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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Iqdcalls Chat - "Flexible Exchange Rate" 3/8/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Iqdcalls Chat - "Flexible Exchange Rate" 3/8/19

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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Iqdcalls Chat - "Flexible Exchange Rate" 3/8/19 Empty Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Iqdcalls Chat - "Flexible Exchange Rate" 3/8/19

Post by RamblerNash on Sat Mar 09, 2019 10:29 am

foxmulder  Iraq: Currency Redenomination To Increase Confidence, Revaluation Not On the Horizon

Merrill Lynch indicated that a revaluation of the Iraqi dinar is unlikely to take place until after the country substantially increase oil production over the coming 5 to 7 years, adding that the planned redenomination of the currency is not a prelude to the dinar’s revaluation. It said the Central Bank of Iraq’s plan to drop three zeros from the dinar reflects successful macroeconomic stabilization and will not alter the value of the currency or of that of Iraqi assets, but aims to make daily accounting and cash transactions easier. It noted that the redenimination will increase confidence in the local currency, will send a strong signal that the economy has normalized, and could effectively decrease the dollarization rate in the economy.

Merrill Lynch said that Iraq has managed over the past few years to improve its macro fundamentals in line with the requirements for successful currency redenomination, as authorities reduced inflation to low single digits, rendered fiscal policy more credible, and secured Paris Club Debt relief, which reduced external debt from 348% of GDP in 2005 to about 50% of GDP currently. It added that oil revenues have allowed Iraq to build up foreign currency savings, as the country’s foreign reserve stood at $55bn at end June 2011 and represented 150% of total external debt.

Merrill Lynch considered that a large currency revaluation would cripple fiscal revenues, unless oil production increases massively. It said the large dependence on oil for government revenues, the elevated fiscal breakeven price of $100 per oil barrel, and the need for large domestic spending on reconstruction and infrastructure make revaluation an unlikely scenario in the short term. It ruled out substantial appreciation pressures on the currency over the near term; and added that the dinar may appreciate 3% to 5% at best annually from 2012 onwards if reserves continue to

foxmulder  Dave take a space flight you'll see

foxmulder  dave the issue is redemononation and revaluation

Dave  foxmulder   link please

foxmulder  these two terms are miss interpreted

foxmulder  Dave oh bull ****

Dave  Merrll lynch aint CBI

foxmulder  Dave no kidding

foxmulder  did you see what i said

Dave  we are screwed

foxmulder  there miss !!!!!!!!!!!!! information as to what is being said its a shell game

foxmulder  Dave NO WE AINT

foxmulder  Dave we are golden mister

foxmulder  read between the lines sam sure doesnt

Dave  okay.......good news just read headline

blackgold  Its funny how people get stuck on Iraq's oil and forget about all the gold they have plus whats in the ground. They have good agriculture too, best wheat strains in the world. Lets not forget Rare Earth and many many more elements the world would love to get their hands on

Dave  Dave bad Dave

foxmulder  Dave no dave they play on interpretation of actions

foxmulder  Dave LOL

foxmulder  screw sam they are manipulating the s

foxmulder  actions

foxmulder  sam is right in the statement when most countries re-denominate the value does not change as a rule

Dave  foxmulder wanna see action and not words

foxmulder  but the main issue is REVALUATE

Dave  foxmulder RULE?

Sam I Am  foxmulder where am I wrong?

foxmulder  Dave most underdeveloped countries

foxmulder  Sam I Am never said wrong sam

Dave  Mexico defaulted to the IMF

foxmulder  Sam I Am if i did sorry

Dave  Russia.....?

Sam I Am  no worries

foxmulder  look we need too look at everything

Sam I Am  Dave The peso depreciated after Mexico defaulted on a loan

Sam I Am  the market drove it down

foxmulder  Sam I Am the issue is ! the term and plan of re denom and revalue !

Dave  Sam I Am read the link i provided you regarding this.......?

foxmulder  Sam I Am both terms have been used ! to an extent

Sam I Am  foxmulder I agree. Once I understood the right definitions I knew to get out

foxmulder  Iraq has low Inflation

foxmulder  Sam I Am no sam thats the conundrum

Sam I Am  Often articles coming out of Iraq say revalue when they mean redenominate

foxmulder  Sam I Am no f-en s!i t

Dave  Sam I Am   show me

Sam I Am  when a country revalues they just change the rate and that's it .... when they redenominate they print new currency and change the money supply accordingly

foxmulder  Sam I Am you get it yet ! this is not a typical scenerio

Dave  Sam I Am show me

Sam I Am  foxmulder how is it not typical?

foxmulder  it is not south america or a craphole

Sam I Am  the wording is typical of redenominations

foxmulder  Sam I Am GDP projected < which in fact is considered

Sam I Am  Brazil is in S. America and they've redenominated several times

Sam I Am  one of the largest economies in the world

Dave  hyperinflation in Iraq too SAM....LOL

foxmulder  Sam I Am f brazil Iraq is beyond brazils capability in the future

Sam I Am  I disagree. Brazil has the potential to be the 5th largest economy in the world

Sam I Am  Iraq doesn't

foxmulder  foxmulder it is KNOWN potential

Sam I Am  and Brazil's economy is diverse unlike Iraq's which is almost 90% oil

foxmulder  Sam I Am ya ever read the British Geografical survey of Iraq

Dave  foxmulder   good one

Sam I Am  foxmulder Was that published in 2009?

