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COFFEE WITH MARKZ -- March 3, 2019  - DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

COFFEE WITH MARKZ -- March 3, 2019 -

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COFFEE WITH MARKZ -- March 3, 2019  - Empty COFFEE WITH MARKZ -- March 3, 2019 -

Post by Ponee Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:10 pm

MarkZ Sunday Update3-3-19 

 Notes by PDK-Not Verbatum

MZ:  Gold is the money of kings, silver is the money of gentlemen, barter is the money of peasants -but debt is the money of slaves. Norm Franz

MZ: There was a whole lot that happened yesterday,  last night…and overnight….wow….so many positive things.  .I am going to call today “waiting on fruition day”  

I cannot tell you the news coming out of the banking system but its beyond fantastic…it would be irresponsible on my part to tell right now. …..

Many banks have spent a fortune getting key people in key places…based on what I can and cannot share I am feeling really good today..…

We are still hearing we will have something solid by Tuesday frombanks, groups and the government…

Member:  Lions, Tigers or Bears...Groups, Banks & Government hahahaha!

Q: Mr C sequestered ??? since you guys did not communicate today.

MZ: I just heard from him…..and Mr. C is not sequestered ….yet and he has not been paid yet.

Q:  What I have heard regarding the Gen64 group not being valid is because of the fraud committed, they can't open new accounts

MZ: I have not heard that – but I know just who to ask.

Q:  Can the Dems block this in any way?

MZ: I do not believe the dems can block anything at this point…we are past that.

Q: How do you think the MSM will go about covering the GCR? (Since there has been a media blackout) how do TPTB anticipate public reaction to the reset?

MZ: I really think they need some kind of cover or real or manufactured crises to set this off.  Trump is totally talking all the time about how bad the Fed. Reserve is…. Setting the scene…imo ….  i expect the announcement on asset backed or gold standard a week to 10 days after we have exchanged and the dust has settled…

Member:  The Chinese wanted it done before their New Year. Trump wanted it done before he got back from Hanoi. The Iraq’s wanted it done months ago. We want it done in the next hour. Can somebody please call somebody and let them know? I hope they aren’t waiting for us because they think we are not ready, or aren’t interested? Cordially yours; Dina R Zimdong.

Q:  Question: Does HR5404 HAVE to PASS? Would the Dems try to BLOCK to stop Trump?

Member:  Just to jog everyone's memory, HR5404 is a bill to DEFINE THE DOLLAR AS A FIXED WEIGHT OF GOLD:  

MZ: I think it would pass and yes I think Dems would love to block it…just don’t think they will be able too. And I am hearing things behind the scenes that makes me feel it will not be a problem

Q: Do you follow Q

MZ: I do not follow Q, but I am expecting really big things in the next couple weeks.

Q:  It's been said that Robert Maheu is one of the architects of the GCR...do you know more about his involvement?

MZ: He always said that the best day to deliver F&Ps, and other payout would be a Sunday…Mr. Maheu is a key person in this…..i would love to be able to tell you all the entire history of this….

Member:  The history is fascinating . . . Dizzy told me he was 1 of 25 in the room with Bush Sr & DC when they planned this in 1991

MZ:  Mr. C always had great things to say about Dizzy Bear….And Mr. C goes way back to President Reagan….

Q:  Are the CMKX funds all accounted for and safe... or will CMKX need to be funded by the RV or something?

MZ:  those funds are accounted for and safe….Mr. Hodges made sure they were all tied to the reset and it is all safe

Q:  Hi Mark, are money in PAYMASTERS accounts? How many paymasters are there? MC the head paymaster. what is a paymaster?

MZ:  paymasters are people who handle the big accounts and make sure the funds need to go to who they need to go to…they get a commission for executing this…... …..Mr. Cs funds are what he is owed to from the Reagan years…My understanding is there are around 80 of …..paymasters are a common thing in the financial worlds..

Member:  Some of the paymasters are attorneys

MZ:  Yes…many of the paymasters are attorneys…not all

Q:  QUESTION: Do we HAVE to have Humanitarian project outlines prepared to submit at our exchange in order to be able to redeem ZIM??

MZ: I really do not know that…..nobody I talk to wants to go on record by answering this question.

Q:  I've heard we will go back to 1950-60s prices when we reset... thoughts?

MZ:  I have heard that it will be back to approximately 1970’s prices……its going to be a really good thing.

Q;  will we see high profile arrests such as Hillary, Soros etc

MZ:  I am told we will see those…I had heard we would see them on Feb. 15th…..Now I am hearing now we will see them around the 10th of March. Visably see them all – in public.

Q:  why does the delivery date continue to move???

MZ:  We have heard so many excuses to date….real and fake…...Mr. C told me at some point they just have to “do it” Rip off the band-aid…. Get it done or we all need to march on DC with our yellow vests on….They are terrified of that……lol

Well gotta get on with my day……again…lots happened last night and more to come by Tuesday I am being told…..enjoy your day


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