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Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them

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Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them Empty Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them

Post by claud39 Wed Feb 27, 2019 8:56 pm


[size=36][rtl]Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them[/rtl][/size]

Wednesday 27 February 2019

Hilfi: International investments are planning to make Iraq accept them Alsabaah-7197

Baghdad / Hussein Thugb
The foreign economic expert Saif Hilfi said that "international investments look at Iraq with great interest and plans to be accepted by the next, but it is looking for a legal system guarantees the course of action and guarantees the rights of all parties to the process, which is the starting point of economic advancement in all sectors of production and service, , As there are regional experiences have achieved great successes in attracting large investments contributed to the development of its economy. "

Income tax

He added that "the most important laws that must stand and that are of interest to international companies income tax law, which began at a time when the socialist system and today the economy in a situation contrary to global trends," pointing out that "this is not commensurate with the changes witnessed by the international economy, which saw developments in all joints without exception".
He pointed out that "the tax rates imposed on the completion of investment projects carried out by the international effort, may be the most important challenges to the presence of international companies that wish to work in the Iraqi labor market, and despite the many variables within this market, but the income tax law has a role in attracting these companies "He said.

Advanced technology

"The importance of working to create a legal environment attractive to capital and advanced technology, especially that Iraq is in dire need of a large workload to accommodate a large number of local, regional and international companies, and here can benefit from international experiences and successful and work to adopt locally."
He pointed to "the need to know the requirements of international companies that come to finance the establishment of projects and work to create the appropriate evidence for them, which must be present for the benefit of both sides of the process."

neighboring countries

"The Iraqi lawmaker to study the investment environment in neighboring countries and the tax rates that we impose and benefit from this and use it to serve the national economy," pointing out that "the economies of neighboring countries have seen great growth and have major development plans in cooperation with the global effort, and here we can employ these Experiences to serve the national economy, especially that the companies came with funding, which is the most important stages of construction and reconstruction.

Supporting development 

He pointed out that "the international effort is studying through its legal departments the tax rates imposed on the companies and employees who come to them to complete the total operations entrusted to them, so we must recognize the importance of the income tax law is ideal and support the process of economic development."
He stressed that "the legal environment needs to be reviewed accurately and specifically, and be very serious in studying the laws supporting the work of investment, we must work in parallel lines: first update the laws that relate to this aspect as applicable in the region, and to occur electronically "He said.


Said that "Iraq is fertile ground for investment, and here must work to create the infrastructure is ideal," stressing that "the total economic problems suffered by Iraq need to invest efforts to access
 Of which".
He pointed out that "Iraq is the focus of the major international companies and this helps to the possibility of finding quick solutions that shorten the time and effort in the construction and reconstruction required by the country in all governorates."
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