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 "Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19

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 "Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19 Empty "Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 10, 2019 1:14 pm

Markz Update Saturday 3-9-19 : Notes by PDK- Highlights only-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context. Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions

MZ: Busy morning here getting a trust update. I was reached out to again by my Treasury source…..they are working on a type of trust that’s safe to exchange into . A common law trust. If you receive farm claims, CMKX ect……we will have a professional come in to talk with us

Mr. C has not been paid yet…….We heard that 5 of the indian sovereign nations have been paid ..they received their funds overnight..but I have not verified yet…..If this is correct- my guess is 800 numbers late tomorrow. Just remember none has been right yet.

Q: Is the Iranian Rial in this first basket??

MZ: Im being told it is as they are shooting for parity in the region because of the shared economies of Iraq, Iran and Kuwait.

Q: QUESTION? .... When you are at your Exchange Appointment and it comes to verifying your currencies .... if they say that they have to Send It Off to somewhere else for verification .... as it has been Strongly suggested, then we need to be prepared to Walk ie. Do Not let your currencies out of your sight.... right?

MZ: At this point- Do not let it out of your sight….I have been told this over and over.

Q: The Gazette showing anything ?

MZ: I havnt seen anything yet……

Q: did the movement you were expecting last night happen?

MZ: We have been told indian sovereign nations have been serviced…cannot verify…if so we expect Farm claims and F&Ps this evening….We are hopeful this is factual because we are ready.

Q: NASDAQ has put iraq stock exchange and logo under their securities

MZ: I saw that…a beautiful sign at the New York stock exchange

Q: I have a question Mark, since no one seems to be able to answer this question. How about us zim holders in europe? All i keep hearing there are numbers for usa and canada, and mexico, but not europe.

MZ: I will have to ask about that one…..there has to be a mechanism in place…I just don’t know what it is.

Member: There will be a website for all counties so everyone will know how to exchange

Q: Hearing we are not allowed to exchange in a trust name. Would you tell us why as many of us have trust for this. Is because they don't know who owns the trust and could be example a drug runner?

MZ: I was just talking with a good friend who has met with attorneys to help set up common law trusts. Hearing we are returning to “Common law “ per our constitution….We will have someone who knows all about come in and talk to you all. Must be sure your trusts are covered in “common law” and not the past legal system.

Q: what is your guesstimate on 800#?

MZ: If it’s confirmed that 5 Indian nations were paid this weekend we could get 800’s on Sunday !!!

Q: : I heard that the delivery of final codes arrived in reno, could that be true? if it is true, does that mean its go time soon?

MZ: I don’t follow the codes, I follow the money….We are hearing that 5 indian nations sovereigns started getting paid overnight……we are still trying to find out if true.

Q:Any idea why it has not happened yet? F&P should already be out. Mr C should have been paid by now.

MZ: Mr. C has not been paid but we do hear that sovereigns were starting to get paid overnight….i expect to hear more on that later.

Q: What's CMKX

MZ: CMKX is a stock that BOA and the US government shorted.It was a lawsuit that the government lost. . Banks were overprinting stocks, diluting value while the US gov. was using it for bribes ect….. Mr. Hodges, Mr Mayhew and that group took down a large government and Bank scam operation. They sued them successfully and the Fines and Penalties is what is owed to shareholders. If you own shares in CKMX- you are part of the F&P payouts. When the lawsuit was won… this was all tied into the reset.

MZ: So we track CMKX and following all the settlements it lets us know a few hours ahead when we can expect to see the RV

Q: Can you discuss sometime QFS, Quantum Financial System, is it in place, where it came from etc. etc.

MZ: it’s a bad-ass computer…We hear that it is in place and will be live all around the world by the end of this month. It will keep track of all transactions and stop corruption…removes the theft and criminal aspects in our financial system.….This system is based on Mr. Cs college doctoral thesis for a new financial system….

Q: Have you heard any of your contacts talk about tier 4, as in tier 4 or tier 4 a and tier 4 b? Or is the A and B of tier 4, miss information?

MZ: Basically as Tier 3 wraps up….MR. Cottrell kicks off the switch between 3 and 4…the RV people are tier 4.

Q: Is the law that Obama put on the banks in which the government can swipe our money still in effect ?

MZ: It was actually before Obama. That was the ping and tap that allowed them to ping accounts and then tap them..I understand this was one of the reasons everything hasn’t gone yet….. but will go soon.

