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 "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19

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 "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19 Empty "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 27, 2019 7:40 am

MarkZ Update Tuesday 2-26-19: Notes from PDK- Not Verbatum (Mark talks very fast)

MZ: Some movement among the trustee level of the F&Ps ( fines and penalties) and hoping they are all going out on late Tuesday and Wed. We are in the window.

A local bank in N. Carolina was said to be showing a rate of $4. Then it disappeared when they came back to exchange. We are sending people to local banks today and see if we can get anyone to exchange today…….. We want to see how many of them may have value showing on their screens and if any of them are willing to exchange.

There is a lot more activity in the Chicago area overnight.

MC (Michael Cottrell) has not been paid today..YET

Q: Was wondering if you could briefly explain what CMKX, the Prosperity Packages and the F&P (and other funds) actually are and who they benefit? I've heard the acronyms but nobody in my circles seems to really know much detail and I'm just curious. Having an overview of their benefits might help us know what we needn't address with our Humanitarian Projects

MarkZ: CMKX is easier to explain….it was a stock ( in diamonds) that our government and people in our government used to bribe others…one of the largest banks in the world was illegally printing stocks as kick backs…its basically the Government paying off a large lawsuit it lost. ….

So with CMKX stock there were people in gov't, and a bank was counterfitting phony shares...gov't pay off ….big lawsuit involved …..AL Hodges is a attorney and has a big role was big on CKMX side….. AL is a shareholder too…...worked for years for FREE…..

PPs (Prosperity Packages) were conceived as a way to bring the new money to everyone –distribute the funds….and Omega is the most famous…...several pkgs..Omega pkg's, Farm Claims , Pickford Settlement , Indian nations reparations ….all of these will be receiving funds in the F&P portion….

Many of these were claims against the government that they have to pay…. Omega most well known..Humanitarian much like ZIm exchanges……you get a higher rate if you have humanitarian plans…….

F&P..Farm Claims, CMKX has been added in.. possibly others, Prosperity Programs: Bergavine Freedom, Alpha, Destiny, Omega People receiving can keep a certain amount for living expenses and the rest is to be used for prosperity /humanitarian projects…..

PP's from said to be from ST Germaine Trust…some of these things you can find on the internet with a little digging..

Q: Are you hearing a time frame for the F&P's?

MZ: We are hearing the core or initial ones could have gone our last night…that was the plan …we are expecting more movement on these this afternoon ….

USPS (United states postal service) will be delivering our CKMX pkg's, and they could possibly be going out the door tonight/tomorrow

Member: Trump AND Pence were in air at same time yesterday ! And I heard movement started then

Q: Why wouldn't Trump declare a GOLD Standard and BOOST the $ flow to get the WALL built? Just a thought Ive had? I could literally be OFF the wall, (NPI) LOL but had to ask

MZ: He cant announce it till its done or our markets would go into a spin. There is a lot of news in china in all the papers about a gold backed currency yaun and over there they are reporting Trump is saying we will also have a currency on par with China……..

Q: How confident to you feel on the rumors?

MZ: On the Marco meter..(pitbull on okies site) it is hovering about 98%...lol

Q: Ive heard that 200000 have privately exchanged so far, any truth to this rumor?

MZ: I know many who have skrs, many who have been allowed to borrow against a future exchange (collateral loan) …many have been allowed to deposit and hold certificates of deposit….but no one who has real money at this time

Q: I have heard that we won't be able to use Wells Fargo for our exchange due to their past legal issues. Is that your understanding?

MZ: I am being told WF will definently be used and with the QFS….funds will be much safer in all banks.

Q: when you say our new Central Bank, Fed Reserve or US Treasury ?

MZ: the US Treasury and Fed. Reserve have blended…they have merged….its a new system…our new central bank will be for the people….in the US Government and not a private company or independent group of bankers like the Rothschilds… with no accountability. Many of the Fed Reserve employees will be merged as well…..Its going to be really cool .

Q: China has higher debt than our 22T ..they need this too

MZ: 34 Trillion to be specific on china’s debt…. Their debt as a percentage is much scarier then ours….they are beyond desperate and that’s why they have been pushing forward while we have been taking our time.

Q: Mark do you think larger sums may also be held by the treasury and the banks are our access points to where we access our funds

MZ- Exactly- very good description.

Q: I know a person with a skr, here’s the issue. 1. She signed papers and turned over all currency to a third party. With rates stated for each. 2. She does not own her currency anymore. 3. So at the time of exchange she will not reap the no tax benefit. 4. And imo she will pay a tax on her money received. I tried to warn her, like talking to a wall.

