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 "There is No Such Thing as too Much Money" by Gene - 2/26/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"There is No Such Thing as too Much Money" by Gene - 2/26/19

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 "There is No Such Thing as too Much Money" by Gene - 2/26/19 Empty "There is No Such Thing as too Much Money" by Gene - 2/26/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 26, 2019 10:56 am

Regarding our RV exchanges/redemptions for we humanitarians, no one should be talking about need and instead WANT! "Need" limits you, not the least reason being that, given the future is unwritten, NOBODY has a good clue whats going to happen even 2 years from now (if they say they do, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM!) nor how your humanitarian plans may change because of it. If you only get what you "need", that would be based on what you're presenting doing over the next couple of years and then when that life curve ball hits you (as it always does), you may well NOT have the money to do whatever higher priority project presents itself, or if you do, you may have to permanently sideline another project on your list which you really wanted to do, for the one you picked up being more important and depleting your funds. This is NOT a situation any humanitarian wants to be caught up in, ever.

Don't be shy and don't underestimate your resolve to get things done nor ever underestimate how much its all going to cost because for sure, humans being optimistic, its going to cost a LOT more than you're thinking. Even if you bill yourself as a realist, assume you're still leaning to the optimistic side and go for broke.

As an example (one of my projects), just to rebuild 500 homes in a town near me hardest hit by the Sandy storm as well as redoing infrastructure for this TINY town is going to cost far more than I bet you're thinking. My estimate is around a billion $$ and I'm not high-balling the number. It could wind up costing noticeably more than this.

Stuff costs far more than most people believe. Just to demo the about 500 condemned homes and rebuild them is going to cost around $200 million by itself (no I'm not kidding).

Just to put this into perspective, that hurricane that sliced and diced the western side of Florida and coastal areas around the gulf a year or two back also damaged Houston. The estimate to repair the city (it wasn't even close to being trashed/leveled) was in the $3-$4 TRILLION dollar range! No I'm not kidding. Like I've said, "stuff" costs far more than most people would believe.

How much would it cost to build a dozen cities like Houston, high and dry, should the warnings about a pole shift be true (hopefully not - we've been through way too much already!) where the coastal regions of the US start to flood out where people need a safe place to live? That'd be orders of magnitude more than what it cost to fix Houston.

If you don't ask for several orders of magnitude (100x, 1000x,..) more than you think you could ever spend, as fate would have it, you'll probably run out. Please make sure you don't.

Ask for only what you "need" and for sure, you're screwed.

Ask instead for some insanely large number, blue skying what all you might do and what it might cost for the rest of your life. Its better to ask for too much and then negotiate down to something the banker is willing to give you, than not asking for enough and negotiating up, where even if you can, you won't wind up with nearly as much as you would the other way around.

Justification is easy.

I need enough that for me money ceases to exist where I can go balls to the wall getting all the humanitarian projects I have on my list and the myriad of others that will present themselves over the years done where I don't even have to think about whether or not I can afford it. This frees me to concentrate on completing my projects in record time, without any financial concerns because the money is there in spades to pay for it all.

I need enough money to cover whatever humanitarian projects present themselves over my lifetime that neither myself, nor you nor anyone can even blue sky as to what they are or what they're going to cost. If I run out, bye-bye humanitarian "career". If I have too much (my preference) where even though I'm doing LOTS of needed projects, I can barely dent what I have, who cares? If you don't give it to me and give it to someone else, they couldn't spend it either and if you give it to no one, where does that money go?

When money ceases to exist and I look at my account, if there's a huge amount left, it means I did everything I possibly could without concerning myself with the thought I might not have enough to pay for it. I did my best. Isn't that what we're supposed to do? Please give me the money I want to make sure I have enough for all the humanitarian projects I'll do over the rest of my life.

Oh yeah. If you have any humanitarian projects you feel are worthy but choose not to do them yourself, lets talk and if my staff and I determine they're worthwhile, we'll get them done. If you have friends or acquaintances with project ideas you feel are worthy projects, call me. We'll make it happen or if they're capable of doing them by themselves without much, if any supervision, we'll set them up to do so or perhaps hire them as an assistant project manager (until they get the hang of it) for THEIR project where, after completion of the project, if they chose to, they'd be elevated to a full project manager and continue to work for me. Needless to say they'll be paid very well should they choose to work for me on their project.

Also, don't forget we'll all be spreading money around, we'll all be funding others to do their own projects in situations where we ascertain they have the right mental stance and knowledge to be left to their own initiative to get them done without any hand holding, we'll be doing mini-RV's for others who we deem worthy of having their own charitable foundation and mother load account and who knows what all else.

All this is going to cost, as I've said earlier, FAR more than anyone could ever imagine. Shoot for way too much because if you go for "enough", guaranteed, you WILL run out.

If you ask and the banker says no, thats very positive. You set an upper limit above what he's allowed to give you and you've told him you feel you need/want that much where now you negotiate down. "Um? Since I wanted this for all the reasons stated, without compromising my ability to have limitless funding, whats the most you can give me without someone dragging you out back and hurting you? (wink)" Stand your ground. Get every penny you can. You'll be glad you did.

I wish all of us great success in presenting our project ideas to the redemption person (banker? We won't know until we're sitting across the table from them) and in convincing them we need enough to buy half the galaxy (wink) where we get what we ask for or close.

Signed: Gene

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