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 "Ready to Go" - MarkZ Q&A Update Pt. #1  2/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Ready to Go" - MarkZ Q&A Update Pt. #1 2/21/19

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 "Ready to Go" - MarkZ Q&A Update Pt. #1  2/21/19 Empty "Ready to Go" - MarkZ Q&A Update Pt. #1 2/21/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:19 am

MarkZ update Thursday AM 2-21-19:

I heard Prosperity Packages were going today.

MZ: We are hearing rumors….hopefully we are going to see it

Rumors is there had been a security issue….its fixed now, and things are processing again. There are things happening in the background and I was asked not to mention those things.

Also heard things are heating up in Reno again…my buddies with skr’s left Reno about a week and half ago and yesterday they have been called to go back there…many of my sources say the trigger has already been pulled just not where we can see it yet…..once the F&Ps, Farm claims and CMKX packages go out……The RV happens right away

In Iraq – my contacs say the rate still has not changed even though they are all talking about it on the TV and in the news.

Q: adjudicated funds paid?

MZ: Everything is totally ready to go……they just need to release it all

Im hearing there will be a lot of misinformation pumped into all the Dinar boards…a lot of things you will see may be smoke and mirrors to keep us folks from knowing what is really happening. .so beware

As far as Michael Cottrell…Something he has been thinking about for a long time is opening a bank for all RV people…..he has completed paper work to open a bank ……if he has the energy to do it…he may not, but it’s been a long haul for him ...

Q: Restored Republic says that Zimbabwe vast resources would back the currency resets. I thought the Chinese elders were doing that. Do you know how that works?

MZ: The Chinese elders are helping in Zimbabwe……in exchange they get a lot of mineral rights. So yes..the Chinese elders will be helping Zimbabwe launch the RV

Q: There is talk that there will be 6 zero's taken off the zim's. But I have found that because it is a bond that they can not take the zero's off under International law. What are your thoughts?

MZ: Everything I have heard is they would lose 6 zeros…..how it works exactly we will not know until it’s all released…and the rate may be up to .24 cents

Q: MarkZ I think Iraq is an integral part of this RV but i do not believe they are the lynch pin. I truly believe they are ready for the RV!!! I don't believe no countries government issues has any control over this RV. I truly beleive that at this point is the preparedness for their systems to receive and hold the algorithm

MZ: They are 100% ready in Iraq , and 90% of all their problems are going to disappear as soon as the RV happens…In Iraq they were expecting it Monday and expecting it yesterday…….they are still expecting it today . In Iraq they are asking folks to give up the USD’s and use those cards. The rumors are folks in Iraq have exchanged but no confirmation

Q: anything on the f&p? (fines and penalties)

MZ: I am hearing the F&Ps were delayed for a short time because of a security issue, along with the RV which will follow on the heels of it..also hearing that issue was solved.

I am really hoping to have more info tonight…

I have been invited to be in Jester’s Chat Room tonight. Hoping my old computer lasts that long…lol….I will sure try. I will be shaking the trees and rattling the cages all day today to find out some news.

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