MZ: I think she will still reap the tax benefit… The treasury got involved with earlier skr’s and tax stuff….they have gone to extreme efforts to clean up the earlier skr mess.

Q: Our tax issues for the most part is still an unknown, with all the way till 12/31 is how long they have to disclose it. Then retro to 1/1/19

MZ: I am hoping they retro them

Q: If we are in Wells Fargo Group, would they not initially hold our money digitally unless we move it?

MZ: WF will not be holding your $$ so don't be afraid of them …All banks are a access point now to the US treasury

Q: what about 800# release for private appt... is that real or no?

MZ: 800# yes I believe they are a real thing….. You will have a number of banks with their own 800 #s hoping you will come to them….Dinar Recaps and the other sites will probably be be inundated with banks wanting them to post their numbers…..lol

Q: I went to Wells yesterday . I ask if they were on the New system and the girl looked at me like how do you know !!

MZ: I love it

Q: What is Mr. Hodges role now?

MZ: Mr. Hodges role was big in the past when he tied CMKX to the reset and the lawsuits…he laid the groundwork and the path for the settlements….now he is wrapping up the loose ends for some of clients. Keep in mind Mr. Cottrell and Mr. Bonny are some of his clients. The huge amount of paperwork, court documentation ect…that this man has….is enough to turn our government on its ear and its impressive how much is has done. He doesn’t have a lot to do now with things moving forward , but I hope he gets to tell his story… I really hope someone makes a movie about all this so its not forgotten.

Q: Rumored that Trump will be swinging by Iraq - Frank26

MZ. There is nobody in this intel world that I respect more than Frank…..I do not know him personally but he is the best when it comes to Iraq.

Q: How can packages go out if Mc hasn’t been paid ?

MZ: Originally the F&Ps were to be paid in fiat dollars, then we would have a reset..but at some point the decision was made that the banks, because of the tap and ping program that the Federal Reserve has using the IRS the Federal reserve could ping your accounts to see how much money was there and then they could tap it.

So the decision was made because there is no trust in the IRS ( which is a branch of the Federal Reserve ) and we needed safer dollars. And the reason Mr. Cottrell was needed for the reset is liquidity…His money handles liquidity…We have to have the money to handle the RV and people coming into the banks to exchange ..they needed our money to be secure….so they came up with a new modified protocol so that F&Ps could go out and it would only be a few hours between releases .

We need the F&Ps, CMKX and everything to go out first so that when you go into your local bank with your dinar, dong, ect …that they have money to pay you. So they need the influx of cash into the system so they can pay us.

So that is why F&Ps and cmkx can go our shortly before Mr. C. (it cant be a long period) most likely it would be overnight. They really need a couple days ideally from when this starts to us going in so there is enough liquidity in the system.

Q: so what is the order exactly...so we hear Cottrell is pd... then 800#s notification comes out? what is the time frame from cottrell pd to 800$ release

MZ: first F&Ps, Farm Claims .paid….then Mr. Cottrell paid- they show up at his house with laptops and we activate the gold certificates for backing it…They call the banks and say it’s a go. , then within hours 800 numbers released…Dinar sites will start getting the numbers ….groups start getting paid ….and we start making appointments and IMO …

I think we will have a couple days to set appointments while the F&P and CMKX people go to the banks…then they will be ready for us to exchange.

So, The Order exactly..I can only give you what we understand.. All this depends on timing of release..First the F&P's get paid then MC will be paid……I would imagine these will go out in an hr or two..

If all happens as hope today……I would think Thursday to set appt's ….No matter whether your pkg is PP, F&P's or RV. We will all have instant access 100k on debit/credit card…

I feel once we get 800 numbers it will take a couple days to make appointments,

Mr. C and I always thought that it would be best to do this over a weekend…..even a 3 day weekend because it would be better for liquidity….but there is no 3 day weekend soon which means they will just have to work harder and faster.

Q: when countries revalued yrs. ago only the bankers & Gov. peeps got wealthier....we didn't have internet, didn't know about it

MZ: Yes there have been resets in the past. So much info there that it’s a topic for another day. We are on the cusp of a reset...only happened 2 or 3 times...

Q: I received a call yesterday that we are just minutes to hours away that was sent out on Sunday from the UST

MZ: I believe that

As always….I think we are on the cusp of everything happening and if I get news I will let you know.

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 "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19 Empty Re: "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19

Post by Kevind53 Wed Feb 27, 2019 11:47 pm

 "Some Movement" - MarkZ Q&A Update Tuesday 2/26/19 Bull_c13

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