Sam I Am  I read something similar years ago

foxmulder  Sam I Am numerous yrs

blackgold  Its funny how people get stuck on Iraq's oil and forget about all the gold they have plus whats in the ground. They have good agriculture too, best wheat strains in the world. Lets not forget Rare Earth and many many more elements the world would love to get their hands on

Dave  blackgold   bingo

foxmulder  blackgold NO FOOLING

Sam I Am  blackgold They don't have much gold

blackgold  Iraq has more than you are told


foxmulder  Sam I Am bs they have an abundensce beyond comprehension

blackgold  They have to rebuild a stuck after 123 trillion was stolen

blackgold  stock

Dave  Sam I Am If I can post otherwise about their gold will you go away?

Sam I Am  Dave Only if you post from a legit source with evidence of substantial unmined gold

foxmulder  Sam I Am dont be sad ! mosy currency does follow the path you have stated

Sam I Am  foxmulder sad? lol

Sam I Am  why should I be sad?

foxmulder  Sam I Am to many intangables

Sam I Am  I'm glad I got out when I did

Dave  Sam I Am Provide a reasonable link to be voted upon on this gold stufff you go away or i go away......1week?

foxmulder  Sam I Am well if you could not afford to gamble good for you !! really mine are free and clear . made more than i paid initialy

foxmulder  i sold enough too pay for what i have lucky me !!

blackgold  Gold Reserves in Iraq remained unchanged at 96.30 Tonnes in the first quarter of 2019

blackgold  they have way more

Dave  blackgold I am speaking in the ground

blackgold  still more in the ground

blackgold  who knows

Dave  blackgold betcha wikipedia knows

blackgold  i checked, no

Sam I Am  You're citing gold in their foreign currency reserves. I'm talking unmined gold.

blackgold  who knows

blackgold  untold amount

blackgold  that is just gold not to mention everything else

Sam I Am  gurus have been pumping the idea that Iraq has lots of unmined gold but it's BS

blackgold  Tell that to the people getting sick from drinking too much gold

foxmulder  in 2007 so many peeps were getting sick in eastern Baghdad than normal , they did a test of the population !! metal poising GOLD DUST its a fact sam

foxmulder  blackgold yep

Sparky  Woohoo ! Dolphins let go their most valuable player. Bet he comes back to New England...he got the money in Miami, he gets the rings in New England...Amendola :naNa

foxmulder  read the geographical survey for god sake's

foxmulder  game on guys !! in it till the end PEACE

blackgold  Some times its best to just give some people a warm glass of milk and a cookie and let them take a nap

blackgold  foxmulder   peace

blackgold  bbl my self

blackgold  Sparky you think so

blackgold  we shall see

Sparky  blackgold hope so

JoeSchmoe  Loved just sitting back and watching that! Good on ya Fox!

blackgold  Sparky ok bbl

TWWIII  Prospecting for Gold in Iraq: http://raregoldnuggets.com/?p=1709

Iraqi geologists have been working to figure out locations and quantities of gold deposits. Some have found occurrences of gold in the Gaara formation consisting of ferruginous sandstones and ironstones of the Gaara depression in the western desert of Iraq. Studies reveal that in 1934, Mc Fayden was the first to convey the possibility of finding gold in the Gaara sandstones. However his investigations could not prove the presence of gold deposits.

This was long forgotten until in 1984 when two geologists, Kettanah and Tobia accidently discovered the occurrence of gold while looking for presence of iron.

In 1986, Al-Bassam collected a number of samples from Chabid Al Abid region of Gaara depression and concluded that the proportion of gold found in the samples was not commercially viable. Later in 1999, another study by Mustafa in the same area showed that the samples from region did contain adequate concentration of gold. The above research is documented by Mazin M. Mustafa and Faraj H. Tobia.

Sparkyblackgold   lots of chemistry with Brady and Amendola...plus..Superbowl vp

Sparky10 yards at a time

Doug_W  GN Gang

Kaperoni  8 Mar 19, 07:43 PM

Technically, Iraq never went into Hyperinflation post war. Iraq's inflation was high in 2005 about 33% and may have spiked to 60% very briefly, but never technically was considered Hyperinflation of 50% or more by the IMF. Therefore, the argument Sam often uses of Hyperinflation and deleting 3 zeros as a LOP does not hold true. In fact, successful monetary policy is not a case for such an event (even though he like to say it is). A LOP or his idea of a re-denomination occurs as a result of failure, as a last resort. Iraq has reduced and maintained a stable exchange rate during difficult times, followed IMF guidelines successfully and continues to develop the financial system in Iraq. Iraq will continue to do so. Unfortunately many do not want to read or learn how emerging economies handle growth...more specifically handle monetary policy as investors/investment come in into these countries once laws, stability and infrastructure is in place. This requires the Central Bank to create a policy or formulation of intervention policies which is consistent with a new exchange rate regime (from fix to some sort of float) creating a foreign exchange market allowing for price discovery. As well as functioning as a foreign exchange market

