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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/27/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/27/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/27/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/27/19

Post by Ssmith on Thu Feb 28, 2019 10:51 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Cliff Notes by Sunny)
Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Ray: . . .No updates . . .

Tony: Goooooooooood Morning, TNT! It’s another fabulous Wednesday. We are here. We have no new information today. Everything is absolutely, positively quiet as can be. All banks are quiet. Everybody over there is quiet. Nobody is hearing anything which we hope means something is happening. Nothing is really any different form Monday. It’s the quietest day we’ve had in the middle of the week. NO changes. No new information.

Wish I could tell you something. Wish I could say today at 3 pm but I can’t. I’m still waiting to see what the end of the week brings. Today there is no earth shattering news. Today we just wait.

It might happen after the call but so far the only news coming out of Iraq period, is Maliki on television, trying to blame Obama for this invasion of ISIL and that he asked Obama to help and send two jets over and Obama refused to do that and that’s why ISIL took over Mosul. That’s his side of the story. That’s all that’s on the news over there. Nothing on the news over there about the budget, about the ministers, about the rate.

We did hear again about the lower denomination’s trickling out but we’ve heard that since Monday. We don’t have it. We did hear the same rumors you guys did about people having it at a rate of $2.86 . . . but none of our guys have actually seen it or the lower denom’s in hand that we can see.

Does not mean it has not happened just not on a vast level yet is all it means. Means they are picking and choosing like the banks are doing here, over there to at least get it out. Means we continue to wait but we know it is happening.

CURRENT WINDOW: Tony: Wish I could tell you something. Wish I could say today at 3 pm but I can’t. . . telling people they are days from this happening. Why would they be doing that if they weren’t ready to change the rates.

Tony: I can’t give you the exact window . . .They would not appreciate it and change it and they would figure out exactly what agency I got it from. What is the significance when they say he (President Trump) has to be out of the country for the RV to take place? I don’t even know what part of that makes any sense to anybody. It’s a global event. Iraq is making the announcement.

Why does Trump have to be out of the country for the RV place. Oh, I know why. I just figured it out. Because when the RV takes place, these secret guys are going to take over the government, and has he has to be out of the country when they jail everybody and install the new government so he can come back and be the dictator! Guys that stuff does not make sense. You can go to elementary school, or middle school or high school and say the President is going to be out of the country, we’re going to revalue this money and the states are going to take over the country while he’s gone but he has to be gone for them to do it. That is just nonsense! It doesn’t even make a little bit of sense. What about that that makes sense to people? I don’t understand it.

IRAQ: Quiet, Quiet, Quiet!!! May be a news black out.

Tony: No one is responding!

CBI: Tony is hearing an in-country rate for the Dinar of $2.86 but has been unable to confirm it. Also hearing the lower denom’s are trickling out. Based on $100 dollars would buy 42 dinars on their cards.

Parliament: Supposed to meet on March 4th and in the second session complete the Cabinet.

Media: Maliki on TV blaming Obama for the IS invasion to Iraq.

WTO – World Trade Organization: Tony: I thought they were members. We went through that a few years ago. I have to look that up. No I don’t think that would hold up the RV.

INTERNATIONAL: IMF: Global Investment projects with the IMF are expected to earn 10% interest per month. Will pay interest weekly, monthly or yearly depending on how much you invest. They will have five year cycles for the investments. Maybe tax free investments. County and state will have investment projects similar to the IMF but won’t pay as much interest as the IMF can pay out. These will be tax free investments.

Tony: We’ll have some guidelines after the RV.

Currencies: Dinar, $4.43 was the rate last week.

Tony: That is the rate they were actually looking to start with. Last week rates were on administrative hold

– Tony: They were just waiting for the UST to say go and release. Where we are right now I don’t know. . . the rates have been on administrative hold before. Dong: Bank thinks it will be $1 – $2.00 right now.

UNITED STATES: Banks: All banks are quiet.

Tony: Nobody is hearing anything which we hope means something is happening. NDA is signed with the bank as you are doing your transaction with the bank. It is for the banks protection that you do not reveal the rate you receive which maybe different than someone else receives.

Taxes: No change in the previous information that it will be a non-taxable event.

800 #’s: No release of the numbers or information regarding their release.

EXCHANGING: Tony: If you only have 100,000 – 200,000 you might form a trust or group (with others) to qualify for a better rate.

Ray: If you do a non-statutory trust you don’t have to get the states permission to do versus a LLC, S corp where you wait for Mama (the state authorities) to do it. Process: Dial 800# and set up appointment.

Tony: First thing we are talking about is the current rate on the currency, then the contract rate. Then decide how much you want at the contract rate and negotiate the rate you want on the balance. I already know they are authorized to give 10% interest a year just based on putting the money in the bank. I know we can make a deal if I say I will deposit it for a longer period of time. Now I want to look at what the county is offering and the IMF is offering on my money. Now I can move it out where I can make more interest on my money. I can get 10% a month with the IMF. I’m telling this guy right now so we can make a plan. If you have they money you are going to sit with that wealth manager right there while others are exchanging. Those are going to be longer appointments for people who have more money. . .

