paid to Kurdistan have not been paid for the last 3 months. This amounts too about 1.5+ billion US dollars. We know in the 2019 budget they agreed on 16.4% of oil revenues to go towards these salaries. So why are the not being paid? Yes, because once they pay the Kurds out of the budget, they will have to open the budget and we know that the new budget is predicated on the new reinstatement rate. So far for 2019 they have not opened the budget since the CBI has wanted to reinstate the currency in January 2019. For accounting purposes, they can still reinstate even though they are now passed January as long as they do not open the budget. If they do and begin spending it at the 1180 rate, then the finance committee will be reluctant to approve any reinstatement at a new rate since accounting will now be out of sync and the plan will be out of sync to begin the new period with a new rate. I know this may sound weird to many and I am probably not wording it correctly but you get the idea. The Iraqi fiscal year begins in January not October like many of these gurus are telling you. This is why January has been the most opportune time to reinstate the currency. This is why all attempts in the past were targeted for January. So January has passed but they can still revive and maintain the target date going forward as long as they do not open the budget. To pay Kurdistan would be to open the budget.

Okay so now you say why not just reinstate then, pay the Kurds and get it done and everyone will be happy. It is not that simple and they would have done it already if they could. What is stopping them? It’s a long story but I will try to do my best to explain.

I have told you many times already the execution of the “project to delete the zeros” is the key to the reinstatement. This is still true. This will lead to the reinstatement. The GOI and the CBI must be on the same page and coordinate together. So far, the GOI does not yet want the reinstatement. Why?

Is seems it would be good for the county. The GOI does not want it due to the connections to the corruption. The Iranian influence is too strong. They threaten the CBI through the GOI if it goes forward without their approval. So, what happened last Thursday?

If you follow the parliamentary session agenda for that day you will see that a law was finally passed to give the CBI the needed independence. This law was started last year and only had one reading. We all know by charter with the Iraqi govt it should be independent and a law should not be needed. But this law is very important now and parliamentary members felt they must override the influence the finance committee and cabinet members are having over the CBI. This is of course the corruption scandals over the currency auctions. Billions are being drained out of the CBI reserves to send to Iran to help them overcome the US sanctions. The CBI must work independently to do what is best for Iraq not Iran. Other articles in today’s newsletter points this out too. So all the articles in the news today seem to be coordinated and connected. This is a very important newsletter today. I hope you will read the entire newsletter carefully.


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republics of Iraq and of the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance.

To do this thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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