giving the CBI the tools to respond to market forces. This is absolutely important for the CBI to do this prior, allowing for swift intervention if necessary. As well the IMF recommends this is in place prior to opening the Central Bank's capital account for investment. And if you believe the CBI follows the IMF recommendations you must agree this will occur. Whether you agree or not on the type of float, Iraq must create these conditions if it expects to invite investment or expects a large influx of capital in Iraq. And we all know Iraq needs "billions" of dollars which it cannot do on it's own. In my opinion, this is what Iraq is preparing to do. An we all have seen the many articles about a private sector, stock exchang

Kaperoni  exchange etc.

Zig  Kaperoni : Hi....Wild time with Sammy today.....LOL

Kaperoni  oh?

Kaperoni  lol

Zig  He is here now

Sam I Am  Kaperoni The post-war inflation isn't the reason for the redenomination. It's the lingering effects of the 1980s hyperinflation under Saddam

Sam I Am  They already had the three zeros before 2005

Dave  Kaperoni give up ?

Sam I Am  Shabs said that they had to add them because of the inflation from the 80s

Kaperoni  Sam show me once country who has done such a event after successful monetary policy. Better yet, show me once country who successfully executed a LOP thereafter.

Zig  https://dinaralert.webs.com/ is where Kaperoni   hangs out....

Kaperoni  It would be economic suicide

Sam I Am  Kaperoni They might or might not carry out the currency reform plan. We can debate that all night long. But the delete the zeros project is a redenomination. There's no question about it.

Kaperoni  confidence in Iraq would collapse not strengthen.

Sam I Am  Every country that has removed zeros issued a new currency with equal purchasing power and demonetized the old currency

DaveSam I Am   wrong.......

Kaperoni  Hard to tell Sam if it is what you think it is or not. There are articles that support your theory and other articles that support a gradual rise in value to delete the zeros. Both are in print.

Dave  concurrently...10yrs

TWWIII  Sam I Am   LINK???

Dave  TWWIII lol

Kaperoni  Hi Zig!


Sam I Am  TWWIII Turkey http://www.spokesman.com/stories/2004/dec/31/turkey-will-lop-six-zeros-from-its-currency-at/

Kaperoni  Twwii why? this is good stuff


Sam I Am  Venezuela - http://en.mercopress.com/2008/01/02/venezuela-launches-new-currency-to-stem-inflation

Sam I Am  Afghanistan - http://edition.cnn.com/2002/WORLD/asiapcf/central/10/06/afghan.currency/

Kaperoni  Sam, you can post all you want, but none of these answer my questions

Dave  TWWIII I agree with Kap so far......as far as no rate change break out the wheel barrows

Sam I Am  Kaperoni I'm answering TWWIII


Dave  Dave for ten yrs or so

Sam I Am  Kaperoni I don't know that successful monetary policy has any relevance

Dave  gradually rise....

Sam I Am  Like I said, we can debate that

Kaperoni  Here is an article from the CBI back a few years ago (if you like CBI material)...

TWWIII  Kaperoni I cant find ur answer, sorry

Dave  Sam I Am   no debate show us

Kaperoni  "A source at the Central Bank of Iraq for four companies currently competing to win a draft print the new Iraqi dinar, which will generate graceful after deleting three zeros from him, while Samay central bank to raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down to the day to start replacement where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuating one Iraqi dinars equivalent to U.S. dollars one."

Sam I Am  I remember years ago watching sonny1 and some other guy debate these issues

Dave  Sam I Am HE HAS A recollection........

Dave  disregards cbi

Kaperoni  http://www.nahrainnews.net/print.php?artclid=2277

Kaperoni  Think the article is gone now...but it was once there

Sam I Am  Kaperoni Explain this part - "raise the value of the dinar against the dollar gradually down"

Sam I Am  how do you raise the value down?

Sam I Am  This is what I'm talking about ... the articles don't make a lot of sense

Kaperoni  The answer Sam is in the next sentence....

Kaperoni  where the value will be in the absence of a fluctuating one Iraqi dinars equivalent to U.S. dollars one."

Sam I Am  I think it's saying that they want to narrow the gap between the market rates of the dollar and the dinar

Kaperoni  In other words, raise the value until it equals 1 US dollar.

Sam I Am  which has nothing to do with the official value

Dave  Kaperoni Keep on him Kap....we will discuss the need for wheel barrows later

Sam I Am  now maybe you can answer a question for me ... what country has ever printed new currency because the existing currency appreciated in value?