Banks pay yearly and you want to get paid quarterly. I don’t want to get paid every week. I have to do my taxes quarterly. All my interest goes in with that quarter. If I’m with the IMF, then I’m taking weekly payouts.

Structured Payout: means receiving your money over a period of time. Tony: Whatever you agree to. . . if you have 100 million payout in ZIM coming and they say how do you want it, you can say I want (Example) $2 million a month and 10% interest. I love the 80/20 split. That way I’ve got interest and payments every month and at the end of five years I get all my money back.

ZIM Information:

Q. Does your committee guy give you a reason why they say the ZIM will not be exchanging?

Tony: They have not given a reason. They say this is what they are being told. The committee guy gives me information and hangs up the phone and calls Washington, DC and still says they are not going to do it. Be prepared.

– Why are only the 100 Trillion and 50 Trillion ZIM notes to be exchanged.

Tony: Because those are the two the US contractor made the deal with Zimbabwe. Or they did during the Obama administration. That is where I got it from. We have been told that agreement broke down; they’ve been negotiating; broke down again. We are going to see

Q & A: TNT Forum

When I call in for an appointment and my phone # shows up with a cross reference to my zip code. What kind of jeopardy am I in? I”m asking this question for everybody, not just me.

Tony: You sign an NDA with WF bank. Your NDA is with the bank. It’s not with the US government. It’s with the bank. Your on our call and you come back and your area code is 805, CA. A million different numbers and possibilities to work with WF. I don’t know your board name. How does WF find out your board name or out of all the 805’s it’s you or the guy down the street or that WF has the authority to track our calls or tap into the phone line to see what number we are talking to on every call. I did it that way so all could see. They don’t have that authority to do that or monitor 8 million people who are going to do an exchange.

Ray: Even still you would not come back on the call and say I got $18. The information will be general. Not going to say I exchanged 2 million dinar at $18.00. Not going to be that detailed.

– Can you suggest ways to make money grow for people who will not have a lot to work with post exchange?

Ray: Look at bank products to insurance company products. I don’t know what you’ll have to work with.

Tony: People make a living day trading. $300 a day. You have to learn it. (Read up on the rules. You have to have a substantial trading account to qualify for day trading. With a small account you are limited to 3 days trades weekly.

– Sunny) – After the Hedge Fund rise and fall of the dinar rate, do you believe the rate could go lower than the starting value? For example: the starting rate on the dinar is $5.00. The Hedge Funds drive the rate up to $7.50, then the rate falls to $ 3.71 to stabilize for ongoing trade

Tony: Absolutely something like that could happen. Open at $4, go up to $8 and come back down to $3.75 because that is where they want it to be at. Supposedly it is to trade within .20 cents of what Kuwait’s rate is. Depends on the price of oil at that time where it will come back down to. Their budget is based on oil being $56 -$58. . . .When it comes down it will be based on the price of oil. I’m looking at 10-12 days, tops.

I have been living in Brazil. Will I have problems exchanging in the US considering I lived in US and have held addresses in the US over 43 years of my life?

Ray: Your still a US citizen so I don’t think your going to have any problems.

Tony: I do not for see any problems as long as you maintain address and citizenship.

Q & A: Callers: When you buy a currency the banks want to know if your buying this for travel or for an investment? Does your answer change whether it will be taxable or not?

Tony: The rules changed with Dodd Frank how much you can buy as an investment. The bank has to make sure you are a qualified investor or stop selling it to you. One or the other. They are tracking how many of their people are buying it for when it happens. They weren’t doing that before. The rules for a sophisticated investor are changing to net worth of $10 million or above. What is the difference between going to a bank and an exchange center.

Tony: Your exchange center maybe at a bank. Then there are office buildings that have banks inside the building and people don’t know they are banks and some empty buildings that will be set up to be exchange centers. . . they just needed room to process people, which is why they set up these other locations. They are going to be part of the bank.

– Are those people who don’t want this to happen, high enough they can stop it?

Tony: They are high enough they have stopped it so far. In Iraq, Maliki or bank owners doing the auctions don’t want it to happen. They have been making millions and millions through the auctions. Why would they want that to go away? The IMF is now monitoring the money. It eventually is going to happen but they are going to fight it as long as they can.

Tony: I want you to look at all these Guru’s out here and what they are saying is going to happen and what really happens. Then you will know they are idiots and have been feeding you bad information. The day and the week after the RV, when we still see the USD and Trump is still President and now you have 100’s of millions of dollars and they will still be telling you what to do with it.
CLOSING STATEMENTS: Tony . . . All right guys. It’s a great day to be a Dinarian. One more day, one more opportunity to go buy some more Dong. $47 for a million. Not a whole lot of news. We continue to wait. The process is moving on. Be ready so you don’t have to get ready. If anything happens we will tweet it out, shout it out and let you know and get back together. If not I’ll see you Friday morning.

Ray: . . .This is hump day. We are halfway through the week. We’ll see what happens between now and Friday or when we get back in touch with you. Keep believing. We sure do. (played “I Believe.”).

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