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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/8/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/8/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/8/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/8/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:54 am


(Bullet pts by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Flashback Wed Call: Tony/not a whole lot in the news. Ray will send Iraq news out to you. Not looking for anything until this weekend. If anything happens, we’ll tweet it out. See you Friday morning.

Ray/protecting your principle, not spending it! Try your best not to spend any of it. Spend (OPM) “other people’s money”!

Tony-Ray/Thursday Blast: Good morning TNT. Parliamentary commission and investment confirmed on tv interview today that to revalue and delete the zeros is ready for implementation by the CBI after a five-year delay due to security and corruption issues! Show me the money!!!! TNT TONY

Opening Comments: Tony/We are still hearing it may come out over the weekend. (see what was said). They are saying they are now ready. The people were told that in the Mosque. He told me something else, but I forgot. They feel like they’re ready to go. The Lower Denoms are trickling out.

Late last night we got the message they went to the bank to get more Dinar and got some lower Dinar. Everybody go to the bank and ask them if you can buy 413 Dinar and how much it will cost (lower denoms). Ask what denominations they come in. Everybody can find out for themselves. Call your bank and see.

Ray/if the answer is “no”, do not text me to tell me that! We’re trying to get a hold of the person who gave us this info. Want to see picture of 10 and two 1’s they said they got.

Ray/if you want “proof” go find it out for yourselves. Hopefully somebody will contact us before we get off the call. Spoke about 72 yr old member who found out he had a 98% clogged artery to the brain. All ok now! Still waiting to see what happens this weekend. The banks definitely think this month!

Board Questions for Ray CC Fri 3/08/2019: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65370402/questions-for-ray-cc-030​819/

Alf: What can you tell us about the ZAIN cash card which is able to use IQD/USA internationally? Also, the Walcard by M/C?

Ans: T/what I can tell you I did on an earlier call. How can they use lower denoms. That card has to have an international rate of $2.86. There has to be a change quickly. 35 Dinar for $100 used only in the ATM machine.

Ray/don’t know anything about a WalCard.

Delbroha: How is it that Iraq citizens out of country are able to use their cards at $2.86 and it NOT show on Forex? Is there some loophole in the system that allows their Treasury to do this? Any new intel on receiving a copy of the NDA, 800 #’s, or procedures?
Ans: Tony/it must be. Not showing out of country on Forex. Been using Visa cards all year. This new card supposedly at the new rate changed overthere. Can’t last long just in country. My guys think the LD’s are coming out this weekend so they can change around the world.

Ray/no new intel on NDA.

Lori: I purchased IQD in 2010. What would be the amount in USD gifting the max amount of 14k/15k if you have all 25k notes”? Will a COSTCO ID be sufficient for a 2nd ID?

Ans: Ray/see Utopian Way of Giving info in call.

Tony/she’s going to have to give away a little over 14 million Dinar! Ray will have a problem!

Richson:Can you allow for some new callers trying to get on? Tks.

Ans: Ray/ NO! Those who call in figured out how to get on first.
Tony/the call-in line for questions only hold 100 people. We’ve never had 100 people ask questions. We go straight down the line and don’t stop until the 2 hr. time runs out.

AZhombre:(1) Tony, please tell us again what day and time of the week you think an RV would go. Not saying this weekend of course! I believe you said 4:45 pm East Coast time. That would give West Coast buyers 3+ hrs. to buy more! (5pm NY & 2pm CA). I think you also said FOREX (currency exchanges around the world) is closed from Friday evening to Sunday evening, making it difficult for the “traders” to watch a buying opportunity and spike up the prices. Is that correct? Please clarify.

(2) Ray, will anyone who does not have the proper trusts, etc., set-up before our impending RV be SOL. I’m thinking they will be fine and be able to put everything together with minimal problems and consequences after they have the funds and mentality to do it. What’s your opinion? PS, perhaps some of us who have done some “planning” will make changes for the better after the exchange!

