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 "A Source is a Source" - Dr. Dinar Update 3/2/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"A Source is a Source" - Dr. Dinar Update 3/2/19

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 "A Source is a Source" - Dr. Dinar Update 3/2/19 Empty "A Source is a Source" - Dr. Dinar Update 3/2/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Mar 03, 2019 10:54 am

*A Source Is A Source*

We've all heard the song "Whatever Gets You Thru The Night" by the amazing John Lennon. Combined with the talent of Elton John on backup vocals and piano, that song had all the ingredients, a recipe for a "win" if ever there was one.

After nearly a decade on this journey to the RV/GCR, it's pretty much come down to just that. Whatever it takes to help get you through the night and on to the next day. The next week... the next month.

To simply hang in there, especially during the toughest of times, when hanging in feels like the last thing you have the strength to do. Yet somehow we all have to muster the strength to hang in there and cross that finish line, shoe box full of currency held high.

Having received yet another email "update" pertaining to the latest going's on in Dinarland, I commented to a friend, a friend who has been involved in this thing even longer than I have, on how this or that Guru had lost not only their luster, but their believability as well. For me, anyway.

 "A Source is a Source" - Dr. Dinar Update 3/2/19 A-horse-source_orig

After years of hearing the exact same intel, post after post after post, there comes a point where the definition of insanity begins to weigh heavy on your mind. And you begin to question yours most of all.

Through the process of attrition, over time you begin to whittle away at your list of "sources" that you allow into your sphere of influence. And those that have earned a "No Access" pass. I know my List has dwindled to the point of not even needing a list. It's highly likely we all have trust issues revolving around this endeavor.

After all, it's been 8 years since we heard the UST was in lock down, cell phones taken away, eating pizza and sleeping on cots, no one allowed to leave until it's done. And try as we might to believe it, here we still sit, pizzaless.

Is this RV/GCR thing for real or is it just like your brother in law's second cousin's Barber told him it was from the very start. A scam, simply too good to be true. Even though, deep down we all know in our hearts this RV/GCR thing is indeed real, I have a feeling that at one point or another we've all questioned our own sanity, wondering if "they" were right after all.

Her response to me concerning who to pay attention to and whose info to let go of wasn't a shock to me by any means. I've known all along that we disagree on whose source is right and whose is wrong. Which Guru is to be believed and which isn't. After all, they've all made predictions at one time or another and most are sitting with a 99.9% average. Unfortunately that's in the "wrong" column.

That's not to say that some of their "stuff" isn't true and correct. Chances are they all bring a nugget or two of truth in what they post.

But I wish you the best of luck in deciphering which is which and what is where. Especially at this point of the game, where nearly everybody is in "Zip Your Lips" NDA mode. Mostly because nearly everything that either has or hasn't happened isn't able to be verified, yay or nay.

Mostly because the Lamestream Media isn't a trust based point of reference. Between you and me, if I saw (or read) in the regular news that the sky was blue, I'd immediately make an appointment with an optician, in hopes of determining if I was indeed color blind or not because to be honest, the sky looks blue to me as well. And that would scare me. Like they say, trust but verify.

And if we can't trust the "normal" news, the next logical choice would be the "not so run of the mill behind the scenes" news sources. Which, to be honest, when someone labels them as Conspiracy Theorists, I tend to view them with even more credibility than their Nightly News counterparts.

That's not to say the Intel gatherer's, the so called Guru's, haven't played a very important part in all of this. Because I for one believe they're played an extremely important part in keeping 95% of us in the game.

Chances are very high that had we not had anything to chew on all these years, nothing to keep our flames burning brightly, many of us would have sold out and jumped ship long ago. So for that we are eternally grateful.

For those choosing to rely solely on a foundation based upon their own research, knowing the world will never survive on its current path without a complete makeover of the global economic infrastructure, the intel flowing throughout Dinarland won't play as large of a role in their hanging on.

But I have strong doubts that even for those "knowledge based" folks among us that the length of this journey hasn't at one time or another caused them to question their own belief structure in some way. It's only natural. After all, many "facts" are simply rumors repeated again and again.

Anyway, back to my friends response, which was nearly opposite to my thoughts. Meaning those Guru's that I no longer pay any attention to, she tends to rely on and vice versa. Not that she doesn't believe the few I pay attention to but she's more of an equal opportunity employer, choosing to believe they all bring something good to the table, in one form or another.

And while I don't share her opinion on some points, at some level I can't help but applaud her openmindedness. I wish I still held a bit of that brand new "it's goin' down tonight" feeling. I lost most of that on the way down to Jaded Avenue.

I'm sure there are many folks out there that can relate to this very situation. Not in agreement with their family or friends as to the who's, how's, what's and why's of this thing. Only in the knowing that it must happen. And without a doubt, the sooner, the better.

I say all this in hopes of letting everyone know that there are others out there that share your thoughts. Whatever they may be. That feel the same way you do. And that we're all on this amazing journey together, basically with one thing in mind. To reach the finish line, sanity intact.

So, whatever "source" it is helping you to remain positive, enabling you to stay in the game despite everything around you saying run, as fast as you can, in another direction, at the end of the day a source is a source. Unless of course... well, you know the rest.


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