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 "Ready to Roll" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Ready to Roll" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/2/19

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 "Ready to Roll" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/2/19 Empty "Ready to Roll" - MarkZ Q&A Update 3/2/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:55 am

MarkZ Update Saturday 3-2-19: Notes by PDK-Not Verbatum

MarkZ: We were all ready to roll last night …and don’t know what happened or what hasn’t happened yet.

F&P (Fines and Penalties) have not been paid yet.. Sat through Tues is our window..

We were expecting things to kick off early this morning from Reno to Chicago to Atlanta....Im still expecting a lot of intel later on today..

Right now we have all the right people are in the right places

We are still hearing CMKX deliveries this weekend or early this week.

Spoke with Mr.C (Michael Cottrell) about 10am Est...They need to bring everything to MC so he can go..our understanding is someone needs to decide when its safe to go…….then do it.

Q: For security why don’t they take Mr C to a secure place instead of at his home?

MZ: Yes we have been told they will sequester him for a period of time….probably 3 days as this thing goes…. they will come to him and scoop him up for 3 days..keep him safe while everybody does their paymasters job.

Member: I had no idea it was so dangerous for him.

MZ: It is very dangerous for the folks like Mr. Cottrell…there is a line of folks who have turned up missing..I know one person has been shot twice……there is not a make-believe movie who is as wild as this thing as we’ve seen it roll out. I hope we get to hear it all after this thing happens. We believe Mr. C is safe because hes being watched so closely

Q: do you know anyone who has received a Farm claim?

MZ: No, but I know several people who have gotten communications ….so that’s exciting and lets us know they are moving in the right direction.

Q: Mark I sent an email to Generals64 way back in August of 2013 and found the email last night but I have not heard from anyone with any updates. Was there email list sent to Wells Fargo, how would I know if my email address was added? Will it make a difference in the end whether I am or not? It's confusing.

MZ: If you signed up Gen64 you are good….you are golden…...going to try to get him on this stream…...Gen64 group is now WF group … I have heard we are not going to hear anything on Gen64/WF group until it's time to go….they were never designed to keep us up to date…...Gen64 is basically a list for the WF bank..

What is exciting to me when the reset happens it’s going to balance the haves and the have-nots…..and I believe we will see a new golden age worldwide….we are living in a great time …

Q: Have you been able to confirm any new rates implemented in Iraq?

MZ: No I have not..My guy in Iraq says maybe it was a contractors rates…but they have not seen it on the street level yet.

Q: Good morning MarkZ. Do you know the redemptions banks who will be doing Zim here in Australia.. HSBC ANZ Citi Bank? Thanks

Mz: HSBC in AUS..up to you to reach out..

Morning Mark. I watched that movie you recommended yesterday . Eye opening !!

MZ: that movie is HUGE...I cannot suggest it enough…..everyone should watch it..a great movie on how our system works..fiat, fractional banking and with the reset..we will be getting rid of the Ponzi sceme.

Member: End of the road by hundred Mondeys films..: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/video/detail/B01MQNWDDN/ref=atv_wtlp_wtl_0

MZ: To recaps todays news….there was a whole lot of movement last week…Thurs they picked up some heavy hitters attorney;s etc and moved them to places. ...3 different places around the country…..Everyone has been positioning and our window is today through Tuesday…..We were told that they are refiguring the values , and finalize some SKR's rates ……still hearing we are in a very good spot.

Q: Does POTUS need to be out of country to RV?

MZ: Not sure if POTUS needs to be outside the country now..the protocols before with past presidents is they needed to be….Past presidents did not want the reset…they fought it tooth and nail and did everything they could to stop a reset…..…but since Trump wants it….not sure if these protocols are still true. We really do not know if its still required.

Q: we were told to expect big things to happen on Mar. 1

MZ: Important people were moved on the 28th to those 3 locations…...we are hearing that things are moving along nicely.. In my window from now to Tuesday….I am expecting big movement ..

Mz: Oh guys I wanted to mention security... on all devices and with all your passwords it has been suggested that you really should destroy all your old stuff…..

When this things go we would be really easy to hack.. many of us that go to all the dinar sites may already be hacked…hackers may already have all our information and are just waiting for the reset to target us…..

So we may want to destroy all technology that we used on RV sites…. .buy all new stuff…get all new passwords…….we .recommend you buy new stuff with the new security on it....

Asset protection will be a big thing…should already be a big thing. ..my cell phone is going to get a hammer…again we all may be already compromised…just get rid of it all……get your pictures off and get rid of everything and be sure to shut down all your social media sites….whoosh…just disappear. …..a external hard drive is a good idea.

Q: is a debt jubilee real?

MZ: I do believe its real…when you are going from a debt based system to a asset backed system you have to have some type of debt forgiveness…..

Member: I was told Trump signed off on everything while he was in the air last week

MZ: I was told the same thing….I was told Trump signed off while he was in the air ..I hope that was correct..we are very hopeful that is what happened.

MZ: We have been so close for so long....only to be dissapointed....Have to manage your expectations ..you guys have had a long run..We are so close right now.....but when this ride gets too much for you ...just step away from it for a little while ..and don't sell your currency..

I am in a good place...I have people I can reach out to..see documents etc.. So we know this is not a question of IF, but a question of when..and we have no control over the "when"

Member: I saved this link from a few years ago about how to delete yourself from the internet if anyone needs it. http://www.theiqdteamconnection.com/pre—post-rv-information/how-to-delete-yourself-from-the-internent

Q; Anything new about taxes?

MZ: I am still hearing exchanges will not be taxed..although I don't know what will happen the ZIM..

MZ: : I saved this link from a few years ago. this is from 2017 and pres. Trump saying how much we need a gold backed currency When your friends tell you this is not real and you are crazy,,,you can point to this Forbes article.. LINK

MZ: If I have news or see any movement....I will be sure to let you all know...If I am allowed to let you know.....Enjoy your weekend. Be Positive..

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