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 "We are Close" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/7/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"We are Close" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/7/19

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 "We are Close" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/7/19 Empty "We are Close" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/7/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Mar 08, 2019 9:35 am

MarkZ Update Thursday 3-7-19: Notes by PDK- Highlights only-not verbatim

Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.

MZ: Not a whole lot of news overnight….Mr. Cottrell has not been paid but I did have conversations with other folks that I consider “intel worthy” We appear to be set on “GO”
I believe It’s going to be a busy few days.

For those of you who don’t have their stuff ready to go out the door……get it ready….we have been in this to long for you not to be ready the moment we get the call….

Not much news overnight but, we are hearing we are in a countdown that ends on late Friday for F&P's Friday…..F&P's then Mr.C will be about 2hrs later..

Q: some gurus say we only have 5 days to exchange, what’s the real story?

MZ: I am hearing we have longer than that…… closer to a month, but we won’t know until we get there.

Q: Have you heard about confirmation on deliveries on F&P or CKMX packages?

MZ: I have not been able to verify any as of yet.

Member: Maybe there were test packages?

Q: They are saying that the national emergency May get flipped. How would that effect the RV, I thought I had heard somewhere that we needed to be in a National Emergency state to have this move ahead?

MZ: I am hearing with martial law that we need to go from level 4 to level 3. My guess is that with the border crises since we had 76 thousand come across last month it would ba an easy argument….yes, the other side would probably challenge that in court but it would take a few weeks and at that point the RV would be over and gone. Those are just my thoughts.

Q: have they told mr cotrell that the reset is close and be on high alert

MZ: He has the most monitored phone and computer of anyone in the country…..if they were to tell him (for example0 that the RV will start in 2 hours……that would be a security risk and make it easy to derail. IMO they will keep him in the dark until the last second…they will just show up for him to do his job, and do it quickly.We are being told that is the protocol.

Q: are your sources saying the next couple days are HOT for rv action

MZ: Heck YES!! They most certainly are looking at the next couple of days hard!

Q: ’m most interested if you have cmkx sources outside of Hodges and his circle.

MZ: Most of my sources are outside Hodges and his group. Most are from the settlement and trustee side of it. The geology side of it for CMKX. I cannot get to specific….i don’t want to get in trouble.

Q: Any updates on CMKX deliveries.

MZ: We are hearing there was movement overnight on Tuesday in a 72 hour countdown…We will see later if that is true.

Q: Have you heard anything about the RV can being kicked down the road another 9 months?

MZ: No I have not heard anything like that. I have heard they want everything done by that time….finished…completed….our currency done and turned in by October….thats how I understand it.

RE: Italian News Article from yesterday’s call:

Q: I thinkl this is the actual article https://www.ilsole24ore.com/art/finanza-e-mercati/2019-02-24/banche-ritorno-gold-standard-l-oro-bilanci-diventa-moneta-091055.shtml?uuid=ABCGxiXB&fromSearch

Q: My understanding is that there are a lot of higher ups that are connected with this process are very upset because of changing of protocols

MZ: I am hearing that too….but there is not a darn thing any of us can do about it. I don’t get to make any decisions or it would be done.

Q: I heard there may be a market crash at one point this year do you think that's true?

MZ: I’m surprised we got out of last Oct. without a crash….but yes we need a correction in a big way.

Member: Fox Business reporting Dow entering a 5-7% correction. Down 287 now.

MZ: Maybe this is the day we have been waiting for?? We will see

Q: Following up from my previous question - Will the correction happen after the RV or after NESARA?

MZ: there is a couple different ways this can play out…..It could happen before and force the reset and forces Nesara. Or they can do it like they should and have a soft correction and we reset before. …this is the plan that is supposed to be playing out now…but, .I don’t rule out the other…well, because politicians suck.

Member: A reset would shock everyone. There is no soft reset lol

Q: Mark. What are the peeps in Reno doing

MZ: It’s been over a week since they have been moving people that I know to other locations like Atlanta,

Q: have banks really recieved memos about reset from the treasury

MZ: yes I know personally 2 or 3 bankers who are very well informed.

