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Allawi Gives Up Empty Allawi Gives Up

Post by matwms Thu Oct 06, 2011 12:49 pm

Allawi Gives Up the Presidency of the Policies in the Interest of Iraq
Thursday, 06 October-October, 2011 17:21
Announced that the existing Iraqi President Iyad Allawi, abandoning the idea of ​​the presidency of the policies in the interest of Iraq, the Supreme, despite being one of the benefits list under agreements Erbil, this is called Allawi all the political blocs to end their differences and provide a national partnership to pass laws necessary security and an end to all the phenomena of political sectarianism, Allawi said he constant in the political role of the Iraqi List and National Accord
Movement, and his participation in the meetings of the Council of
This and revealed the Legal Committee that the reason for postponement of the Parliament for second reading of the Law
Council of strategic policies is due to the failure to complete its
report on the draft law, said a member of the Hassoun Fatlawi that his committee will be amendments to the paragraphs of the Law Council of policies that violate the constitution before it has to offer for the second reading in the House of Representatives, adding that the rules ofprocedure of Parliament stresses the need to provide the Commission itsreport on any law before reading a second reading in the Council. The differences were underway between the Iraqi List and the National
Alliance on the terms of agreement Arbil, including the Council of
strategic policies. In the meantime, considered the Iraqi List, that some political Board of Higher Strategic or even choose the ministers of security and an MP from the Iraqi List, Ahmed al-Alwani Some political parties have no desire to form the Council and approved its law in Parliament, stressing that political differences continued cover for the Council not
to establish policies and to give his presidency of the Iraqi list
because of its legislative and executive powers. He said al-Alwani, the failure to reach agreement on the subject of the security ministries is also facing the same reasons, believing that my Council policies and security ministries will Ihsma even after the end of the session the current election. Stated that there is agreement on the assumption by the Iraqi List, the defense portfolio and the Presidency Council senior policy according Erbil agreement which formed the basis of which the
government of national partnership.

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