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Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/22/19

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 Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/22/19 Empty Fri. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/22/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Feb 23, 2019 11:58 am


Cornhusker » February 22nd, 2019

I think trump should rv the dong that might get iraqs attention.

Lifelesson » February 22nd, 2019

Boy.. if trump goes to Vietnam to finish up the dong and set up kim to reconstruct his country free of the influence of the deep state i would be completely amazed.. not only how effective trump is as a leader who is bout business and not proxy wars, but also by watching urban legend come true and have dong and dinar rv at same time.... WE ARE ALLOWED TO DREAM..RIGHT ??? LOL

Don961 » February 22nd, 2019

Summit of Trump and Kim in Vietnam .. The legacy of war is an inspiration for peace

- Two Hours Passed

The road between Washington and Hanoi is brisk today and is full of flowers, and this time it is quite different from what it was before. The United States will not send its soldiers or warplanes to bomb Hanoi as relentlessly as it did decades ago, but it will send Air Force One with Donald Trump on board. Peace to his arch-rival North Korean leader Kim Jong-un.

In a State of the Union speech on Oct. 9, Trump unveiled his second summit with the North Korean leader and said it would be held on Feb. 27-28 in Vietnam.

After the announcement, there was speculation about why Trump had chosen Vietnam, the former enemy to be the United States' defeat, as the venue for the summit.

A strong ally

Hanoi is a strong ally of Washington and maintains good relations with Pyongyang, which will allow North Korean leaders to see closely the strong transformation of Hanoi's economy after the end of its war with the United States, signaling that relations Positively with Washington will give Pyongyang the opportunity to start a rapid economic transformation.

President Trump said something like that when he said in a tweet that "North Korea under Kim Jong-un's leadership will become a great economic power."

"Kim may surprise some, but he will not surprise me. I knew him and I fully understood how much he could do that," he said. "North Korea will become a different type of missile."

This confirms the call by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Kim to follow the footsteps of Vietnam. "In light of the prosperity and partnership, which was never easy to imagine one day, in Vietnam today, I have a message to the leader Kim Jong-un: President Trump believes That your country can repeat this course. "

Inspiring story and the movement of the French Press Agency analysts interested in Asian affairs as saying , "The Vietnam story might be for the North Korean leader a source of inspiration."

Lee Dang Duane, a former economic adviser to five Vietnamese prime ministers, said North Korea resembled Vietnam in the 1980s when it operated as a central economy before 1986 when a series of economic reforms, known as Doi Moi, .

"The challenges facing the North Korean economy are somewhat similar to Vietnam, but the circumstances are different," he said. "North Korea has maintained its interest in learning from Vietnam."

Carl Thayer, an emeritus professor at the University of New South Wales, says that "the previous Vietnam War with the United States and the subsequent sanctions have relevance to North Korea today."

"Vietnam has an important historical experience that it can share with North Korea on how to negotiate an end to the US blockade and post-normalization relations, how to address the legacy of war, open the economy to foreign investment, legislative framework for joint ventures and other issues."

China also seeks to send a strong message to China that Washington has a strong hand in the region, parallel to Beijing's influence.

"Trump may use Vietnam to point out to Beijing that North Korea is not in your hands, and we have a balance of Chinese influence in that region," says researcher at Asan Institute of Political Studies in Seoul Chun Seung and Hun.

Dang Duan said Vietnam and the United States are now strategic partners and hope to challenge China's ambitions to control the South China Sea.

Host country

As far as the host country is concerned, the Summit is of great importance in shedding international light on one of the fastest growing economies in the world, especially if we know that the Singapore Summit between the two leaders attracted some 3,000 journalists.

The French agency also said that Vietnam is also keen to instill a strong diplomatic presence among the international elite, on the world stage.

The agency believes hosting the summit could strengthen Vietnam's status in the international community, helping it attract tourism and foreign investment.

Noting that the level of crime and the threat of terrorism are very low in this country, it will also seek to demonstrate its ability to organize summit meetings at this level, especially after the international accolade it received following the organization of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation in 2017, World Economic Forum last year.

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