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WEARETHEPEOPLE - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/6/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/6/19

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WEARETHEPEOPLE - RayRat/Tony Call Notes   3/6/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 3/6/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 07, 2019 10:08 am


(Cliff Notes by Sunny) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Ray: . . .(Read Saturday’s Update) RAY’S TNT UPDATE, Saturday Evening, March 2, 2019 Iraqi TV reports Parliaments’ first session is rescheduled to Saturday, March 9, 2019. The vote/session that was SUPPOSED to take place on Monday, March 4 was already announced moved to Tuesday, March 5 and now gets shifted to Saturday? [Hmmmmmm?]

It is alleged that the Supreme Court informed that Parliament can vote on all ministries with the exception of Defense Minister due to it being under investigation. Iraqi TV is reporting that the CBI is saying that a fully seated government is needed for full move to international status. Time Will Tell on that one too. #wearethepeople

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It’s been quiet, quiet, quiet all weekend. Nothing from the banks . . . our committee guy . . . Iraq or Kurdistan. It’s been really quiet until this morning when he called and told me we should probably see the lower denom’s sometimes this weekend. That is what he’s been told at his level. Remember he told us about the rate change, the 35 dinar to 100 USD, the market price changes. “He is higher up so he does get it first. He said everything has been reloaded in the ATM’s. He gave me a date and I’m going to tell you guys.

It’s supposed to happen this weekend.”

Ray: Yesterday they broadcast on TV stating cabinet selections will be completed by the end of the month. This morning they are broadcasting they will be completed in two weeks. All of us don’t subscribe, to the cabinet has to be completed before the RV.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: (Referring to his Iraq contact) He is higher up so he does get it first. . . It’s (lower denomination release) supposed to happen this weekend. . . I say “maybe” this weekend because the banks are really, really quiet saying “can’t talk about it now.” (Tony stressed near the end of the call he was only talking about the release of the lower denom’s was to happen this weekend and he was NOT saying the RV was to happen this weekend. Then he said, “It would make sense for it (the RV) to happen this weekend.”)

Tony: All . . . (Tony’s Iraqi contacts) say the prices are going up. I thought because of the rate change they would go down, but prices are going up. Doesn’t make sense to me. Sadr and Emir met over the weekend and came to a compromise of the minister positions and how the GOI is supposed to be run. Sadr is not putting out anything, not calling for demonstrations. I guess he’s saying it’s like it’s supposed to work now.

Broadcasting on Iraq TV during this call: Tony read from a text during the call what is currently being broadcast on Iraq TV. “Zane MasterCard cash just on Iraq TV. Launching today. It’s a new MasterCard that allow Iraqi’s to use this card any place in the world.”

Tony: They can use it anywhere in the world because it’s electronic. In this system they are converting it at the $2.86 rate. “Zain MasterCard cash just on Iraq TV launching today their new MasterCard which will allow Iraqi’s to use card anyplace and anywhere in the world you can pay in Dinar or US Dollar. It’s linked to the new Zain phone app showing the advantages of this card letting citizens know.”

IRAQ: CBI: Lower Denomination’s and fils to be released this coming weekend per Tony’s high up Iraqi contact. ATM’s have been reloaded.

Tony: We know they started trickling out two weeks ago. Parliament: Iraq TV broadcasting the remaining Cabinet Ministers to be settled by the end of this month or within the next two weeks. Sadr and Emir seem to have come to a compromise agreement. Ray does not believe it’s necessary to have them in place for the RV to show up Internationally.

Tony: On the 9th is when they are supposed to vote the Ministers in. US bases in Iraq: An agreement between the US and Iraq for the US to establish bases inside Iraq has been in place for sometime. Only Iran is causing disruption about it and they seem to be losing ground.

INTERNATIONAL: WTO (World Trade Organization): Tony does not think it’s a requirement for Iraq to RV to be a member of the WTO.
Tony: They have already RI or RV in country. . . Banks are already taking it as we know.

Ray: I have a list of banks already taking it and they don’t care whether it’s in the WTO or not.

Canada: Best to exchange in the US if you can. Suggested you travel between the US and Canada by private plane. Restrictions, custom’s, etc that are applied to commercial flights appear to not apply to private planes.

Currency Rates: Dinar, $4.43 on bank screens; in country $2.86; Dong, .47 to $1.00. Contract rate of $2.00 for the Dong.

Tony: Final rates will be within the ranges we gave you (previously). Nothing posted in the Gazette (as to rates). Quit listening to everybody and decide who your going to listen to. The rate of money changes every day on Forex. The dollar rate changes every day. It’s not posted in the law books every time there is a rate change because it’s not a law.

UNITED STATES: Banks are very quiet. Tony: . . .saying they “cannot talk about it now.”

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event. 800 #’s: They want us going to the bank within two hours. Gift Letters give the recipient a paper trail to prove when and where they got the currency.

EXCHANGING: ZIM Information: Humanitarian Projects are required to receive a higher rate for the ZIM and they have to be connected to an approved Zimbabwe charity. This could take up to 3 months or more before you are approved to receive payment for the ZIM 100 Trillion or 50 Trillion notes.

Q & A: Callers

Q. – What does the Vietnam Dong have to do with the Dinar RV?

Tony: The Vietnam Dong, ZIM, and a whole bunch of currencies are in the Global Currency Reset. Actually over 100 currencies will be affected in the reset. I’m saying go buy Dong because it’s easy for people to get. The Dinar is the foundation for the GCR and the Dong is part of it.

CLOSING STATEMENTS: Tony . . . All right guys. Not a whole lot of news in the news. I read to you what was on TV. There will probably be some more announcements on their TV throughout the day and tomorrow. Ray will send those out to you. Let’s be ready so we don’t have to get ready, but it’s here. I’m not really looking for anything until this weekend personally, which is when they think they will come out, on the 9th is when they are supposed to vote the ministers in.
Maybe it will all come out at one time together. We are looking forward to the weekend. I am. If anything happens, we will tweet it out and blast it out and we’ll get it to you. Until then go buy some more Dong.
Ray . . .You want to consider. Protecting your principal . . . means not spending it. Try not to spend any of it. If you need to do some spending, spend OPM. Other peoples money. Be ready to know what you want to do when this exchange comes. Who to give to and more importantly how to give it.

Also look at, – what you should do before you give anything away. You have to take care of #1. Number one is you. So take that money and establish a budget on how you will live. That will be your monthly cash flow. . . Once you do that. If your exchange is 10 million and you were going to give 3 million away and that leaves you with 7 million. Will that 7 million give you the standard of living you want to acquire? So you may establish a portion each month to give away. Let that money determine your lifestyle first and then you’ll know what you can give away. . . pre-calculate this information and know as much as you can know instead of trying to catch up on the back end. In the meantime, in between time keep believing, because we sure so. (played “I Believe”).

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