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 "Get the Ball Rolling" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  2/28/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Get the Ball Rolling" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 2/28/19

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 "Get the Ball Rolling" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26  2/28/19 Empty "Get the Ball Rolling" - Thurs. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ Frank26 2/28/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Mar 01, 2019 9:27 am


McDan » February 28th, 2019

IMO I believe in Frank opinion the placing of Shabibi is for the USA and UNK in the transition of the Brex Change and to make sure the pound is handle correctly .

Shabibi is not necessarily connected to the MR of the Iraq Dinar , but we all know He know everything about the Mr and it surely won’t hurt having Him at the control of the Central Bank of Uk. This just my trying to let y’ll know what I tried to piece to gather what I think I heard Frank said . Don’t blame Frank I just wrote. What I think I heard .

Iobey777 » February 28th, 2019

Here is what I got from the call..hope it is OK with Frank for me to share.. Dr.S appointed by the IMF! IMO!this came from a verified news source! Dr. S is there!! there is a difference in the bank of England and the Central bank of England....read the article again!! IMO That's all I got from the CC!!

Edwww » February 28th, 2019

I did hear there is a difference between the Bank of England and the Central Bank of England --- at least that's what I thought I heard. Hope that helps someone.

Frank26 » February 28th, 2019

U HEARD CORRECTLY ...............(smile)

Alison » February 28th, 2019

I never openly disagree with Frank since I do not have access to the intel and teams he has. But now I am confused. Because it is common knowledge that the Bank of England IS the Central Bank of England. There is absolutely no difference or distinction. They are the same entity.

StephenMac63 » February 28th, 2019

What if there is a distinction between the bank of England and the central bank of England....now? Could brexit be the reason?

4Cash » February 28th, 2019

I really don't think this article is a good sign for Maliki. IMO Sadr has said from the very beginning he wanted justice serve to al-Maliki and it looks that way now!!!

Don961 » February 28th, 2019

Do not reconcile .. Sadr responds to the allegations of pressure Lebanese-Iranian rapprochement with al-Maliki

Wednesday, 27 February 2019 Baghdad - Writings

Do not reconcile .. So came the response of the leader of the followers of Moqtada al-Sadr after about 72 hours of statements by the leader of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki on his readiness to converge with the leader of the Sadrist movement.

As confirmed by sources close to Sadr himself, according to media reports on Wednesday, February 27, 2019, saying that there are no moves by the Lebanese Hezbollah or Iran to return water to its suburbs and end the differences between Maliki and Sadr.

The reports said that Sadr's desire to reconcile with al-Maliki, which is clear from the impossible conditions put by the leader of the Sadrist movement to the head of a coalition of state law.

Sadr's position in this regard has been announced through previous statements in which he stressed that he can not reconcile with al-Maliki unless the people of Mosul and Anbar and areas affected by terrorism, as well as the families of martyrs who have fallen as a result of terrorism, in addition to the return of looted funds and public rights.

Which is difficult to achieve, especially that Sadr also demanded that the responsible for that period to a fair trial, which means the trial of al-Maliki. link

Popeye7 » February 28th, 2019

And we know what they need to do to truly get the ball rolling within their country in order for this to succeed... (smile)

Samson » February 28th, 2019

Baghdad and Washington are looking to provide a safe and attractive environment for investment in Iraq

28th February, 2019

The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and Finance Minister Fuad Hussein, on Thursday, with Joey Hood, charge d'affaires of the US Embassy in Iraq, to ​​provide a safe and attractive environment for investment in Iraq, while Hussein said that the Iraqi government is continuing to prepare plans to implement the government program as well as start planning and preparing a law Budget for 2020

"The Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs and the Minister of Finance received the charge d'affaires of the US Embassy in Baghdad, Joey Hood and the accompanying delegation," said the press office of the Prime Minister in Baytan received, the Economist News, a copy of it, noting that "the two sides discussed during the meeting bilateral relations between Iraq and the states And the plans of the Deputy Prime Minister to head the Iraqi delegation to the meetings of the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, which will be held next April in Washington, DC

"During that visit, the Deputy Prime Minister will meet senior officials from the United States, the international community, World Bank and IMF officials and hold meetings with US trade representatives on the resumption of bilateral trade and investment talks," the office said

"The two sides discussed providing a safe and attractive investment environment to encourage investors to work in Iraq, create job opportunities, eliminate unemployment, improve the level of services and construction throughout Iraq by activating the strategic framework agreement in the field of trade and investment, Companies and capital to work in Iraq and participate in reconstruction campaigns and services

