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 "Final Deal" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA  2/23/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Final Deal" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/23/19

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 "Final Deal" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA  2/23/19 Empty "Final Deal" - Sat. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/23/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Feb 24, 2019 11:44 am


DELTA » February 23rd, 2019

Trump says U.S., China reach deal on currency manipulation as trade talks continue

WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump said Friday negotiators for the U.S. and China have reached an agreement on currency manipulation as the two sides work to hammer out a new trade deal before a March 1 deadline.

Speaking to reporters at an Oval Office meeting with Chinese Vice Premier Liu He, Trump said a “final agreement” had been worked out between the two countries on currency manipulation, but he offered no details.

Trump and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin, who also was at the meeting, said trade negotiations that have been under way in Washington this week have gone so well that the Chinese delegation has extended its stay so the talks can continue through the weekend.
“I would say it’s more likely that a deal will happen,” he said.

Trump said he was open to extending the March 1 deadline for reaching a new trade deal and that he expects to meet soon with Chinese President Xi Jingping to work out “the final points” of an agreement. The meeting will probably take place in late March at Trump's Mar-a-Lago golf club in Florida, he said.


MilitiaMan » February 23rd, 2019

A final deal on currency has to be a good thing in my opinion.. China is in Iraq, as is the USA and having a level playing field is an essential component. Now lets see the announcement of Iraq and Syria being completed per Trump yesterday in hours to days... ~ imo ~ MM

Don961 » February 23rd, 2019

»Arab Monetary» examines the reality of dealing in digital currencies

Friday 22 February 2019

Baghdad / follow-up

The eighteenth meeting of the Arab Committee for Payment and Settlement Systems, which discussed the role of digital currencies in the development of payment and settlement systems in Arab countries, concluded in Abu Dhabi city.

The Arab Committee for Payment and Settlement Systems is a member of the Board of Governors of the Central Banks and Arab Monetary Institutions, which includes the directors of payment and settlement systems of these banks and institutions, as well as the Arab Monetary Fund.

"During the meeting, which was attended by a representative of the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council as an observer, together with a representative of the World Bank, a representative of the Bank for International Settlements and a representative of Euroclear, a number of topics were discussed, including techniques The use of digital currencies of central banks and their impact on payment and settlement systems, the role of supervisory authorities in oversight and supervision, the regulatory and supervisory framework for accelerating the settlement of small payments, and the supervisory and operational risk management mechanism of payment systems.

The committee aims at contributing to the development of payment and settlement systems in the Arab countries, enhancing coordination and cooperation and exchanging experiences and expertise in this regard between central banks and Arab monetary institutions.

The discussions also touched on the topic of "cross border transfers and their risks, including small payments, as well as the follow-up to the preparation of the statistical report on payments and settlement in Arab countries."

During the meeting, the Bank presented a presentation by the World Bank on developments in payment systems, capital market structure and the Bank's program in this regard, as well as the latest developments in the work of the International Commission on Payment and Settlement Systems (CPMI), specifically on the strategy to improve the security of payment systems. The meeting also reviewed the visions of the Arab countries on the issues and developments in the international payment and settlement systems, as well as the development of the implementation of the Arab clearing project. Participants also discussed other regional experiences such as the experience of the Monetary Authority in Hong Kong.

It should be noted that the Arab Monetary Fund, in the framework of its role as the technical secretariat of the Board of Governors of Central Banks and Arab Monetary Institutions, is the secretariat of the Commission. Its functions are based on preparing the agenda and contributing to studies and reports prepared by the Committee and following up on its recommendations. link

MilitiaMan » February 23rd, 2019

Now lets think about this one for a bit. Walkingstick (I pray is doing well!) has told us what we could possibly expect in regard to the IQD and the relationship between Iraq and the Arab Monetary Fund. Keep Iran and Iraq as trading partners in the room too.

They are speaking of dealing with IQD and or the Euro for trade, thus, it is by no surprise that this level of detail is being talked about now by the level of entities above. They didn't just start this yesterday. This is in regard to the eighteenth meeting on the matter.

Now I am not saying it is correlated or not, however, I do find the recent articles and press conference with the POTUS yesterday to have key words that are spoken about. One is, "Currencies"... others are, "Small Payments". Is not the new currency of Iraq going to be in small categories? Is it not also to be digital in regard to payments?

In my opinion, that is very much the view I have. Did we not here comments about "FREE TRADE" yesterday with USA and China and again today in regard to Iraq and her Customs? Look here for instance.

("The unified customs procedures will contribute to a more effective revenue collection, reduce red tape, facilitate free trade, and protect Iraqi consumers and businesses.")

I think so, lol. The aforementioned, in my opinion is by design and for a very good reason. They sure are leveling the playing field. imo

They too, imo are going to interconnect Central Banks from the Middle East to the East if not the world at large or have already. In my opinion that will include the new small categories that the Central Bank of Iraq is expected to be issuing in the near future to her citizens. Think about what Frank said about Boxes and Boxes. They are fortifying their currency so it seems.

The CBI at this stage has yet to suggest they are not going to complete the project at hand. In Fact this is from and on: 20th February, 2019 by Samir Al Nusairi,

("I do not want to clarify the executive and development procedures and build balanced relations with Arab, regional and foreign banks and its strategy for the next five years. The results achieved on the scope of the application of monetary policy internally and convince the international financial organizations and the most important official reports issued by them confirm the success of the policy of the Central Bank to achieve an important transition to the Iraqi economy and achieve Stability of the exchange rate and the recovery of the Iraqi dinar and increase its purchasing power, which is one of the objectives of strengthening the economy in the government program.")

