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Mountain Goat 3/6/19

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Post by Mountain Goatee Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:47 am

Cary Tompkins  GOI has nothing to do with raising the rate..........it is a total CBI decision.

Cary Tompkins  According to Shabbs.........

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter  Oh yes they do and you are dead wrong Cary. I presented about 6 articles already from the Iraqi news media from members of the parliament, cabinet and economists in Iraq. All say it is a joint decision to go ahead with the project to delete the zeros. It just happens right now they are moving ahead rapidly on it. Most of the resistance comes from corrupt officials who are using the currency auctions to make billions. Some also support Iran and want to continue the auctions in definitely for Iran's sake to funnel US dollars to Iran get them through the US sanctions. So stop listening to these guru idiots out there. They do not know the process and don't want to learn. I have thousands of articles in my archives. They are just filling your heads with their crap to get you to come to their sites to make more $$$$. Get it? :(

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter  Cary Tompkins Your statement is NOT according to Dr Sianni Shabibi. He said and I quote- "there must be a joint effort to make the decision and the CBI and GOI must work together" - but out of curtesy and not by legal commitment. This means the GOI may influence the decisions and has to pass laws to help the CBI with monetary policy. But the CBI make the final call, The CBI does not run the govt the GOI does. The CBI needs these banking reforms, anti-money laundering and anti-terrorist laws, etc... So in this regard Shabibi knew darn well they must work together. So please don't make these false statements and contradict my news. I can see you do not fully read my newsletters and so this is your fault for being so ignorant. I work very hard to bring the TRUTH and I can back up every statement I make. My advice - stop listening to all these gurus out there.

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter  They are not raising the rate (NO REVALUATION). Get it? How many times must I say it? They are going to reinstate the dinar and must fist complete the project to delete the zeros. A result of this process will be an increased new rate on the currency exchanges. Once reinstated the market will drive the rate up on the float. So our concentration is not so much on a rate increase but on a reinstatement process, the rate on FOREX will be the end result. Get it? It is not so confusing at all if you STOP listening to all these other guru idiots out there and just learn the FA

Cary Tompkins  Latest Mnt Goat News Letter I believe you just confirmed my statement here........."the CBI makes the final call"........

Cary Tompkins  Latest Mnt Goat News Letter and, of course, the CBI must have laws to enforce the integrity of their currency. But again, the CBI has the final say!

Cary Tompkins  Gurugoat.........

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter  Cary Tompkins NO! This is what you said and I quote "GOI has nothing to do with raising the rate..........it is a total CBI decision." So lets not lie now and pretend. I know what I read. if you don't mean what you say then don't print it and say it. Get it? This is the problem with Americans today, They don't want to take responsibility for their actions. This ride is confusing enough without someone's "opinion" namely YOURS! Please go and start your own site if you don't like my info. 

Linda November  So a LOP would totally Fudge us, Right?

Latest Mnt Goat News Letter  Please stop this LOP conversation. Get off my Facebook site if you are a subscriber to this crap. If they wanted to LOP they would have done this years and years ago and would not need the project to delete the zeros, get it? Go read my Facebook Notes on this and stop all this senseless chatter on this LOP. https://www.facebook.com/notes/latest-mnt-goat-news-letter/questions-answers-deleting-the-zeros-from-the-iraq-dinar/793386200996774/ and also https://www.facebook.com/notes/latest-mnt-goat-news-letter/the-project-to-delete-the-zeros-explained/723333494668712/ . Do you think I write these NOTES for my health. I write them to help everyone. So if anyone doubts the validity of an upcoming RI then just give them the link to these notes and let them read it for themselves. Case is closed! . Please don't argue. There is no argument to be made. The RV is all FACTUAL.
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