Kaperoni  This alone may leave one wondering..but the IMF report as more clarity

Kaperoni  The US for one

Sam I Am  lol

Sam I Am  nice try

Sam I Am  we printed large denoms for bank to bank transfers ... had nothing to do with appreciation

Kaperoni  were using $1, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100 right?

Sam I Am  also had a 2

Sam I Am  but yeah

Kaperoni  what did the US cease to use in the 1940s?

Kaperoni  I am just saying, they have a plan to bring investment into Iraq. Do you agree?

Sam I Am  I guess you're referring to the big bills

Sam I Am  yeah I agree

Sam I Am  but that doesn't mean the IQD will gain value

Sam I Am  Look at Vietnam


Sam I Am  The dong is losing value and the economy is booming

Kaperoni  If so, then you have to agree the CBI needs a plan to respond to market forces. This is absolutely important for the CBI to do this prior, allowing for swift intervention if necessary

Kaperoni  Because large amounts of capital will cause inflation

Sam I Am  sorry, but that sounds like economic doubletalk

Kaperoni  lol

Sam I Am  you're listening to Breitling?

Kaperoni  no it doesnt

Kaperoni  no it is in many IMF articles on how economies transition.

Kaperoni  and a transition is what is coming

Sam I Am  Kap, economies don't transition with a currency that appreciates by 100,000%

Kaperoni  Well tell that to the IMF...I think the economists working with Iraq made that pretty clear.

Sam I Am  I think you're misinterpreting what they've said

Kaperoni  "staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy. Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate, triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Kaperoni  Not at all

Kaperoni  its in black and white

Kaperoni  not translated

Sam I Am  exchange rate appreciation would mean the denominator goes up

Kaperoni  or misrepresented

Sam I Am  from 1190 to 1200

Sam I Am  that's exchange rate appreciation

Dave  always translation difficulties with sam,

Kaperoni  Sam do you know what "real exchange rate" means?

Kaperoni  Dave lol

Sam I Am  Do you want the economic definition or the Stryker definition?

Kaperoni  lol

Sam I Am  LOL

Sam I Am  I remember that

Sam I Am  it means it's really real

Dave  Sam I Am   your guru then

Sam I Am  no ... it means adjusted for inflation

Kaperoni  lol

Kaperoni  No it means the value of the currency against another currency

Kaperoni  Google real exchange rate

Kaperoni  Don't get me started on Stryker

TWWIII  OK guys, what does mean: 1USD = https://www.xe.com/currencyconverter/convert/?Amount=1&From=USD&To=IQD



1 IQD = 0.000833201 USD

1 USD = 1,200.19 IQD

JoeSchmoe  guy cussed me out cuz I wouldn't pay $15 for his site

Sam I Am  Kaperoni   I knew you'd get a kick out of that

Dave  TWWIII spread?

Sam I Am  TWWIII The first is the value and the second is the exchange rate

Sam I Am  value in USD

TWWIII  Dave Oh I know that...waz just interested what these 2 guys would say...

JoeSchmoe  Kaperoni given your theory, how long do you propose it would take for the iqd to reach a buck?

Dave  waiting for Kap to comment on the need for wheel barrows with this managed rate thing

Kaperoni  I mean, if you follow what I am saying the IMF statement makes perfect sense..."staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange (that's a float) rate policy. Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate (that's the dinar's value against other currencies)"

JoeSchmoe  Kaperoni I recall seeing you say it would take YEARS to reach there

Dave  JoeSchmoe yes can only change rate 2-3% every 90 days

JoeSchmoe  Dave which is why I want that answer from him

JoeSchmoe  first

Sam I Am  Kaperoni Flexible exchange rate doesn't mean a free float. It means a more flexible managed float.

Kaperoni  Joe, I never said that. I said I don't know...it could be months or years. But keep in mind if I am correct, the CBI will use the float as a tool to counter inflation created by the influx of investment. So it it goes hand in hand.

JoeSchmoe  But keep in mind "IF"?? I am correct

JoeSchmoe  you mean there is a question?

Kaperoni  Same it count mean any kind of float...but if they plan on being on FOREX it must free float

Kaperoni  sam

Sam I Am  Iraq will never have a free floating currency until they have a western styled diversified economy

Sam I Am  which will take decades if it ever happens at all


Kaperoni  Sam I know for a fact they were preparing to free float in 2012

Sam I Am  They're not going on forex

Kaperoni  how long I do not know


Kaperoni  What happens now we will have to wait and see..but the CBI does need a tool to manage the inflation coming so we will see what they do

Sam I Am  the crawling peg is how they have managed inflation in the past

Dave  UNDER managed float they can only change rates 2-3 % every 90 days......NO?

Sam I Am  it's likely they'd do it in the future if it's needed

John  No donations demanded here ha ha Kaperoni 

Kaperoni  TWWIII, but misleading..I believe NASDAQ was just supporting the ISX. time will tell what they are planning

Young SC  https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=157&hl=en&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D186151&xid=17259,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700237,15700242,15700248&usg=ALkJrhiM5xDd6rt0nqxMijASUCWyG1l7_g

JoeSchmoe  we need a wheelbarrow smiley

John  ;$$$

Kaperoni  John, DA not my site. I never charge for my views.