So, there should be little doubt as to what is before us now and not later down the road that is being kicked around like a rusty tin can that it is lately. The data supports they have not delayed anything, they have moved forward on all cylinders, imo.. When the Turk model says the final phase is the most complex, they are not kidding.

"Introducing a new national currency is a highly complex project." "It will be issuing new Iraqi dinars a way to expose corruption as it requires the replacement of currency in circulation is the new currency."

Those last words in quotes are portions from FA (final article) # 81. All the signs we see now show that they have had eighteen meetings on the payments systems for small payments. Iraq's present currency in not small payments (as in they are in 000 notes), yet anyway.

So lets see what the hours and days bring us, not months. lol ~ imo ~ MM

This is a telling us the Jordanians have started and are in the process of processing customs. It is a work in progress. They are getting big cuts, but, they are in the implementation process, thus, the other surrounding countries would be as well now and noted below. So I can't imagine them going out much longer now. imo ~ MM


Government of Iraq -@IraqiGovt · 2h The @IraqiGovt implements measures to unify customs procedures and tariffs at all Iraq’s border crossings, including in Iraqi Kurdistan.

View image on Twitter Government of Iraq - @IraqiGovt The unified customs procedures will contribute to a more effective revenue collection, reduce red tape, facilitate free trade, and protect Iraqi consumers and businesses. 20 11:32 AM - Feb 23, 2019

Samson » February 23rd, 2019

Iraq and the World Bank agree to implement joint projects according to the vision of the government program

23rd February, 2019

The Ministry of Labor and the World Bank agreed on Saturday to activate joint cooperation for the continuity of the implementation of agreed programs and future projects in accordance with the vision and laws in force. In Baghdad Yara Salem in the presence of a number of officials of the Ministry and the World Bank on Saturday, 23-2-2019.

Minister Abdel - time and called in a press release "Covenant News" received a copy of it, the World Bank into a real partnership in action in order to take advantage of the possibilities of both parties to be harnessed in order to support the poor and people with disabilities and training sector and create job opportunities for those with him, stressing that it is a priority for goals Sought by the ministry.

The minister stressed the importance of reaching cash to work within the framework of the emergency project to support stability in the liberated areas to the real beneficiaries,stressing the need to remove this file from politics and its interventions as a humanitarian file.

On the side of loans within the emergency program, the Minister of Labor stressed that it must be subject to the Iraqi laws in force currently in force, and in case of reaching a common formula should not depart from the content of those laws.

On the social protection side, Minister Bassem Abdel-Zaman called for continuing the principle of partnership. He pointed out that the ministry is changing the criterion of the poverty line because it has raised many problems in implementing the protection law No. 11 of 2014 and a committee has been set up for that. He stressed that the visions must be compatible between the ability to work and the social welfare stipend. He pointed out that those who have the ability to work will guide him towards receiving a loan to establish his own workshop and to employ some job seekers.

It was agreed to hold a joint meeting to complete the dialogue, discussion and research on this subject, as well as with the Law of Persons with Disabilities No. 38 of 2013, which must be consistent with the international agreements signed by Iraq.

The Director of the Executive Office of the World Bank in Iraq Yara Salem has provided a full explanation to Minister Abdul-Zaman about the projects implemented by the Bank in Iraq, including the emergency project to support the liberated areas and projects to support the return of displaced people and stability in those areas as well as continue to support the implementation of the program of social protection.

After discussion and exchange of views, it was agreed that all projects implemented within the vision of the government program as well as in accordance with the Iraqi regulations in force. It was also agreed to reintroduce the operational manual and also support the ideas presented by the minister regarding activating the private sector to provide more job opportunities to reduce unemployment and inheritance. Poverty as well as the file of people with disabilities and special needs.

The World Bank has pledged to support the ministry's programs and plans through joint agreements with several international organizations that have a long history of implementing social support programs, while the Bank will be limited to technical supervision. LINK

Don961 » February 23rd, 2019

Charges of the governor of Nineveh wasting $ 42 million .. His brother got 30 million dollars to equip fake camps

Saturday, 23 February 2019

Baghdad - Writings

New accusations of corruption revealed by Ahmed al-Jubouri member of the House of Representatives for the province of Nineveh, related to the camps for the imaginary displaced.

He said in a statement Saturday (February 23, 2019) that 50 billion Iraqi dinars - $ 42 million - were wasted on imaginary camps that do not exist on the ground in Nineveh.

The governor of Nineveh, Nawfal al-Aakoub, is fully responsible for cases of corruption that occurred by the local government in the province, especially with regard to the money of the displaced. He confirmed that $ 42 million has already been spent to build mock camps in the areas of Zammar, Rabia and Bartala. Based on the ground and nothing has been implemented.

Jubouri said that these funds were from the budget allocations to contain the displaced, but no one directed them to what was allocated to him.

Jubouri, the brother of the governor of Nineveh province, was accused of acquiring a processing contract worth approximately 36 billion Iraqi dinars (30 million US dollars) for the purchase of blankets, tents and other items for the three camps in 2017, Did not materialize on the ground; they were camps that were not originally established.

At the end of his statement, al-Jubouri called on the government authorities concerned to issue a travel ban to the governor on charges of corruption, profiteering and investigating what he said before the concerned authorities. link

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