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 "Geared up" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Geared up" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/5/19

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 "Geared up" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/5/19 Empty "Geared up" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/5/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:08 am

MarkZ Tuesday Update: Notes by PDK- Not Verbatum

MZ: Everyone is geared up for a late Tuesday Event….so I hope we have a late Tuesday event…..they are hearing a lot of behind the scenes stuff Tuesday Night, and in the forefront stuff that we can see tomorrow like CMKX, F&Ps, on Wednesday and 800’s on Thursday ..

Of course no one has been right yet..thats just what we are hearing….thats the plan…….

Mr. C has not been contacted yet…..not expecting anything until this evening……this is going to be a huge week.

There is a lot moving in the central banks. …. lots of leaks to the press in Europe…..

Basel 3 banks need to have a certain amounts of assets and yes- they can use gold which counts as unemcumbered cash which they can use in their stress tests. …The term is re-monitization..… they have purchased 640 tons of gold…..this doubled the tonnage of gold bought by central banks last year.

Countries have also been repatriating gold. You have seen Germany taking their gold back from the US.and this is happening all over as nations want their gold back in their own treasuries and central banks. We have seen so much as the laid the groundwork for Basel 3.

At this time as we move to the new banking system corruption will be almost stopped….will make the assets of the people and the nations much more secure.

Moving to asset backed currency will be based on the people of the nation and the assets of the nation and not on the politics of the nation. Changing from a debt based system to an asset based system will greatly help the people, as debt is the currency of slaves.

We have seen so much on the banks becoming complient with Basel 3, and I am very excited to be reading so much information in the real world on this. Its exciting to see real movement and real things we can see now.

Member: I just spoke with my good buddy Phil Collins. He said, and I quote, "I can feel it coming in the air... Thursday the 21st, oh Lord". Then he also said "I feel like I've been waiting for this moment for all of my life, oh Lord, oh lord!!" Isn't that great news?!

Q: Can we still sign up for the WF Group?

MZ: No….back when they merged groups/lists including the Gen64 group they stopped accepting new members. They deleted all your private info and all they have now is email addresses . I have been told the notification will come on official WF letterhead and if anyone else contacts you from anywhere else its not the WF group.

Remember I am not affiliated with any group. I’m just like you and looking information and for the best place to exchange for my family and friends.

Q: Anything on CMKX:

MZ: Many people that are well connected seem to think that Wednesday is the day CMKX and fines and penalties go out.

Q: With everything done are we just waiting for 800s to come and if so who decides that?

MZ: I have been told banks will issue their own 800 numbers, they desperately want you in there….the WF Group will be sending emails…..I expect many of the dinar sites and chat boards will post the 800 numbers. Who decides that? I know who it is….but I cannot get in trouble and say the name.

Q: Many people have changed their email addresses. Are you able to ask them how we can reach them to give updated email addresses?

MZ: I am told if you remember your old email address give it to them as a way of confirming who you are, when you call for an apt. I do not know this for sure…but it’s what I was told. I believe they are watching this chat so hopefully they will get back to me on this. If they reach out to me again with more answers I will let you all know.

Member: here's your first link to click! New U.S. Currency Already in Our Money Supply – The Millennium Report http://themillenniumreport.com/2016/07/new-u-s-currency-already-in-our-money-supply/

Q: Can we still sign up for the WF Group?

MZ: The list closed a couple years ago to new people…..If it reopens again and they tell me…I will let all of you know.

Q: QUESTION: WF GROUP was for IQD. Did they say if they will buy our ZIM?

MZ: I understand they are exchanging dinar and dong…..they are probably watching this stream…if they reach out to me and let me know about the zim- I will tell you.

Member: You sharing the WF information really encouraged so many people. Everyone needed that. Thank you

Q: Do you believe Iraqi politics is nothing but theater to hold everyone at bay until it's time to go?

Member: Frank says he is quiet because there is nothing left to say or do

MZ: I tend to agree with him ….the reality is Iraq is just waiting for the rest of the world…..all of their problems will instantly go away the moment the reset happens. I have good respect for Frank…

Q: If you are contacted by anyone and you believe it is a scam or questionable ..pls report it on discord scams. Mark has someone that can check it out to keep everyone safe

MZ: yes….they love prosecuting people with scams…they do not mess around on this….

Q: Do you believe that when we go in for cmkx ...if we have currency they will offer us high rates like being in the Wells group?

MZ: Absoluteley….be sure to tell them what you are bringing to the table as far as currencies

Q: "Hi Mark , new here could you explain the six zero`s" with zim?

MZ: the quick math is to take 6 zeros off and multiply whats left by .24 or 24 cents…Whether or not this is true- it’s what I have been told.

