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 "Six Zeros..." by Gene - 3/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Six Zeros..." by Gene - 3/5/19

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 "Six Zeros..." by Gene - 3/5/19 Empty "Six Zeros..." by Gene - 3/5/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Mar 06, 2019 11:07 am

There has been a lot of discussion over the years regarding zim being valued at face divided by 1,000,000 or some rate below face divided by 1,000,000 (1 million - a.k.a. 6 zeros removed). Then we've been told for the last couple of years that there will be no zeros removed and more recently that front screen rate is going to be somewhere between 18 cents and about 40 cents per zim, where we can take a higher backscreen rate if we have humanitarian projects and in this regard, can, if we choose to, negotiate a higher rate than this (rate times the total amount of zim we're holding).

Now all of a sudden this 6 zeros removed crap is starting up all over again.

Here's my take on this...

The alliance/NPTB NEED we humanitarians to fix the world because from past experience, its evident the various governments of the world (including the US) will never get it done. They're relying on us, perhaps with an assist from them (which at least for myself, I'd welcome and gladly accept), to get it done and quickly.

So, talking about the six zeros thing, if this is what really happens, the alliance will be sending the message that they don't want us to help fix the world because for sure, none of us will have enough money, ever, to do even one really serious humanitarian project.

If the six zeros thing turns out true, if you're holding 500T in zim as an example (I'd gather many are holding less), you'd walk away, at face value divided by 1 million, if you could negotiate this, with 500M and sorry folks but 500M ain't enough to do squat.

My first SMALL project will be rebuilding over 500 condemned homes, trashed by the sandy storm (yeah, about 6 years ago, wasn't it?) in a town hardest hit by that storm, getting those homeowners back into them and then fixing town infrastructure along with maybe fixing up some "Addams Family" type homes in town where homeowners can't afford to pay to fix it (nobody wants to live near one of these nor should anyone have to).

Guess what? Just to rebuild the 500+ homes (which I intend to get done in about a year and oh yeah I can) is going to cost upwards of $200MILLION! By the point I walk out of that SMALL town a couple years from when the RV actually hits, I'll have easily spent upwards of $1 Billion. If all I get is say $500million, its not worth even considering doing humanitarian projects because even if we could get a few smaller ones done, we'll have to wait on piddling interest to do it and this will take forever and nothing on Earth will change. Even 10% interest on $500 million is only $50 million/year. For the above example, I'd have to wait for 20 YEARS to amass the $1 Billion I believe I'll need.

Surely this is NOT the intent of the NPTB/alliance because if it is, its all a farce and we all know deep within our hearts that this zim/humanitarian thing is for real. Among other things that are part of our life missions, we came here specifically to get this done and to get Earth back on track, QUICKLY. Without high trillions to quadrillions at a minimum, there's no way we can get this done.

As another example of why we need so much money, the hurricane that trashed the Western side of Florida and sliced and diced a lot of the coastal regions around the gulf (year or two back) trashed Houston. It didn't level the city - just water and wind damage basically. Guess what? The estimates to REPAIR (NOT rebuild) Houston were in the 3-4 TRILLION $$ range and we know if thats the estimate, once the contractors get done doing their thing, its probably going to cost at least twice this (estimates are always optimistic and nothing ever goes as planned). If we don't get at least face value (1:1) for our zim or higher if we can negotiate it, who is going to have the money to fix stuff like this?

We need upwards of quadrillions (thousand of Trillions) to be heavyweight humanitarians because our doing projects in the millions of dollars per year will keep Earth the way it currently is, forever, and for sure, this isn't the intent for the zim redemption.

Everything costs far more than I'm sure most think. EVERYTHING! Nope, 10s-100s of millions don't cut it nor do 10's to 100's of billions (and I'm talking about interest because no one should ever spend any of the principle so at 10% interest, we're talking easily 10x this needed in principle, 20x if we can only get 5% interest).

Be careful who you choose to believe! IIRC, those posters sounding the "six zeros off" warning more recently just came out of the blue, either posting anonymously or using handles we've never seen before. Kind of makes you wonder, doesn't it?

At this late stage in the game we all need to stay our course and simply wait to see how the movie ends (wink). Until this point, NO ONE (and no, not even one single "guru" or if you prefer "Intel provider" which is kind of a misnomer because not one of them has been right even once over all the years this has been going on) can speak with any certainty as to whats actually going to happen when the RV goes.

Start practicing your discernment skills. Pass everything you read or hear through your heart. If it simply doesn't feel right, there's something wrong with it. You may not be able to identify what but absolutely trust your heart. Its the purest part of each of our bodies and it will never lie to us.

Signed: Gene

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