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 "The Biggest Problem" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/16/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"The Biggest Problem" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/16/19

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 "The Biggest Problem" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/16/19 Empty "The Biggest Problem" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 3/16/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 17, 2019 9:58 am


Dan » March 16th, 2019

Thinking out loud. Would it expedite the process if The USA dried up the use of the US dollar all together so that Iraq could no longer get there hands on any USD.

THIS WOULD FORCE THEM to either use there worn out toilet paper, or print new toilet paper, or bring out the small category notes and RD/ RV. THE thieves need to be iced. Just thinking

J49 » March 16th, 2019

I have asked this Question for years and still don't understand why Trump hasn't stopped it.

They will never learn to stand on their own if we and other countries keep babying them

Mark » March 16th, 2019


Frank26 » March 16th, 2019




IRONIC ............ AIN'T IT ?

Wrestler » March 16th, 2019

What are they being protected from?

Frank26 » March 16th, 2019

TEAM CHAT FROM LAST NIGHT ....................... IRAN !!!

StephenMac63 » March 16th, 2019

Imo, Iranian influence. The biggest problem Iraq GOI has is corruption.

The folks that were "elected" were corrupt even before the election as they bought the votes. How does one buy votes? Cash and favors. How can they have cash when the country was economically deprived due to the war and didn't have an infrastructure? Embezzlment....and lots of it.

How did they embezzle? They were shipped pallets of cash that were to be used for rebuilding the infrastructure, roads, buildings etc and instead they used the money to buy properties around the world with London being the most popular place two years ago, last year the number one place for Iraqi nationals to buy the properties was Turkey.

Keep in mind the average Iraqi was lucky to afford a camel and yet we have members of the GOI that can buy vacation homes abroad? By the same token, Turkey was also the number one place to buy properties......by Iranians. Again, is the Iranian economy booming to allow the average Iranian to buy property abroad? IMO, upper-level management of Iranian Politics and a fellow I call General Salamander of the Quds Forces. (Need to have somewhere to go in case the fit hits the shan)

The past 3-4 years we have seen more articles appearing about "this guy has files on that guy", etc. and are coming to light. In the meantime, we had an article this past week about a minister being a former member of the Saddam's Baath Party. Three months ago an article came out that 4 members were disqualified to be Ministers due to the same reason, which is why it brought the number up to 8 but since then I think they have been filled and we are now down to 3 or 4 "empty spots".

Why does Iraq need protection from Iranian Influence? Because of sanctions due to Iran's behavior of causing world disruption via terrorism and the fact that the proper place to store the Iranian Rial is in a Port-A-Potty. Iran needs value, the current management refuses to instill value so they do the next best thing, take it from somewhere else....Iraq, an up and coming country that has all kinds of sweet deals and about to be pampered when they arrive on the international scene. While we are watching the files come to light about ministers embezzling pallets of cash, its Irans plan to embezzle the whole country of Iraq.

And they can do this by having influence in all of the ministers, whether its bribery, blackmail, religious, whatever works they will do as long is it gains a result. Can you imagine if the Iranians had influence over the Defense Minister position? The "voice of Iran" is Maliki. If all ministers were in place, do we not think that Maliki would be visiting their offices in the name of Iran?

The fact that the 3 or 4 "ministers" are not exposed is a very good thing. It allows time for the rest of the ministeries to be cleaned up. Will it ever be cleaned up entirely?....not even close but they have to have some sort of normal structure there in order to function as a government....for the people. But until then we are discovering that some of the Ministers have degrees from Cracker Jack University and are waiting for their little surprise.

In the meantime the missing ministers positions are being filled by Proxy of PM, so no worries there.

I would be curious to know the qualifications of the "missing ministers". They are probably foreign educated, maybe top of the class or close to it. Non-political, may be endorsed by all of the Fab 4. It will be these 3-4 ministers that would actually change, over time, the character makeup of the GOI. I am of the belief that the ministers are there because if the budget is open and each minister gets a certain percentage for the ministry.....

I seriously doubt there is a huge bank account with a bunch of money just waiting for the 3-4 ministers. IMO, the ministers are being protected by the PM "Proxy". The ministers are doing the work in the background and giving Madhi the reports and Madhi turns around and delivers it as his. Do we really think that Madhi has the ability to run the PM and the missing minister positions by himself?

