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"Very Confident" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/6/19

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 "Very Confident" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/6/19 Empty "Very Confident" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/6/19

Post by Ssmith Thu Mar 07, 2019 9:54 am

MarkZ Update Wednesday 3-6-19 - Notes by PDK- Highlights only-Not Verbatum

MarkZ Disclaimer: Please consider everything on this call as my opinion. People who take notes do not catch everything and its best to watch the video so that you get everything in context.

MZ: As of early this morning Mr. C has not been paid. I am very confident that we are close…..I am still expecting 800 #s this week. Based on what I am hearing we are very close.

A whole lot happened in Europe the last few days. I am hearing some reset information was leaked to a very prominent Italian news source …IMO it is imminent and it is moving……

The leak is that the reset is impending and where we are at in the reset…this is a mainstream publication and on the mainstream news so imo there is no way to put the cat back into the bag now. Look for a lot to move quickly.

"Il Sole 24 Ore" is the Italian publication of the first leak

Member: News in Italy about the GCR https://www.ilsole24ore.com/

MZ: thanks for the link……that’s its leaking at this level is huge news…..This to me means the cat is out of the bag…….

Q: Good Morning Mark! I have to ask if you got you CMKX Package yet? Cmkx packages released but not delivered - hopefully in the next 24/48 hrs

MZ: No…We are hearing they finished up the preparation for them last night…I heard they had to update the Fines and Penalties…..I am hearing they should all be delivered within the next 48 hours..I am very hopeful…

Q: Good Morning Mark! I have to ask if you got you CMKX Package yet? My friend got his. Getting Exciting….Received his package. and no he wont tell me whats in it. But he has it.

MZ: I am trying to verify anyone got theirs but nothing yet. …..If one person got their package –to me it means they are out….I just can’t verify it yet. If they signed an NDA- it would be hard to verify. If this is true- it’s the biggest news of the day.

Q: Whats in the CMKX packages

MZ: Should be your directions…how your account is going to work , your shares, instant access to some funds (maybe a debit card that you would have to call and activate. ) for over $100k to $150k…..so that you will have liquidity before you go to the bank or exchange center.. …I hope this is accurate….

Q; Did you listen to Bruce?

MZ; I don’t read or listen to any other guru ( I really hate that term) I try not to read others intel….Listening to anyone else just leads to “circle intel” I do read Iraq stuff from Frank …he really chases his stuff down. .

Q: Frank said moving from E to W so our AU friends will see it first.

MZ: this is true- it’s always been the protocol…so yes…our friends down under will see it first.

Q: what is CMKX

MZ: It is a stock that was shorted by Bank of America and the US Government and they won a landmark lawsuit against the US government and the banks and the settlement is part of the reset now.

Q: Dinar Recaps: you heard this Mark? Today the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe (RBZ) acknowledged their funding 1 billion USD in debt with future gold sales. Which gives acceptable expectation for a 10% coupon on a 25 year termed structured payout when you redeem your Zimbabwe bond notes, and basically repurchase another Zimbabwe sovereign asset—reinvesting your money back into the nation of Zimbabwe. ....

MZ: I had not heard that…but keep in mind that all the numbers floating around…One Billion is a drop in the bucket….….but we are seeing a lot of movement coming out of Zimbabwe which gives me hope.

Q: : Nothing on Frank’s site as far if the lower notes are in the ATM’s yet.

MZ: I do have a contact over there that has seen the LD’s… has held them ….and there has been articles in Iraqi news about the LD’s and how they will be using them….so much news over there on that .

Q: With everything WF did- do you still think it’s safe to exchange with them?

MZ: Absolutely…I believe with The QFS new banking system…the new encryptions make it bulletproof…so to speak and IMO WF and all banks will be safe moving forward. MR. C feels that with the new system we will all be perfectly safe, and if anyone would know its him as It’s his work that helped design the new system.

Keep in mind that WF was picked by the Chinese to be the lead bank because of the shares they own so where you move your money after the exchange is up to you…They all should be safe moving forward.

Member: I wonder if they'll up the FDIC coverage now that they're bulletproof.

MZ: I plan on paying for additional coverage….Just to feel safe.

Q: does Trump want this to happen…gold backed currency????

