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 "Sitting on Go and Ready" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Sitting on Go and Ready" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/12/19

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 "Sitting on Go and Ready" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/12/19 Empty "Sitting on Go and Ready" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/12/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 13, 2019 8:58 am

MarkZ Update Tuesday 3-12-19: Notes by PDK-Highlights only-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: I did not see the movement we wanted to see from Sunday into Monday….Still very excited this week. We will be watching every single day. The Progress is slow and steady and we want it to be fast, quick and efficient.. there is a whole bunch to watch for this week…

Mr. C has not been paid. No confirmation on the Indian Accounts…we have someone speak directly with a Chief. F&Ps not delivered until Indians are paid .

My contacts in Chicago are still excited that we are seeing progress….they are energized and rejuvenated this week and feeling very positive….I am still looking at “any day”

CMKX: we are sitting on “Go” and ready….I got some cool confirmations on where we are now sitting….I have been asked to not talk about this so I won’t.

Q: I know its early but i do have an important question MarkZ.I heard we should not get an interest bearing account, but if we dont get that, then how would we get interest?

MZ: I understand there will be accounts available for us……Wed. night we will have our Trust expert on to answer all your questions. Bob used to be a “Barr” attorney and he is now a “common Law Attorney”..

Member: the whole thing with the non-interest bearing account was that USG would insure an unlimited balance. It was a scam to suck deposits into the banks, because the banks had zero liquidity.

Member: The benefit of a non interest-bearing account is that the money has not been invested yet and is easier to move to a different bank etc….. when you have an interest-bearing account with a large sum of money that we will be placing in these accounts, to get interest it has to be invested therefore the theory goes that it would take a little while for them to liquidate and move it because your friends have been invested in something in order for you to receive interest. If you're planning on keeping

Q: Mark please explain, i thought this was a general revolution stream, are you all waiting to be paid by the Gov or sumfin?

MZ: We are looking for a Global reset and a New Republic/government .

Q: It Sounds like you are now feeling even BETTER....about the CMKX! So....does that mean you are feeling even BETTER about the RV being even CLOSER, as well??

MZ: I feel very positive…very positive…I am still looking for it this week.

Q: how many people are scheduled to receive 800# for distribution

MZ: I will make sure we give the 800 numbers on this call.

Q: What percent would you give MARCH being our month? Cannot Thank YOU enough!

MZ: Im about a 98% on March…I feel really good about.

Member: They are trying to beat the March 29th date because currencies are going to change on that date for sure

Member: BIS will be gold back on March 29

MZ: Bam……that one reason I am so positive in March.

Member: We are leaving the EU on the 29th March

Q: MarkZ Have you heard anything about April 15 being a new back wall?

MZ: I still hear the 29th is our back-wall date.

Q: Is there ANY possibility that BIS going gold-backed March 29 could be postponed?

MZ: I have no idea…….They may be waiting on the outcome just so they have the rates structured

Q: Are we back to waiting for the parliament positions to be filled?

MZ: Heck no………Absolutely not..I hear we are waiting on security on our end.

Q: so you are going back to the constitutuion?

MZ : I am told we are absolutely going back to the constitution and common law.

Member: Judge Anna Von Reitz is a pro for years- on Common Law - She has YouTube videos

Q: Is WF the main bank?

MZ: Yes it is

Q: what happens when the Fed and IRS closes…

MZ: I expect the fed to be folded into the Treasury….We still need a central bank to manage liquidity. .We still need rank and file employees but they will be under new management….us.

Q; When the China and Trump agreed to the trade deal the RV will happen

MZ: It may be true….I hear it’s a security issue right now between China and the US…


MZ: Yes…I am feeling very confident that its going the same time as the other ones.

Member: Isnt Zimbabwe a economic and political mess?

MZ: Yes If they move forward with a stable currency the government mess will fix itself…… I hear sanctions on their currency go away after the reset.

Member: According to Fulford, the reason for Zimbabwe sanctions is to prevent the cabal from profiting from the reset.

MZ: Im not a big Fulford follower….but that makes sense to me.

