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 "Vietnam Aftermath is Great!" by Michael Murdock - 2/28/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Vietnam Aftermath is Great!" by Michael Murdock - 2/28/19

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 "Vietnam Aftermath is Great!" by Michael Murdock - 2/28/19 Empty "Vietnam Aftermath is Great!" by Michael Murdock - 2/28/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:32 am

Some have taken to the airwaves this week to call President Trump’s summit in VIETNAM the “ULTIMATE FAILURE” of his Presidency. Others have said he wasn’t prepared for dealing with KIM JUNG UN, and other things. It’s been comical to read what they write, and to listen to them and to then get messages from my contacts who were there with Mnuchin & others and hear something 180º away from what the news networks are spinning.


 "Vietnam Aftermath is Great!" by Michael Murdock - 2/28/19 Progress

YES, It was full of PROGRESS in an UPWARD DIRECTION, MOMENTUM MOVING FORWARD. What was not seen by the PRESS that was tossed out of hotels for several reasons was the progress, the meetings, the signings that took place out of the eye of the camera with delegates from Vietnam and the US TREASURY preparing for the revaluation of the VIETNAMESE DONG which could literally happen at from what has been shared with me, ANY MOMENT!!!

This is as TRUMP would say YUGE!!! They want to get this currency out the door, revalued and make people wealthy before the DINAR ever revalues! This is quite exciting as all the talk was about IRQ breaking out of the gates first and now with the Vietnam SUMMIT over, it appears as VND will make the appearance first! Yes the Summit with KIM ended early. But that did not affect what was happening between the teams working behind the scenes with the Vietnamese on this.

Rates on this currency are forthcoming but I am told they are in the $5 to $45 range which is higher than previously mentioned $2.71 - $20 range. This is good to know because I have a few million DONG to exchange when this happens, and it’s about time to dust them off and get ready to turn them in some USD!!

Please don’t ask me what DATE/TIME this will happen on. I don’t have that information. I wish that I did, but the ANY MOMENT means just that. It could be today, tomorrow, or next week…or it could be in 10 minutes! I was very pleased to read this and excited to share this with all of you as I said as soon as I hear things I will get them out to you, so this is one of those times!! I have been told that I will get at least 24 hours notice before it takes place so that will give me time to push a message to Patrick to alert all of you.

If you can purchase more DONG, now (TODAY) would be the time to do it to stash a few million of them so when the announcement comes you’ll be able to cash in and have even more money to make some miracles around you happen!

God be with you all️ & thanks for anyone who wishes to help me eat this week.

Michael Murdock, US Navy Veteran, homeless

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