Ans: Tony/ the ideal time for this to happen was always 3”45. Start Friday night, then go Sat, and Sun. Banks could get people in. Flat rate the first 48 hours. Easy for them. 3:45 pm, then between 1 and 3am was the next time. Who knows when now! Those were the best times. Weekend, get a bunch of people in and be done with it.
Ray/stone out of luck! My opinion is you are 100% correct. They will be perfectly after they get their funds and mentality together to complete these structures.

Markster: How do the lower denoms help us here in the US with the RV?

Ans: Tony/ if they were giving out lower denoms yesterday or today, it gives them that much notice. They should be out in Iraq before being out somewhere. Exposed the system. They couldn’t give him a 1 dinar, or 5 dinar. Worthless currency not even worth a penny. We don’t have any proof of it. We’ll see if any members can make it happen.

Red: (Q1) If we have a 2-hr. lead as you think will be the case on the forex, by getting the 800 #’s 2-hr. in advance of the traders, this could be a great leveraging opportunity on the dinar in the Forex markets. Correct?


Tony/2 day lead? It could be a great opportunity.

(Q2) Tony, since you have a jet chartered and waiting can you drop in SLC, UT and pick me up for the exchange?

Ans: Tony/I think you’re going to be able to exchange in SLC. Everybody should have a piece of cake!

Ray doesn’t like the rules they gave us!

Robert001: question on the info Ray reported about the lower denoms. Was that info from the eBay source we have now read held old new Denoms, now withdrawn? Is all of this true, or are the lower denoms on eBay today new ones in circulation?

Ans: Tony/ no, not from any Ebay source.

Munchkin:I read on the Canadian Govt site all currency gains are taxable hoping that would not apply to the dinar. I need your input.
Ans: Tony/You need to get Ray’s imput. Don’t know what they’re doing in Canada. Only told it won’t be taxed. Ask your tax advisor what you should do. Will try to give info afterwards what they want us to do.

R: Ways suggest for somebody to calm down?

Ans Ray/work your plan. Do you know what you want?

Tony/I’m taking a shot of Scotch! Sit down with somebody and practice what you’ll say. Go thru your script. Read it say it, 10 times! At any point in time, you can get up and walk away. They can’t make you do anything. You either like it or you don’t. You don’t want to panic, feel uneasy and sign it. Enjoy the moment in time. So take the time. You’re going to get a lot of offers. Make sure they explain it to you. Ask them again and again until you understand it and then make a decision.

Sandola C: Account made public to govt?

Ans Tony/will the govt know you had this money? Absolutely! Saying will keep you out of trouble for life. Render unto Ceaser what is his. Give it and move on. Put your money to work. Ask the banker who the info goes to. Affiliates and business partnern’s offers. Simply say you don’t want anyone contacting you without going thru the money manager first.

T: Repeated q 1.28, Afghani 2.39, Real no rates, Wealth mentor1 Iraq new 25k note. Our note no value?

Ans Tony/25k note you have is still good. New 24k notes are used in country. If you don’t believe me, take it to the bank right now. Zim. Nothing had changed. 1 source says no, another source says yes!

Live Callers (Area Code/City, State):

610/Gman in PA. Requesting donations to pay for “info call superstation on air.”

Tony/You can dial in 15 min before the call starts. 22 out of 100 lines want to ask a question.

Ray/the other 78 shouldn’t be on the line who don’t want to ask questions.

PA guy, those 78 could call on listening line that holds thousands!
Tony/let those who want to ask a question, get on the call to ask questions please.

951/SoCalGuy, Orange CA. C/call late last night banks have lower denoms. Is that correct.

Tony/someone sent an email. Said their bro went to bank and got a 10 Dinar note and 1 note. We haven’t been able to verify. Requested anyone do the same thing to verify.

C/scenario: Let’s use $2 USD. Tony/25k/$35 =714 x $100 =$71k in Iraq. In country, the 25k note won’t be worth 25k.

C/They knew to do this ASAP. These guys are wealthy! Tweet yesterday: you said it was Ahmadi and Malaq on TV standing side by side in the Mosque on TV.

T/got rates fr one bank and verified with 2ns bank. Same rate, looking for this to go by the end of the month.

C/unbelievable info!

T/hopefully somebody will call us before the end of the call.

865/Good ? CIA Lady, any additions in the Gazette?

T/don’t look into it!