Q: do you think they will see LD’s in Iraq this weekend:

MZ: my contacts have seen the LDS…..they have held them …..folks that are working under contracts, so we are hoping they are out for everybody this weekend.

Q: Is Iraq just putting on a dog and pony show with their politics until US is ready for the RV?

MZ: Absolutely……they have to for security reasons. they are waiting for the rest of the world…Iraq is suffering while the world plays politics. ..the people in Iraq need this to go …wanted it long before now…….if it doesn’t happen soon Iraq may go without everyone else….people in government here know this.

Q: A good friend of mine used to go jogging with Paul Ryan who was his neighbor. My friend dropped a huge folder of CMKX info at his local office and asked him to look into it. Some time later, Paul Ryan tells him our case DID go to the supreme court and that there is a gag order on it, but that my friend is a very lucky man.

MZ: I have personally seen some of that documentation…and held it in my hands. It is real…Its not a question of “if” it’s a question of “when”

Q: Mark has said if you want to hear exactly what he is saying come to chat. Reading things or second hand news can be misunderstood

MZ: Note takers do their best but its far better to watch the stream yourselves…this way you get everything in context.

Q: Is it possible we will get 800 numbers by Saturday.

MZ: It’s very possible. We are hoping.

Q: Do you think the IRS will go away?

MZ: I think it will be greatly changed….Its supposed to be an arm of the US Treasury…right now it’s a big mess…..Our tax system will also greatly change. A consumption tax instead of an income tax is what I’m being told.

Member: THE BIG LIE none of the IRS $ goes to us in any way!

MZ: Go look up the Gracie report. Ronald Reagan received this report and right after this he got shot.

Member: The Grace Report info....


MZ: Everyone has been afraid to deal with this…JFK got shot….Reagan got shot….that Trump is still walking beats me?

Member: I believe Trump has military protection.

Q: Flat tax? 14- 17%

MZ: that is the range I’ve been told…it’s a consumption tax…….but we have to wait and see

Q: Do they have a date set in mind or is this constantly fluid?

MZ: They have targets…and we are in the middle of a target right now.

Member: Trump has the Fed in his sights

MZ: Trump has made no secret that he has the fed in his sights. ..Bernie Sanders also has the Fed in his sights…many people on both sides of the aisle are shooting for the Fed. Trump has said since 2016 that his target for a Reset and Gold standard was the first quarter of 2019. It is no secret he wants us to be gold-backed.

Member: fed should have been audited every year since inception

MZ…Unbeleivable…The Fed has never been audited….think about that….its a private group of London bankers and is not a part of our government. It is the greatest Ponzi scheme in the history of mankind….It should not exist.

Member: GREAT STORY about start of the FED on youtube: Creature From Jekyll island!! That's the link for the audiobook for The Creature From Jekyll island:

Q: Will the S African Rand be in the first basket?

MZ: I believe it is…..all the Brics should be done in our first round.

Q: exactly how many tiers are there actually if any

MZ: there are different tiers in the RV and different tiers in settlements…..Think 5 tiers …. once the 4th one releases its all downhill….

Q: : do you have the freedom to be able to share about the cmkx claims and how they were moved and where they are now

MZ: I have been told they are poised for release…..I will try to get someone to come on here and give a talk on the history. I know many of you are interested.

Q: Frank26 and his group had stated a while ago that the that the 3 zero's had already been deleted electronically

MZ: The movement, the education …everything they have told to the people….so much…It’s not a secret over there…everyone knows. ….it’s just a secret here…..there is so much in the news over there….

Member: Though the zeros were deleted in December - It seems just now it is being publicly announced

Q: GM All - Came in late...Who is Al (Hodges) ...sounds like a real stand up warrior
Member: Al is lawyer for cmkx lawsuit

MZ: He is a personal attorney for Mr. C and many key people involved in all this…..I’m going to call him and try to have him come on this call….when he tied CMKX to the reset he changed everything.

Member: May be a couple real busy days for us

MZ: I think it will be a very busy couple of days.

Member: WE ARE CLOSE. Breath, relax ,prepare. Enjoy!!

MZ: Gotta get busy with my day. If any big news comes my way I will be back.

Thursday Morning Replay: https://www.pscp.tv/w/1gqGvnozVdWGB or

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