MZ: yes Trump absolutely wants this to happen….I do not have direct contact with Mr. Trump, but Mr. C has told me his is the first administration to reach out to him directly since the Reagan administration.

I have an older link about it https://www.forbes.com/sites/ralphbenko/2017/02/25/president-trump-replace-the-dollar-with-gold-as-the-global-currency-to-make-america-great-again/#48b534874d54

Q: Hi Mark. Are the Gen64 rates better than the rates Tony and Bruce have given?

MZ: I don’t follow anyone….I do not know what rates they are saying…I make it a point not to follow anyone else’s intel..….leads to circle intel.

Q: does China want this reset to happen soon?

MZ: Yes….China is 34 trillion in debt, the US is 22 trillion in debt. they need this more then we need it…

Q: what's your guesstimate on 800 now?

MZ: I hear they could be Thursday, I am looking for Saturday….but definently in the month of March.

Q: do you think we are waiting for the Iraqi government to be fully seated?

MZ: No I do not think we are waiting on the Iraq government to be seated. As soon as this happens the Iraqi government will be very stable.

Q: How are CMKXers to be notified (what mail service) and by whom if you know Mark...

MZ: I am hearing they will be delivered through the USPS. They are supposed to deliver after they have finished their regular deliveries.

Q: Recaps misquote and Mark ask to come here for his chats please

MZ: If you want everything in context watch the stream. People who transcribe don’t get everything. Its best just to watch the stream. Its scary to think someone could take notes out of context and get us all in trouble. They do have people who volunteer to take notes and I’m sure they do their best..but to hear everything in context…watch the streams

Q: Are you still hearing structured payouts on the Zim

MZ: Yes I am hearing structured payouts on the Zim

Q: What do you mean by "structured"?

MZ: It just means you get payments based on how much you exchange….set up a payment schedule just as if you won the lottery….monthly payments ….there are not enough dollars in the world to give everyone cash up front. If its big- they need to be structured.

Q: QUESTION: Will there be mandatory structured payouts on dinar/dong or JUST ZIM?

MZ: I have heard that only if you 10 million dinars it gets structured….I do not know for sure…..Don’t quote me on this….. so some of the bigger investors (whales) will be structured.

Q: Will G64 need a project or will they just go in the bank to be funded. Hearing if you have a project the better it is the higher the rate.

MZ: I do not think if you exchange with the WF group that you will need any projects.

Q: "rumors" say europe has already been paid ... so shouldn't they already have the #800 numbers out ?

MZ: these are just rumors….I can’t find anyone who can verify this…..may be BS

Q: Rio Tinto and Star Diamond announced some of the best DIAMONDS in the world found on CMKX claims...ones we knew about 15 years ago...

MZ: Since then CMKX resources has picked up so many assets/resources since then…more than just diamonds…..I believe we have such future potential……I believe it’s really going to explode….I plan on holding onto my shares.

Q; Do you know anyone who has gotten cash for their SKR’s?

MZ: No……..I do know some that have leveraged for a loan, but that is rare

MZ I have heard that the reset will be on the down-low (kept quiet) for about 10 days to 2 weeks…then the news will come out…I have one source in Europe that swears Brexit will be the financial crises excuse they give –something like “due to instability in Europe and banking that the decision was made to quickly move to the gold standard.” Conspiracy theories are a dime a dozen but they do have some truth to them. Personally I think the reset will force the Brexit….

Q: Is Reno still the center of all this

MZ: It has now split up into 3 main locations Reno, Atlanta and Chicago. They did not want any of this based in DC or New York.

Q: Are they still sleeping on cots and eating cold pizza in Reno?

MZ: pretty much although some folks were moved to other locations in the last week or two.

Member: The "RV" now has earned the right, thru longevity, to have a new theme song. This theme song can now be used in the upcoming "RV" blockbuster movie entitled-- "Raiders Of The Lost 800 Numbers". The new theme song to be used is----------------- "I'm Just Waiting- Anticipating". This will replace our theme song of the last ten years which was from the movie "Annie"--(Remember?) "The Dinar Will RV Tomorrow-Bet Your Bottom Dollar It's Tomorrow" come what may--

MZ: Well I am like you all and am so ready to get off this roller coaster ride……See you all tonight

Replay of today’s Stream: https://www.twitch.tv/videos/391237884 or

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