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"What's New" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/25/19

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 "What's New" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/25/19 Empty "What's New" - MarkZ Q&A Update 2/25/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 26, 2019 11:01 am

Coffee with MarkZ Monday Morning 2-25-19- Notes by PDK- Not Verbatum

Q: what’s new with CMKX, F&P and the RV this morning?

MZ: Well, Mr. Cottrell has not been paid..spoke with him this morning….. Reno was overflowing with folks doing exchanges for skrs, and they started moving them to Atlanta which is full of folks trying to put things together for our exchanges ….now its just skrs. , then expanded that into Chicago. We do not have Asset backed yet…we are close…they are moving and shuffling and putting so much in place…...

I am hearing that Chicago’s Federal Reserve Bank will be one of the main branches for our new central bank….it will be a very important banking center.

Member: The Chinese bought the Chicago Stock Exchange a bit ago

MZ: there is one thing I cant share with you about this new Chicago thing…but it makes me very excited to see it at any moment.

I am looking for a lot to happen this week ..especially with Trump being gone. We have always heard that the President needs to be out of country when this happens..and we always heard it would happen when he was over international waters most likely.

Over in Asia- in China their papers are talking about the gold backed Yuan all the time…also they are talking about Trump and China coming to an currency agreement so they can be more on par..so we are looking for a lot coming out with those meeting with China this week .
So a lot of activity this weekend ….we didn’t see what we wanted…we wanted to have money in our accounts…but we are hearing that F&Ps will be paid today. Starting this evening.

Q: Mark do you think the China trade agreement has a lot to do with what we are waiting for as far as the RV?

MZ: Yes I do…. I think it has a lot to do with what we are waiting for

Q: The information so far that I have received, don’t know it to be 100% true and factual, . . . 6 zeros off across the board, trillions, billions, millions.

MZ: that’s exactly what Im hearing so we shall see..I have to say this “any minute” waiting is driving me nuts…but I am very excited for where we are now.

Q: do u think forward motion is occurring we just cant see it

MZ: I actually get to see the forward movement. And since I know the people actually implementing things behind the scene is why I am so excited. I know the people who are involved in the SKR process and the legal team involved with CMKX and the players that actually handle the reset. . I have been asked not to talk about certain topics that could jeopardize my sources or the RV process. It’s a matter of security. Just know there is movement and momentum.

Q: do you think the Gen.64 group is still around. Jester doesn’t think so.

MZ: Well here is where I disagree with Jester. Knowing the lawyers and people in that group I have no doubt we will be exchanging and going to the bank. If any of you have signed up for this group anytime in the past….you will be ok. The list is literally on 3 hard drives for Wells Fargo. It’s a big spreadsheet for them . And they will get in touch with you.

Q: Mark, do you know if General64's group has a pre negotiated rate for all the currencies including the ZIM. I know back in the day it was dinar dinar dinar.... and they negotiated a higher rate for the dinar. I just don't know if they have pre-negotiated rates for the rest of the currencies....

Mark: I have heard many different things. Lots of rumors ..I would take in all my currency and we will find out at that time.

Q: is the need to be in a group necessary?

MZ: I have talked to so many bankers on this. They all agree you do not have to be in a group to exchange, but if you are in a group – you will most likely be getting a better rate.
I was also told that if you are expecting a CMKX settlement or F&Ps, you already will be getting a group rate on any currencies you have.. Automatically. You will get a preferential rate and treatment I am told,

I am talking with bankers to let you all exchange with group rates under me…..I will let you all know if that happens. I do have some pull and Im hoping we will get our own 800 number and a preferential rate.

Q: Mark any ideas on international exchanges..

MZ: Some rumors running around where the values are floating. One intel Provider over the weekend is saying that the rates are 1 to 1 in Iraq right now…and moving . Im waiting to hear from my source in Iraq on that.

I am hearing that the Iraqi people are incredibly excited at the new rates coming...they have been inundated with news on how the exchanges will work……how to handle currency changes, how to handle exchanging usd- cos they will want dinar.

That being said, I am hearing rumors that the rate has gone from the mid $4’s for us to the higher $6’s. This rumor is coming from out in the desert area (the middle east) . What we are really going to get- I don’t know but it’s exciting to see movement.

Q: and you believe that cmkx is going to happen before the re- value

MZ. Yes I believe it will happen about 2-3 hours before the RV. Its like dominos… the first one goes, then the rest follows . The plan as I understand is the F&P will start, withing a short time Mr. C will be paid , then the skr’s, will be paid en mass..then we are next for a frantic few days of exchanging and entering our brave new world.

Q: can you explain what the US Refunding Project is that MC is apart of?

Mz: You will have to go back and study the Reagan, Wanta, Mitterand fund. It was basically their job to take down the Soviet union. There is so much information on it. I will try to find you some links. During this process it was Leo Wanta , Michael Cottrell, Bill Bonny, Chris Storey, Wilcox,Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher…... there is no spy movie, cold war movie or book that comes close to the reality of what happened here.

They fought a currency war started by the US government that turned into billions. The core people were given funds pledged to different parts of the US Gov. and Mr. C is in charge of funding the new asset/gold backed currency. Bonnys was infrastructure….they all have a different part to play. This was a quick sloppy way of saying why Mr. Cottrell is in charge of switching us to the new currency, and why he is important.

Q: . Around Christmas I saw somewhere that POTUS had to be out of country for rv. Any truth to that?

MZ: Mr. Cottrell and I have always been told that the president would have to be out of the country for this to happen…. over international waters…...we have always assumed this was a requirement because after Reagan no president wanted to go to a asset/gold backed currency so it was a security thing .. Now we do not know if it holds true for this President because he is all for a new asset/gold backed currency and having the US be fiscally responsible. But I am going to assume they have not changed the protocols and we are looking for POTUS to be over international waters.

We have heard there was a electronic signature that came out of AirForce One soon after it left the States …….recently so maybe we have it already

Q: Mark in your opinion will we see it this month?

MZ: I do believe we will see it this month…..its going to be close to the crossover into March but we will see it IMO

Q: what was the name of the movie about collapse of the Soviet Union please?

MZ: there isn’t a movie yet, but there needs to be one and all the efforts that Reagan, Mitterand, Wanta, Cottrell, Bonny and Margaret Thatcher put into this……maybe it will be made when this is all over. It would sure be a good one.

Q: do you believe in Nesara:

MZ: Moving from a Debt based to a asset based Money…..I believe that we need Nesara to make it all work

RE: Debt forgiveness:

Q: what about those of us that already paid off our student loans and mortgage?

MZ: I have been told that we already have accounts set up based on our SS#s where we were sold off to whoever and that we should see reimbursements from that . ...but this takes us down the rabbit hole....lol

Q: the straw man accounts. i’ve been hearing about those since the early 00’s. 90’s even...IRS to return taxes stolen from you, is what I heard as part of NESARA

MZ: My understanding is our debt forgiveness comes out of our strawman accounts: and that makes sense to me.

Hope to get more news tonight and I will let you all know. stay positive and will see you all soon.

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