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 "Are we there Yet?" by TJ - 3/3/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Are we there Yet?" by TJ - 3/3/19

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 "Are we there Yet?" by TJ - 3/3/19 Empty "Are we there Yet?" by TJ - 3/3/19

Post by Ssmith Mon Mar 04, 2019 11:49 am

I do understand that the promised RV/GCR has become primarily a carrot at this time to distract the cabal while the swamp is being drained, and the amount of misinformation out there also confuses all of us, too, as collateral damage. I think we will all find out later that a lot of the information we fully believed as true will be shown to be otherwise.

Therefore the 3 questions I keep in mind are:

1) At what point will the Alliance determine that the swamp is sufficiently drained to allow the release of great wealth?

2) In what ways will the stored wealth actually be released to help heal the world?

3) Are my plans still valid?

All my plans are still based on exchanging currencies then setting up programs to help heal the world, in parallel with whatever programs others like me will be doing and also what the big boys will be doing through projects funded by their sources.

Every day I wake up wanting to get started, and then check to see if we are there yet. I am being taught hope and patience, for sure.


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