John  Kaperoni Whatever

Young SC  John

Kaperoni  Ok, well I stated what I wanted to say earlier. Got to eat dinner. Have great night!

Kaperoni  later all


Sam I Am  gnite kap

John  Kaperoni Why then do you spend 20 min of every call promoting it -- By By

JoeSchmoe  John he has to say that

JoeSchmoe  try to disway any accountability

John  I call it lie

John  like i see

TWWIII  Young SC :Thumbs-up

Young SC  Lol

foxmulder  The IQD will be on the forex exchange

Dave  I lose it with Kap on this wheel barrow thing

JoeSchmoe  Dave has he ever answered you?

foxmulder  When the time xxv omed it we I'll be

TWWIII  JoeSchmoe I had to go bk to re-re[-read the article, ur correct

JoeSchmoe  TWWIII ?

Dave  Dave no

Dave  JoeSchmoe   No

JoeSchmoe  has no answer most likely

TWWIII  JoeSchmoe ur link

JoeSchmoe  I have fogotten any convo about it, sorry. REmind me please

Kaperoni  Last comment, websites are a business. And there is a difference between websites that make money from pumping and websites like DA that don't but still must survive. So I support these non pumping websites.

Kaperoni  night

JoeSchmoe  Kaperoni please answer dave

Dave  I know notes cost 3-5 cents each to mint FILS much more when copper is 3 busks an oz

JoeSchmoe  TWWIII was it something I asked for in this past convo?

JoeSchmoe  on this page

JoeSchmoe  i scrolled up and couldn't find anything

TWWIII  JoeSchmoe yes yes yes

Dave  Dave 1000 1 dinar fils for that coke

JoeSchmoe  what article?

JoeSchmoe  about what

JoeSchmoe  i dont think i asked for a link today for anything

TWWIII  Young SC https://translate.googleusercontent.com/translate_c?depth=157&hl=en&nv=1&rurl=translate.google.com&sl=ar&sp=nmt4&tl=en&u=http://www.ikhnews.com/index.php%3Fpage%3Darticle%26id%3D186151&xid=17259,15700022,15700124,15700126,15700186,15700190,15700201,15700237,15700242,15700248&usg=ALkJrhiM5xDd6rt0nqxMijASUCWyG1l7_g

JoeSchmoe  oh it was meant for young sc and not me, that's why i dont remember lol

TWWIII  JoeSchmoe OK I c

JoeSchmoe  Dave wonder if he will ever answer you

Dave  JoeSchmoe   asked many times no response

JoeSchmoe  makes one wonder......

JoeSchmoe  seems like a common sense answer, and it would go against what he preaches.

Dave  750 bucks to mint enough coins to buy a coke?

JoeSchmoe  i bet sandy could answer you lol

JoeSchmoe  somethign about there being two separate currencies lol

JoeSchmoe  I recall seeing him say something of that nature before

Dave  free float vs managed float is where we disagree i guess.....

JoeSchmoe  there would obviously be a huge run on dinar as well, once the float started

Dave  you mean for scrap metal

JoeSchmoe  no....if it were to start out that low,go buy it while it is so affordable

larrykn  GE everyone

larrykn  to float or not to float that is the question lol

Dave  larrykn sam sank today

larrykn  sank what

Dave  lol dinner time

larrykn  I saw what was said above sound like a lot of fun lol

Jo  So if the Earth atmosphere extends far beyond the moon - hmmm LOL...Then why did the

astroNOTS need "space suits" LOL NASA is So busted.

So Scientism Now saying That You Can Breathe on the Moon!

Jo  NASA Never A Straight Answer

Baxter  Its just not safe in here after 6 PM anymore..

Jo  The Truth will set you free

sandyf  @Young SC Better yet can you provide a llnk where iraq has stated that when it deletes the zeros we are going to lop the currency

There is no such thing as a "Lop", it is a term the uninformed use for redenomination.

From 2012

The central bank said last August it planned to redenominate the Iraqi dinar to simplify financial transactions in an economy that is still heavily centralised and dominated by oil, and where deals are often carried out in cash.

The proposal to restructure the dinar to bring more liquidity into the market has been awaiting parliamentary approval since last year.

On Thursday, a statement on the website of the cabinet secretary said the cabinet had decided to halt all procedures relating to the redenomination of the dinar “until further notice”.


Sam I Am  sandyf There is no such thing in economic terminology, that's true. But in the dinar community people refer to redenomination as a lop.

Zig  @Tebow: You missed all the fun earlier!!... :na; ..LOL....

blackgold  :Thumbs-up

TWWIII  Zig did I miss something earlier??

Zig  I don't know.....scroll back.....have no idea when you read here.....