The "accident" that killed the minister a couple of days ago, only two days after he said he had files on corruption regarding others....apparently it was a "runaway vehicle"....look at the picture and then think. How does a runaway vehicle gain the speed, have perfect timing, and perfect aim? It doesn't.

My theory is that the minister's car pulled behind another car as cars do when traveling and then another car came behind and blocked him in and a vehicle traveling at a high rate slammed into him on the right side, so obviously, it was at an intersection....look at the damage. Can a vehicle "runaway" to gain enough speed to do that kind of damage? In a crowded city? IMO, someone's foot was on the accelerator, on purpose.....and off the brake....on purpose. IMO, with that kind of damage....easy 40 mph plus.

When will we see the 3-4 ministers come to light? I'm thinking when the Iranian Influence is no longer holding key positions in major infrastructure projects such as electricity, oil, gas, economy. There are only a couple areas that the Iranians belong in when it comes to Iraq....a portion share the same religion and import/export. And now we see why a separation of church and state can be a good thing.

IMO, of course

Samson » March 16th, 2019

Minister of Trade announces the establishment of new marketing centers

16th March, 2019

The Minister of Commerce, Mohammed Hashim Al-Ani, on Saturday, the development of new marketing centers in the province of Wasit in preparation for the marketing season.

"Trade Minister Mohammed Hashim al-Ani arrived in the city of Kut this morning and met the local government and met with them in the presence of a number of members of parliament," the ministry said in a statement.

The statement added that "the meeting discussed the ways of success of marketing campaign for wheat crop."

Al-Ani pointed out that "the development of new marketing centers in preparation for the marketing season and facilitate the procedures for farmers." LINK

China lifts US holdings for second consecutive month

16th March, 2019

China raised the largest owner of US debt holdings of Treasury securities in the United States for the second consecutive month during January

China's Treasury holdings reached $ 1.126 trillion in January, compared to $ 1.123 trillion in December, according to data released by the US Treasury Department on Friday

Japan, the world's second-largest holder of US debt, also raised US Treasury holdings to $ 1.069 trillion in January, up from $ 1.042 trillion a month earlier

Brazil, which gained US Treasuries to $ 305.1 billion in January, came third, compared to $ 303.1 billion in December

The United Kingdom and Ireland, where the fourth and fifth positions, reduced their holdings of US bonds at levels of 271.6 billion dollars and 270.1 billion dollars, respectively

Countries in sixth, seventh and eighth places - Switzerland, Luxembourg and the Cayman Islands - reduced their US debt holdings by 228.6 billion, 217.5 billion and 208.4 billion dollars, respectively

At the level of the ninth and tenth places, where Hong Kong and Belgium increased their holdings of US bonds at 200.5 billion and 192.1 billion dollars, respectively

The data showed that the world's total holdings of US Treasuries increased in January to $ 6.307 trillion, compared with $ 6.265 trillion in December LINK

Don961 » March 16th, 2019

Rumor Center: 20 misleading reports about Iraq per week

2019 - 03 - 16

The Iraqi Center for Fighting Rumors revealed on Saturday that there are more than 20 civil society organizations and prominent activists on social networking sites who are writing misleading reports about the Iraqi reality of international organizations and companies aimed at obtaining personal benefits for them and their organizations

The Center said in its weekly report (March 16, 2019) that "last week witnessed several rumors that did not take any role in the Iraqi street except for the report of the company (Sir Sir), which talked about Baghdad and put it ((the worst city to live)), which promoted this news a lot Of the local media without taking into account the criteria adopted by the company (Mir Sir) in writing this report"

The report added that "the audit and follow-up on the criteria that was based on the company (Mir Sir) shows that the company has a group of advisers in Iraq working in cooperation with civil society organizations to write a valid report of their content and include the intimidation of the poor service situation and the situation of the poor and the security situation and based on the positions and stories not fake Her health "

"The aim of writing such reports is to break the enthusiasm of investors to foot to Iraq and who have a promising market in Iraq, but they are reluctant to such reports that put Baghdad distorted and not suitable for development, especially after the development and openness between Iraq and the world

The report warned that "those organizations and activists who shadow international opinion and international organizations that complaints will be filed against the Iraqi judiciary against them and all their shady methods are presented to those organizations in case they did not disclose and apologize for targeting the future of Iraqis and the development of the economy of citizens "

The report called on "Iraqi media and social media activists to pay attention to the standards on which these reports are based, which are creating the spirit of frustration for everyone" link

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