Member: The zeros cannot be taken off the bond. It will be done with the six zeros in front of the offered rate as MarkZ said. A currency rate can fluctuate but a bond value cannot be changed. .00000024 = 24,000,000

Member: Legally they may not be able to remove the zeros on a bond. So, they must configure the rated by adding the zeros to get a rate.

MZ: Dropping the 6 zeros is just a easy way to do the math

Q: mark, does this delay, ki r if there is a de look at, have anything to do with the Mueller probe??

MZ: I do not believe it has anything to do with the reset or RV.

Q: I was thinking that part of the reason why our President wanted to open up the flow of oil coming from the US is because it would increase the value of assets that the United States has.

MZ: Im thinking you are right

Member: wikipedia page for Basel 3 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basel_III

Member: Its an incredibly impressive article for wiki and this one links to all the basel stages https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Basel_Committee_on_Banking_Supervision

MZ- Good info…I believe Basel 4 has a stricter requirement for assets to back the currency

Q: Do you believe that CMKX people will be notified before currency people?

MZ: Yes I do as they need the PP’s F&Ps ect…in the bank so there is money for the RV people. They need our liquidity before they process currency exchangers. Maybe currency holders will be allowed to make apts…but exchanges will happen after the CMKX and F&P people…imo

Q: What is your feeling that everything will be released at the same time?

MZ: Im thinking everything will be released within hours of each other….This is not like Kuwait where they kept a lid on it for 10 days……in the computer age we will know everything instantly…..so releases have to happen quickly-IMO

Member: I saw that HSBC announced they were Basel 3 complient last year.

MZ: Guys when you see this kind of news. That proves how close we into moving into completion.

Q: will there be exchanges 24 hours a day?

MZ: Depending on what region you are in….I have heard that markets that have larger amounts may be , but most places will not be.

Q: A couple of weeks ago, conversion of bank ATM MACHINES here in states Had to be completed to accommodate our new US treasury notes according to good source

MZ: yes….they have to get cash into all the ATMs….Im a firm believer that you all should have some cash on hand because there is liable to be some bumps getting all of this done…

Member: The ATMs have a new box that retro fits in it and the banks have them, they just pull out the USD distributor and slide in the USN box

MZ: That makes sense to me….but with the amount of banks and ATMs around…it will still take a couple days so IMO have a couple days of food and cash as a just in case…doesn’t hurt to play it safe in case there are a few hiccups…

Conversation with members about metals and minerals:

MZ: There are so many unmined minerals in Africa and S. America, as well as Afghanistan and Iraq. Iraq is usually associated with oil, but they actually sit on some of the richest gold reserves in the world. Just ask Ancient Aliens that talk about the Anunaki landing here and mining gold in Iraq. If its on TV it must be true…lol…

Member: you do know that ancient aliens crack will make the "news" on the boards, right?

MZ…lol…you have to love what makes it to the boards

Q: where do the Aussies in the Gen64 group now stand... will arrangements be made for them to exchange in Aus?

MZ: I am told there are provisions for Australia, Canada, the UK, France…….don’t worry that you are in a different country that you will have a tough time with an exchange. …they want you….they need your liquidity and I hear they will make provisions for all of you to exchange.

Member: Remember this is a GLOBAL CURRENCY RESET

Member: I am sure when they notify you from the Wells Fargo group you will have an opportunity to connect with them and they will answer that question for you about Australia

Q: "Is this a taxable event or not?"

MZ: I am still hearing the entire tax system is going to change….we will not know 100% until it occurs…and I am told this event will not be a taxable event due to a tax treaty…but we will not know 100% until it occurs….I am also told to be sure to call it an exchange when you go into the banks….

Member: Currency - Exchange/Bond – Redeem

Member: International Treaty/Paris Agreement signed 2015 saying there would be NO taxes from Currency Exch.

Member: the important thing to remember is after you exchange is to never touch your principal.

MZ: I agree with that…after you pay all bills…try not to touch your principal and do your best to live off interest and make sure that principal never goes away so you have enough for yourselves and children

Q: do you know of any sting operations going on ?

MZ: you guys love to try to get me in trouble….lol….I believe there is constantly a sting operation going on …they want to take as many people who are not kosher out of the equation.

Q: Is the Rupiah in this basket?

MZ: I am told that it is.

MZ: Remember guys that anyone typing notes from these chats- they never get it all and may miss a lot ..so it’s best to listen to the calls for all the information. (Note: Mark talks really fast and chat moves really fast )

MZ: Tomorrow is Wednesday and I am planning on 2 chats tomorrow. 10AM and 8PM EST. We are expecting a lot to be happening by then…..look forward to seeing you all then .

Replay for Tuesday 3-5-19 : https://www.pscp.tv/w/1lDxLMygVezKm

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