Member: I have been told that due to the large amounts of Zim redemptions only HSBC will do them

Member: Mark Is it your opinion that gurus calling it for weeks/months/years was to deliberately throw off the cabal? we just got caught in the middle...

MZ: Yes…Many of us have been used for misinformation over the years.

Q: do you think we'll be waiting for the weekend?

Q: because of the financial magnitude, you think we have to wait for the weekend for timing?

MZ: It makes sense to me as we will be seeing a complete Global Reset. But Historically RVs have happened on a Tuesday or a Thursday .. We were told by Mayheu way back when that we would go to bed on a sat. night and rates would change and we wake up Monday to all new rates.

Member: Those that have profited thru Ill gotten means..will live to see the day when it is ALL taken away"~Bob Maheu

Member: Good Memory on the Mayheu thing.

Q: Did Hodges confirm with you the Dinar has to RV before CMKX is paid? He said it so long ago...

MZ: I did not ask AL that question……he always said the RV had to happen for everyone to get paid.

Member: Banks need our dough

MZ: they absolutely need us to exchange and our liquidity.

Q: Any fear from Bail-ins from Banks.

MZ: I was told specifically we will NOT have to worry about bank- bail-ins

Q: Gm, Mark. Does Cottrell have any leverage to get paid, or could this continue on forever ?

MZ: No not really except for a massive campaign in public to force exposure….sooner or later the fiat system will crash…..it is inevitable…. they can do it the hard way or the easy way.

If this doesn’t happen for us this month we are planning a yellow vest gathering in DC….they are terrified of this.

Member: We will reach out to Q people and Trump groups to join our yellow vest March

MZ: I am having mixed feelings about the Q thing…..they have mixed misinfo with real info into it….anytime the bad guys can meddle with something….its easiest to mix misinfo in with real intel.

Member: can see JFK JR alive. Lots of proof there to. I questioned at first. But anons showed could be. !!!

MZ: that would be wonderful……have no idea if any of that is true but with his family’s history fighting the central banks, I think it would be wonderful if it proves to be true. That would be the best story ever and turn the PTB on their ears……..

Member: REALITY..IS...found..in conspiracy theories..look closely

Q: Originally Mr. Hodges was going to announce to the shareholders and let us know we have Economic Reciept, do you know if he will still tell us... or will we just get a surprise knock on our door? Thanks

MZ: It is not his job to announce to the shareholders…he did his part….now its up to the paymasters and just like us- he is waiting for a knock on his door.

Q: Mark, with all respect....how many people do you think showing up in Yellow vests to Washington would make an impact? Without a GCR most of us could not even afford to go out there.....thoughts?

MZ: I would think 10,000 in yellow vests it would make a huge impact…….starting with 500 to 1,000 it would quickly grow IMO.

Member: Domino for sure! WWG1WGA

MZ: It would domino for sure. People who want to Audit the Fed, Q followers, Dinarians….but there is no room for hate ……just justice.

Member- no to audit the fed…yes to end the fed.

MZ: I think we need to audit it to prove to the people how corrupt it is so it can be ended with a huge finality. This is a war between globalists and sovereigns….some say it’s a war between good and evil.

Q: ? Is Nigeria aferican Courency in first basket. Thank you.

MZ: I have heard most African currencies are in the second basket.

Q: With Iraq Parliament saying the Prime Minister can choose the remaining cabinet members within 3 weeks, does this mean the RV can’t go until then?

MZ: they can absolutely move forward with the RV before they finish their government

MZ: Again this call is all in my opinion and I hope you consult with professionals when it comes to financial decisions…..manage your expectations. It is not an “if” but a “when” for this to happen.

This is such a complex thing they are doing but I believe we are in the “end days” of seeing this reset happen.

Q: if Mr. C gets paid... & cant talk...what will you say that day..?

MZ: If this happens and I cannot let all of you know….I would probably tweet out that “I’m under a NDA and cant say anything” …..or post that I’m having a big glass of scotch…lol

Today’s Replay for Tuesday 3-12-19 https://www.twitch.tv/videos/394366697##

Or https://www.pscp.tv/w/1jMKgOenRgqKL

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