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Kaperoni's Reply To Dave Over "The Float" At Iqdcalls 3/11/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Kaperoni's Reply To Dave Over "The Float" At Iqdcalls 3/11/19

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Kaperoni's Reply To Dave Over "The Float" At Iqdcalls 3/11/19 Empty Kaperoni's Reply To Dave Over "The Float" At Iqdcalls 3/11/19

Post by RamblerNash on Mon Mar 11, 2019 9:40 pm


Zig  First a brief message to everyone from Kaperoni: "Please explain to them that I try to answer all questions when I visit, but often may overlook or miss one... Rather than bash me, they should ask again or message me like you did here on this site."

Zig  From Dave to Kaperoni which I PM'd Kap............"Kap knows his stuff.....Loses me on entering at a nominal rate......of .00086 and gradually rise it.CBI just stated No FREE FLoat 1 week ago or so. ..Managed float from .00086 would take a decade to see a dime. KAp agrees with Fils and LDs. But the cost in minting/printing at the nominal rate would Kill CBI. Notes cost 3-5 cents each to print, Fils much much more considering copper is 3 buck an oz. Would it make sense to still pay 1000 dinar for that coke when printing costs alone would be 30-50 bucks coins.....TEN TIMES THAT. Would that not be HYPERINFLATION......and not require wheelbarrows in stead of wallets? I do not know how clearer i can be"

Zig  What will follow is Kaperon's Reply PM'd to me today........Give me a few minutes.....it may take two posts.....TY

Zig  "Many think the dinar could never free float and must be some sort of manage float. They may be right! I am do not really care what type of float it is other than that is how monetary policy works, floats are a tool that the CBI uses to counter pressure. Random acts like RV's RI's etc are not tools the CBI uses so we can rule such an event out. As well there are other reasons like money supply, economic shock that prevent such an event from ever happening.

If they do float (which they will) the float will begin at whatever the current rate is at..such as 1190. The reason is simple...any other value would be a RV of sorts and not be within the tools the CBI uses. Not to mention, it would circumvent the CBI's ability to profit from the buy/sell of currency commissions. Which after all, is what the CBI is in the business of..making money. Central banks every single day control the sale of their currency to make money.

As for how fast the dinar could rise...just look back at 2004-2005 when the CBI under Dr. Shabibi unpegged for about 6 months and reduced inflation from about 33% to 5% or less raising the dinar exchange rate from near 3000 / $1 to 1170 /$1. This demonstrates the pace the dinar once again could have during the investment/market economy phase. But again, this process is up to how fast investors/investment comes to Iraq. It is not a random act. Again, many articles on this process to read from the IMF and other organization.

Cost of printing currency is consistent no matter what the dinar exchange rate is because Iraq uses Dollars to pay for goods outside Iraq at this time. So the cost of printing a 25,000 note is the same cost as printing a 20 note if they have printed them and the paper/features are similar. Same for any coin/fils. But from news we have read over the years, it appears those are already minted."

Zig  "Members need to understand, primarily the dinar is only used in Iraq. Purchases outside Iraq are in dollars so they are on par with the rest of the world as for costs. Iraq does not print or mint their own currency. It is sourced to companies such as De La Rue. This is done to prevent overprinting and eliminating concerns over security.

I remind you most if not all of your chat people refuse to study and read how emerging market work. There are several documents/articles explaining this process they can read if they want to really learn, but most do not because they believe the crap from the gurus.

Remember this is not some idea I came up with. The professionals at the IMF that work directly with Iraq have documented that is their intention for the CBI and the dinar. Your members need to stop listening to nonsense from gurus and start reading the profession documentation pertaining to Iraq for the truth on this investment.

There are two ways to interpret what the CBI is talking about when they mention "deletion of zeros. It may be honest and part of the plan (when they interpretation of what they really mean applies) or it may simply be the CBI trying to diffuse speculation and speculators from buying the dinar. There is no way to know for sure until they open the economy and we find out.

I have read articles that imply deleting 3 zeros is a LOP and others that imply that they will raise the value gradually down to the day the dinar is worth the same as the dollar. which implies a float and exchange rate improvement."

Zig  Personally, I believe from my research the dinar will improve in value via float and that seems to coincide with Dr. Bakri in Iraq who has written me several times to discuss monetary policy (which is posted in DinarAlert Forums).

So also want to hold on to a statement from an article that said they would not float the dinar. Which also could be interpreted in two ways. 1. being they won't float (which makes no sense because they then would not have the tool they need to counter inflation as investment/investors come to Iraq, or 2. they are not going to float at this time (which may be what they really meant at the time of the article). And may be true..but that was months ago before the dinar was stable and in compliance. It is almost amusing how "literal" some people get with every article released.




Zig  https://www.imf.org/external/pubs/ft/wp/2004/wp04126.pd



Zig  Above was from KAPERONI.....Finished......LOL.....Wow....

Zig  Links are the same as in post above it.....just made into links.....

JoeSchmoe  Members need to understand, primarily the dinar is only used in Iraq..... ??? I thought the usd was king there for now?

JoeSchmoe  oh.....the dinar is only used. guess I got my emphasis on the wrong word

JoeSchmoe  meaning, the dinar is only used in "IRAQ"

Irish Rose  @Tebow,Zig,Doug . Thanks for the info fellow dinarians. Just running low on my "hopium". Just selling some.

Zig  Irish Rose : Here's a booster shot of "hopium" for ya.....free of charge.......

Tebow  Zig so what did Kap have that we haven't a thousand times before

Tebow  Nothing!

Tebow  Same o same O

Irish Rose  @Teboe,Zig, Doug... Thanks for the selling information. Just running low on my "hopium". Lol! The sun will shine tomorrow. I am just selling some to buy some " hopium ".

Zig  We have new members, new lurkers, etc. who may have interest in what Kaperoni has to say......and Dave wanted an answer so here it is.....and Kap took the time to write it.....

Zig  No big deal.....IMO

Baxter  actually... I thought it was quite good....

Baxter  sure beats the guru nonsense..

Baxter  just get to my dime...

Tebow  Kap is guru nonsense

Baxter  Well.... I don't know... and I dont care... I just want my dime

Baxter  My oldest grandchild was two when I got my first dinar..... He got his drivers license today... does that tell you anything

Baxter  I think that really puts this into perspective.. on time... from barely walking... to driving a car...and Im still here..

larrykn  Baxter what other type of investment can give you a return like the dinar can do in this period of time. I can work a life time an not make a million or so $$$

Baxter  well thats true LarryKn... but.... we havent quite made it yet....

larrykn  not yet

Baxter  I bought quite a bit of this pink stuff... thinking that if it did go for a dime... I would still profit to over a million after taxes... so we will see...

larrykn  I have a little too, I'm praying it too will happen soon

Baxter  so am I my friend.. so am I.........

Baxter  any good news out of Iraq today?

larrykn  I have decided not to say anything, every time I do, it gets in Guru and I don't like that

Baxter  oh...Ok.... I understand

larrykn  its to bad because I like telling people where we are at but someone likes to keep posting it, I don't understand why , I'm not that good

mod  Not that I am a genius and Not to "throw Kap under the bus" But Kap demonstrated to us in the past he did not know how to translate minutes to hours... LOL .. so not trusting him with numbers.

mod  And remember Everyone is entitled their opinion.

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