TWWIII  Iv been here for abt an hour...If I scroll up, Id have no idea what I would kno what Im looking for..of well

JoeSchmoe  It all started when Fox came into the room for the first time tonight.

blackgold  Sam i Am arguing with Joeschmo and foxmulder 

blackgold  and a few others

blackgold  I on the other hand was a good boy

foxmulder  JoeSchmoe ya right drag me into this LOL

blackgold  ;ice-cream;

blackgold  lol

JoeSchmoe  It was more just Fox putting Sam in his place, and then Kap followed suiot

TWWIII  Ohhhhhhh gezzzzz glad I wasnt here, in fact Im coming here less & less each day.

foxmulder  blackgold ah shut up

blackgold  lol

blackgold  oh Kap was here? i missed that some how

foxmulder  really chill out !!! i can be an azzhole... i can accept that ..we all are waiting on the final result . good or bad . hang tough in the famous words of Lebowski the dude abides

foxmulder  blackgold you did not miss nutten

JoeSchmoe  foxmulder disagree....you did good against sam lol

JoeSchmoe  and so did kap for that matter

blackgold  I never saw kap

JoeSchmoe  blackgold scroll up

Warrior2018  Kaperoni is correct they were preparing to free float in 2012

blackgold  Isn't this 2019?

blackgold  didn't happen

Tebow  Warrior2018 Ksp is never correct

Warrior2018  I use to think that Tebow   but I've been in this thing a long time and free float seems to make the most sense if we plan on getting anything out of this investment.

blackgold  Lebowski or Lewinsky

Warrior2018  40 trillion dinars in circulation makes it almost impossible to count on a 1 to 1 scenario out of the gate. Believe me I would like nothing more then 10 cents and im gone brother

blackgold  personally I don't realy care who is right or how it happens as long as I get my money

Warrior2018  some days I don't even care if it worth nothing I just want it over with

blackgold  lol

Warrior2018  I agree with you black gold

Warrior2018  it would be a real bummer after 10plus years to have it be worthless but im starting to believe it just might be worthless even though iraq is very rich

JoeSchmoe  this is for dave https://www.flickr.com/photos/8060520@N07/2312457205 a floating wheelbarrow lol

Tebow  Warrior2018 Been in since 04, they'll float after they increase the value. No one knows the true amount in circulation.

blackgold  Warrior2018 I agree with you,lol

Warrior2018  wheel barrow isn't that the truth

Warrior2018  i used to have big dreams now i only have nightmares:)

Tebow  blackgold your money was stolen! LOL

blackgold  i want it back

Warrior2018  whats really sad is all the people who still listen to the gurus calling it every day

foxmulder  It may not be what we hope for but it's going to be an increase

Tebow  foxmulder yes

foxmulder  . Tebow absolutely

Warrior2018  i have a hard time wrapping my head around the 40 trillion iqd in circulation. many days i say to myself youre a knucklehead for believing in this thing:)

Warrior2018  ill take any increase theyre offering

foxmulder  They lie I for one am skeptical to the numbers

Warrior2018  fox i hoping youre right bro

foxmulder  Warrior2018 me too

Warrior2018  the other thing that makes me crazy is letting iran dictate to Iraq how to run there affairs. that tells me were in trouble

Warrior2018  im sure this thing had a chance when we got in but now i have my doubts

foxmulder  Iirc have the number from 70 to 35 well exactly what are they

Tebow  I remember articles in the past about the lack of liquidity of the IQD, now gurus claim 40T is out there.

Young SC  Well signs point to Iraq wanting to be on the world stage

Warrior2018  my wife constantly reminds me that i was a knucklehead for ever believing in this thing ; )

foxmulder  Warrior2018 that do a whole different can of worms

Warrior2018  yes young sc but ive been hearing that crap for 10 years. nothing changes

foxmulder  Warrior2018 LMAO yep I'm nuts too

Warrior2018  funny thing is i was hell bent on a 1 to 1 value now ill take a nickle

blackgold  Rothchilds run the mess, thats why we are sitting here

Warrior2018  actually ill take a penny

blackgold  Iran has nothing to do with it

Warrior2018  i really believed bush jr allowed this to ha

Sam I Am  Warrior2018 I was expecting a dime

Sam I Am  I was an Adam Montana guy ... he said a dime and I thought that was realistic

Sam I Am  LOL

Sam I Am  Then I discovered that he's a fraud

blackgold  I was in Strykrs site for a while

blackgold  when it was free

Warrior2018  i spent a lot of time researching this thing and what sold me was the natural resources Iraq holds but now im more of a skeptic that's why if this is to happen kaps free float theory makes the most sense if were ever going to get anything from this. a 1 to 1 value is not going to happen but a free float has a chance to give us some kind of return on our money???