Q: Will this affect my VA disability

MZ: It shouldn’t….If our exchanges are non taxable…it should not affect it at all.

Q: how quickly do you think the FED will go down after everything hits? or has it already been taken down? And the IRS, hopefully hand in hand

MZ: As I understand it they should wrap up everything with their operations by October while our 2 currencies run side by side…then they will not exist anymore.

Q: Are people still camping out in Reno…lol?

MZ: yes- unfortunantly……some of them are on their own dime.

Q: What are you hearing on the rates?

MZ: Rates on key currencies is what I have heard…no idea if they are correct….I hope they are…..i am hearing on the dong rates between $2-$2.20’s. I have heard a street rate in the mid $4’s for the dinar but I have seen it float on other screens up to $7. So my guess is between $4.50 and $7….but that’s just a guess.

Q: Someone said the other day the Federal Reserve's servers were shut down. have you heard anything like that?

MZ: Yes…I have heard they have been shaking down and going through their servers

Q: good morning mark years ago i heard from DB (dizzy bear) that we should do just as you and MC said deposit funds into your own name and don’t need a trust to do the exchange. thanks mark love you and thank you for what you do for us

MZ: i wish I had met him

Q: You say u have contacts that helped with redemption centres, any tips or advice, for newbies in regards to the redemption centres, in regards to anything we should know or be aware off?

MZ: they are set up for us….keep all your info together…have good current ID’s and use good common sense when you go in.

Q: will the rates be around the world on every screen?

MZ: I think they will try to hide it as long as they can…..I think it will not be showing worldwide until a week to 10 days after we have exchanged…..just my thoughts.

Q: I have heard per zidera agreement, and that by the new law from zimbabwe, that the start rate of zim is 1:1, have your contacts said the same thing?

MZ: I have heard this too…..Waiting to see how it turns out…

Q: Maybe a weird question, have you heard anything about first disclosure, after gesara? I could not wait to have them disclose aliens, and their technology that helps the world and humanity

MZ: I love a good conspiracy theory and alien stuff and Sci-fi….To think we are alone in the universe is the height of arrogance…We hear there is over 6000 patents that will be released when all happens.

Q: Im aware you are aware of the italian article, and the leaked out info that the rv is all real. What did your sources say about that?


MZ: yes this is the article that released the date for the reset to be complete on Mar. 29th….My sources believe it’s totally true……Jim Rickards thinks it will happen on the 19th…this makes sense because there should be a couple weeks between the actual release and the world announcements….Keep in mind Rickards was part of the Reset consultants/advisors for Trump….

MZ: Looks like we have a volunteer to come on and talk to you all on common law and trusts…he has given up his Barr license and embraced Common Law……..we will get that set up.

Q: Why has Mr. C not been paid?

MZ: He is the last person that gets paid as they move from Tier 3 to Tier 4 …he would love to be paid…..and then we in the RV get paid….and no…Mr. C is not the admiral…they are totally separate people.

Q: I have friends in this saying they think it's really never ever gonna happen and that we've all been taken. I know there are no guarantees but do you know for sure that we are gonna really RV?

MZ: I have seen so much of the legal paperwork behind the scenes and knowing many of the people that are actually making it happen…. I know for sure this is real and is happening……I know how much it sucks for all of you who have been hanging on by faith….but for me its never been a question of if….but a question of when.

MZ: We will do another stream at 11AM est tomorrow…I think we will have a lot of news by then…We will definently have a celebration stream as soon as all this goes…If anything happens today I will send a tweet…..Have a great day everyone.

Saturday 3-9-2019 Replays: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/392835705##

Or https://www.pscp.tv/w/1ynJOOBOMkVJR

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 "Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19 Empty Re: "Busy Morning here" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/9/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 11, 2019 8:53 am

"Re: Busy Morning here" by Vee

Hey TM..MarkZ.. must be reading my posting here on IDC.. Humm
As I'd had post ..

"MZ: Busy morning here getting a trust update. I was reached out to again by my Treasury source…..they are working on a type of trust that’s safe to exchange into . A common law trust"

I'm not apart of any pack.. I'm a leader.. Leader is in front of .. you must be apart of those packs that smell each others butts.. You catch my drifting air?

"Mr. C has not been paid yet…….We heard that 5 of the indian sovereign nations have been paid ..they received their funds overnight..but I have not verified yet"

Does anyone know ..paid for what ? F&P?

My Indians haven't been paid.. There case- lawsuit is at the ICJ. Hague Netherlands

NYS assault on Onondaga Indians.

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