"The Iraqi government is continuing to prepare plans to implement the government program as well as start planning and preparing the budget law for 2020 to ensure early coordination with all parties, institutions and governorates for the purpose of identifying the actual needs and building a balanced budget and economy and ambitious services benefiting the Iraqi people LINK

The Minister of Planning is considering the strategy of implementing new and ongoing projects with a number of local governments

28th February, 2019

The Minister of Planning, Nuri al-Dulaimi, on Thursday, with a number of provincial governors ways to overcome obstacles to the implementation of projects for the current year

The ministry said in a statement received by "Economy News" that the Minister of Planning presided over "an expanded meeting involving the governors of Baghdad, Basra, Babylon, Anbar, Karbala, Najaf, Diwaniyah, Muthanna, Wasit, Maysan and Dhi Qar, , Indicating that the meeting discussed "ways to overcome the challenges facing the implementation of projects in the governorates for the current year, according to the budget allocations of 2019, which allocated 70% of the projects ongoing implementation, and 30% of the new projects, Including municipal service projects, and the health and education sectors

Dulaimi stressed that "the importance of moving towards phased work plans, through which to support the implementation efforts, and monitor any delay in the stages of implementation of projects and the immediate treatment of them," calling on all local governments to accelerate the submission of their plans for 2019, By the Ministry of Planning, and start the procedures of disbursement and implementation, by the relevant authorities in the central government

For their part, the conservatives stressed "uniting efforts with the concerned authorities in the central government, to provide the best services to citizens LINK

MilitiaMan » February 28th, 2019

Clearly they are in the Complex phase of the MR and ER. The Ministry of Planning is guiding the way to reforms and reconstruction. The governors are meeting on disbursement of the 2019 Budget allocations. They are now looking to best serve the Citizens. Well, they will also need to allocate the Purchase Power they have been waiting for as well at this time.

The CBI spent a lot of money in 2018 on currency, imo. They also have not denied or told us the project to delete the zeros was on hold to date. Therefore, words like disbursement and and implementation is moving down the food chain so to speak. The governors of the provinces are meeting on the disbursement of money for projects.. Will they have been told how much money they will get in new money or old? I think not, to the latter!!

There was a recent meeting with the IMF and AMF in regard to regional payment systems this week, i believe. We have heard an indication from Frank that the meeting may have gone well in respect to Iraq. Iraq is apart of the AMF who whereby uses the AAD. The implications of them using the Iraqi Dinar in the basket, once Iraq is fully Article 8 and publicly stated may bode very very very well for us all not to mention the purchase power for the citizens they will get and to fund the much needed re construction efforts!

As we have seen an abundant amount of international trading partners in Iraq of late, and probably more so in Iraq than any other country in the world! Just because they haven't shown the new currency yet, does not mean this is a scam that is floated out there to hurt people, imo! Complex issues are just that. Most may not have the ability to understand that a New Currency Reform project is a difficult process in a magnitude of which very few people can understand or even have ever been fortunate to profit from. Complex:"

1. consisting of many different and connected parts." Thus, the variables to a new currency reform project of this magnitude takes time, effort and extreme coordination, and some luck even.. lol

So for those that suggest this is a scam should a) get educated or b) keep ones opinions on the matter close to the chest. It will be not only embarrassing when it is complete to have suggested that it is a scam, but, it will be a disappointment for ones life time mentally, spiritually and financially, imo So, those that are down and out, I hope this brings some peace today, as what is at stake is serious and risky as it gets imo.. Amen! !~ MM

P.S. I highly recommend to read Final Article #81


"Big decisions"

"The introduction of a new currency is not undertaken lightly. The motivation could be hyperinflation, exchange rate collapse, massive counterfeiting of the existing currency, or even war. Or it could be an intentional change—for example joining a monetary union, such as the European Monetary Union." ~FA 81

"Currency reforms are typically complex and risky: global experience confirms that a successful outcome is never guaranteed. The main ingredient in the successful introduction of a new currency is a strong commitment by the central bank together with the government to take the steps needed to ensure that the new currency is perceived as stable by companies, the general public, and the international community."

"Introducing a new national currency is a highly complex project, which requires a well-functioning accounting system. Throughout the various stages, tested systems must be in place for independent auditors to safeguard the integrity of the currency reform, by ensuring correct reporting and accounting of the currency exchange. Failure in this area is not only costly but also potentially devastating to the currency reform’s reputation.

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