Warrior2018  i never agreed with kap in the beginning but now ive come full circle

Young SC  Warrior2018 Im just curious to know what were you guys expecting to happen with the currency back then? Iraq was in no way shape or form to RI or revalue anything. Isis took over the country, the corruption was at an all time high, there was no reconstruction for anything or from anyone, no investing whatsoever, the country had no sense of stability, there were other terriost groups that plagued Iraq not just isis and there was no stable functional government. So what did you guys expect to happen back then 8, 10 or 15 years ago. Did you guys ever think about how ratchet the conditions were back then?? A country can never revalue its currency in those poor conditions. Iraq now is completely different from how it was back then.

blackgold  does Iraq have water

Young SC  Repost

Warrior2018  i will say this i met a solider who was in Iraq during the war and he said they had caves of gold everywhere

Young SC  Warrior read what i just posted

Warrior2018  honestly i didn't know what to expect i just believed that over time the iqd would increase in value. i was the gurus who put all the nonsense in my head and i fell for it.

Warrior2018  now i just want something to happen regardless of the outcome. i still hold my iqd hoping that i made the right decision but honestly ive also come to terms with it not happening

blackgold  I'm never giving mine up, I'll burn it before i give it back to those crooks

Warrior2018  black gold it is a pretty pink currency Haha

Warrior2018  young sc what do you think is going to happen?

blackgold  maybe epoxy it to my car

Warrior2018  sam says lop, kap says float, montana says 10cents, frank says 1 to 1,. tony says 16.00 haha i don't know what to think anymore haha

Sam I Am  Warrior2018 I'm not saying that they will lop. My feeling is that they won't, but the delete the zeros project is a lop. If they carry it out that's what will happen. I think it's more likely that they'll leave the value about where it is for the next few years, with a slight devaluation.

Warrior2018  what i do know young sc. if they don't do anything soon the dirt bags are going to come back in because that's what happens all the time in the middle east

Warrior2018  sam do you still have your iqd?

blackgold  The answer is yes

Sam I Am  Warrior2018 I sold 8 million. Still have 125,000

Warrior2018  no one really knows whats going to happen. like i said ive accepted the worst with the hope something good might just happen???

Warrior2018  sam im glad to hear you've still got something left. you never know whats going to happen

Sam I Am  well some of my dinar is no good ... 50 notes

Warrior2018  when i bought it i knew there was a chance that i was throwing my money away so i kept all of it.

blackgold  I know the big banks are running the show along with the IMF, UN,World Bank Federal Reserve and a host of other. I'm never selling mine bank to those crooks, I'm gonna wait these Bast__ds out

Warrior2018  i can live with the outcome either way but id like to see something happen just so i can be done with it

Warrior2018  me2 black gold


JoeSchmoe  Looney Tunes is here, time to say Gnite!

Warrior2018  you just fried my brain

blackgold  and Oh what heights will hiiiit on with the show this is it

Warrior2018  yup

blackgold  have a bless night

Warrior2018  u2 black gold

mod  MessiahAdvice Please use one name only Thank you

Andredinero  Hey big family wealthy rich family didn't say nothing all day well great night it was a totally quiet and calm day today you know why right

Andredinero  There was not no news at all today but this 1s right here

Andredinero  A deputy for the conquest reveals the exclusion of Fayadh from the bag of the interior permanentlyA deputy for the conquest reveals the exclusion of Fayadh from the bag of the interior permanently


Fatah Alliance MP Hamed Abbas on Friday dismissed the nomination of Faleh al-Fayadh to fill the internalportfolio after negotiationsbetween the Fatah and Sultans.

Abbas said in a press statement that “the intensive negotiationsthat took place between the Fatah al-Fath and others have reached a decision to exclude Faleh al-Fayadh to fill the interior portfolio”

He added that “alternative names have been put between the two alliances to fill the position of the Ministry of the Interior according to special criteria have been agreed upon.”

He added that “the second or third session of parliamentduring the second legislative term will witness the submission of the candidate for the bag of the interior,” asserting that “there is no final agreement on alternative names.”


Andredinero  Two out-of-the-green parliament sessions and 13 in his prioritiesTwo out-of-the-green parliament sessions and 13 in his priorities

2019/3/8 16:26

(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The House of Representatives intends to hold its first and second sessions in the second legislative term outside its building in the Green Zone due to maintenance work in the Palace of Conferences.

“The sessions of Saturday and Monday will be held in the building of the National Security Council in Allawi, ” said House Rapporteur Khadija Ali in a statement received by the agency { EuphratesNews } a copy of it . She pointed out that “13 laws will be initiated by the Parliament during the second legislative term, including the law of integrity and law of illegal gain and the Federal Court and the law of the recovery of Iraq’s money and traffic law and law protection laws.” It is noteworthy that the Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi, decided after taking over the presidency of the government at the end of 2018 held the meetings of the Council of Ministers in a government building outside the Green Zone for the first time after the change of the ousted regime and successive governments.


Andredinero  Halabousi: We look forward to US support in implementing the government programHalabousi: We look forward to US support in implementing the government program

2019/3/8 12:29

(Baghdad: Al-Furat News) Speaker of the House of Representatives Mohammed Al-Halbusi discussed with the Chargé d’Affaires of the United States Embassy bilateral relations and the efforts of the United States to support Iraq in the area of ​​security and stability.

“The need to continue the efforts of the international coalition in support of the Iraqi government; to complete the pages of the war against terrorism and the elimination of cells urging, and provide support for the necessary intelligence and technical effort for the Iraqi forces.”