C/status of availability of contract rate?

T/going to 10 million people. At least 1 million will get it.

C/the time has come for all our people to enjoy prosperity and their rights!

T/could be.

423/Chattanooga, TN. C/are people rejoicing?

T/not yet!

C/should be ecstatic.

T/told it is going to happen, looking for it to happen sometime this weekend then they will be ecstatic!

T/yes, as long as they are using their cards. According to them things are going up.

C/Rates on screen fluctuating 4. Then 6.

T/4.43. 4.69, 6.89, then coming back down. That’s the range.
C/yesterdays tweet ready to drop 3 zeros.

T/that’s what they said. They are ready!
C/pray it comes to fruition this weekend!

• Ray/March 6, 2018 “Utopian” way. Better when you have choices. For members who are uncomfortable I’m being defensive, sometimes you need to be slapped so that you’ll take it seriously. I don’t have to get some things together.

• Tony/wanted to tell stories of the broomstick or the shovel. Protect your head when around Ray!

• 281/Houston, TX. Are they using ATM’s in Iraq yet?

Tony/not yet, thought they would be activated this weekend. Once that rate is in, it should automatically go world-wide?

T/they’re not going to do it without the US releasing it.

C/time frame exchanging?

T/suppose to have a 2 yr time frame. Anybody who has any sense, go get your money. Why would you hold it longer?

C/Will we have opportunity to have multi-currency accounts?

T/what is your purpose in keeping Iraq currency for 2 or more yrs. at only 2%/yr.? Gamble holding rather than having your money work every day here. Have the wealth manager tell you where to put it rather than sitting w IQD’s. don’t let it sit idle, put your money to work.

• 360/NZtraveler, Vancouver, WA. Have talked about separating in multiple institutions, working down to just 2 different institutions. After the initial exchange, would you have checks made out to 2 more to work with.

T/Got wealth mgr. right then, or go to acouple of different banks and show them the deposit slip. I don’t have to do everything durning the exchange.

C/what would it take to bring 3 different entities to just one?

T/interest rates. How many IPO’s last yr. Looking for projects to get into at the highest rates. Doing 8 next yr, starting at $11 but get in at $2. Need to know you experience level. Can I get on the bank platform, how much does it pay. As long as we can have it in writing, and I can do it all in one place, don’t need to use other banks. They are supposed to offer you the world. They want your money to stay in that bank.

• 214/Dallas, TX. What’s the guarantee when I go back to the bank and they say, that guy is no longer working here.

You can always go to the next bank!

• 972/ Dallas, TX. ? on trusts. Some rumor, banks will be prepared to set us up with a “skeleton trust”. If this isn’t going to be a taxable event.

R/why would you rather put your money in a trust if it’s going to be a taxable event?

R/ let’s say it’s taxable.

Tony/I’d rather put it in the trust now.
R/good lesson for everyone listening. You need to know why you’re doing something. This is vitally important. The trust is the highest taxed entity in the USA. People needed to hear this.

• 208/Boise City, ID. C/in this 6 yrs. UN told them to get it done in Feb. Why no repercussions as promised.

T/don’t know why they don’t do it. Have an excuse every time.

C/because I really need the money, how much longer can they go on?

T/people think they can go on for years. But I don’t believe they can go on forever. I think we’ll see this accomplished “soon”.

C/they don’t know “right now”.

• 509/ Spokane, WA. Q on email from FBI/Sterling.
T/you can call the FBI. The extension is to March 31st. Before you start giving out all your info make sure it’s legitimate.

R/you can.

C/I have an order I never received.

R/the letter isn’t about helping you get anything back. Focus is to find somebody to go after. That doesn’t mean you’ll get anything. The DOJ, if you’re a “victim”, they will give you the appropriate forms to fill out. Restitution. Not guaranteeing it either.

C/Hopefully we’re going to the bank tomorrow or Monday.

• Ray/If anything happens over the weekend, stay calm, cool, and collected. Keep believing, we sure do!

• Tony/ Looking forward to the weekend. Think LowerDenoms coming out this weekend. Hopefully it’s over this weekend. Banks saying by the end of the month. Let’s see what happens.

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