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Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street

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Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street Empty Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street

Post by claud39 on Sun Mar 17, 2019 6:10 am


Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street


Tamkeen Fund and Al Rasheed Street 13704

An international organization has recently issued a report that places Baghdad as the worst city to live in compared to the capitals of the world. 
I was bothered by this news, whether the standards adopted in the classification are accurate, real or inaccurate, or carrying an agenda to show our capital is the worst. 
 Baghdad, Rashid, Baghdad, peace, Baghdad Kadhimin and the great Imam and Abdul Qadir Kilani and Rassafi and Jamil Sedqi Zuhawi and Jawahery and Qabnji and Yusuf Omar and cafe Shabandar and Umm Kulthum cafe and Mutanabi Street and the first skyscraper and the highest in Baghdad building Rafidain Bank.
Is it reasonable and logical? To allow the honor of our beloved capital Baghdad to be shamed and allow organizations that claim to be international organizations to harm our capital. Why are the good people? We accept, hear and watch every day what is happening to our Baghdad from neglect and obliterating the heritage of Baghdad and its cultural symbols without shaking us and motivating us to respond to their reports and standards with practical steps to restore the legacy, heritage, civilization and excellence.
It was also returned to 20 squares in Baghdad earlier this year by banks and under the supervision and follow-up of the Central Bank and the Association of Iraqi private banks. 
In order to achieve this quickly, we propose that we choose Al-Rashid Street, which represents the Baghdadi and the Iraqi people as a legacy and an eternal cultural symbol, and that the original and good people of Baghdad, especially businessmen, private banks, the Association of Banks, civil society organizations, artists and plasticians, engineers and under the leadership of the Central Bank of Iraq As community initiatives that restore the cultural and heritage heritage of the present world by reviving its heart Rasheed Street.
I invite the government and the Secretariat of Baghdad to announce a competition and not a tender for the most beautiful designs to return Al-Rasheed Street to Al-Qah in 1965. We want to return to the street its heritage buildings, Shanashila, Hafez al-Qadi, Shatt al-Arab Casino, Brazilian coffee, Amo Elias Restaurant, To a heritage museum of Baghdad and to turn the street, which was acquired by the emergency professions and manual carriages to a street with a single track to enter only modern cars with specific models and to allocate Fridays and Saturdays to the heritage and commercial markets and Baghdadi industries, Cars, as is the case in most of the capitals of the world during the holidays, and this, if achieved requires the cooperation of all Iraqis and Baghdadis in particular to be Rashid Street is (the capital of good Baghdad beloved) and invite the owners of international reports to visit them before they put it as the worst city to live in the world.
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