“We look forward to the continued support of the United States of America to the Iraqi government in the implementation of its government program, and work together to activate the file of reconstruction of Iraqi cities, and provide jobs and complete the restoration of stability to ensure the return of displaced persons to their homes.”

For his part, the Chargé d’Affaires of America reiterated the commitment of his government to support Iraq in all fields and to stand by him to achieve stability


Andredinero  It was totally quiet calm today and those dumb socialism democracy don't know the more they willing to give DONALD trump pressure the faster Iraq going with the plan to end everything for the RV to happen for the GCR to follow 1 AFTER ANOTHER they don't know the more problem they give DONALD trump the faster this going to get done

Warrior2018  andre im curious do you really believe the iqd is going to revalue? ive been in this thing a long time and im extremely skeptical that anything is going to happen. where do you get your information from?

Andredinero  So you was in the group chat today right ? And I think under the message I sent it tell you what news is from but all I could say buddy idk how much dinar you held right now and I don't know how long you've be3n in th3 group chat I call it matrix but anyways what ever you do don't sell or give nothing back because you will regret it it's at th3 3nd for new beginning has you see everybody was talking about it today I came in the group chat just now and I already catch up with everything that happen this morning

Warrior2018  ive been in this for 10 years and ive seen and heard it all before i was just curious why you have so much confidence in this investment? i don't plan on selling my iqd but ive come to the realization it may never be worth anything.

Warrior2018  i read the articles everyday and yes the news is positive but im having a hard time believing this will ver happen it just seems unrealistic to expect that kind of return on my investment

Andredinero  Xbruster69 hell yeah I just read it DONALD trump an neck of a president OMG he ain't going no where socialism devil ISH just waisting their time this right here will show TRUMP IS a trust worthy guy

Warrior2018  andre outside of the articles what information are you privy to i am not? when do you expect this all to unfold? this month next month next year??

Warrior2018  are you basing your optimism on news articles? or guru's or actual people in the know? i'm trying to be sincere brother

Warrior2018  and no i was not in the group chat today

Andredinero  We ain't calling no shots here we ain't no guru we just going with the flow that's what we agreed on when it happen to scream out victory that's it if you need shot callers go In the gurus chat here it's the matrix

Warrior2018  im not trying to be a jerk i just want your honest opinion... explain to me at a 1 to 1 rate of exchange how is Iraq is going to pay out over 40 trillion in iqd to all the investors? there aint enough money in the world to pay that out

Andredinero  Buddy like I say leave that questions 4 the Gurus here we go with the flow and watch until it happen 2 scream out victory at last

Warrior2018  you have to understand ive been at this for 10 years and ive heard it all before. I certainly would like nothing more then to scream out victory brother

Warrior2018  im just tired of being tired : )

Young SC  Warrior2018 The dinar is going to reinstate and then revalue. The signs are obviously there but most of you that have been in this for so long gurus and the length of the ordeal has shattered your thoughts on this investment. All the nonsense from Gurus, the wait over the years has discouraged you guys and caused frustration

Warrior2018  yup 10 years and believe me its taken its toll

Sam I Am  Warrior2018 Do what I did. Tell the gurus to take a hike and study currency valuation and economics. Become your own guru.

Sam I Am  I was hesitant at first because I was intimidated by gurus

Sam I Am  Back then there were guys like Scooter and Enoch8 and Highlander who seemed to know so much more than me

Sam I Am  and a guy called Phoenix3333

Young SC  Its always great to educate yourself on currency but at the end of the day no matter how long or how much you study may not always relate to the final income. Things always change . That is why it is not wise to make guarantees to others

Sam I Am  turned out he was a conspiracy nut, Scooter disappeared after the BH Group was indicted, and Enoch8 started reading my blog and sold his dinar

Young SC  Outcome*

Young SC  But like i said Warrior Iraq wants their currency on the world stage and it is going to happen

Warrior2018  i totally agree i don't listen to the gurus i trust my instincts ive done my research and i use to believe there was a chance at maybe reaching 10 cents but now i cant even make sense of any increase

Young SC  Sam it is still not too late. Go buy some and go tell your followers to get their dinar back brother

Sam I Am  Young SC LOL. No thanks. I've had my fill.

Warrior2018  funny thing i agree with both of you. theres always a chance or maybe not

Young SC  Sam I Am your choice

Warrior2018  either way ive made my investment and i don't plan on selling it

Warrior2018  but i cant totally discount what sam is saying either

Young SC  Warrior2018 it is going to happen Warrior. You already waited 10 years you can continue to hold on. You will be happy. Trust the situation

Warrior2018  trust is a tough one. just look at whats going on in our country right now people have lost there minds

Warrior2018  common sense has gone out the window

xyz  :popcorn

Warrior2018  im not going to get ride of my iqd i spent the money and ive already accepted the outcome either way

Warrior2018  its just never ends that's my issue

Warrior2018  the middle east moves at a snails pace

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