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 "Positioning" - MarkZ Part #2 Q&A Update 2/21/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Positioning" - MarkZ Part #2 Q&A Update 2/21/19

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 "Positioning" - MarkZ Part #2 Q&A Update 2/21/19 Empty "Positioning" - MarkZ Part #2 Q&A Update 2/21/19

Post by Ssmith Fri Feb 22, 2019 10:12 am

MarkZ Second Update Thursday Night 2-21-19

MZ: A lot of positioning of people today….there was several security issues that had popped up they had to handle…..One trustee I talked with has great expectations for the F& P (fines and penalties) and CMKX payouts this weekend. The RV will be right behind. I will have my phone charged at all times. If we get the F&P and other payouts Sat. then I expect the 800 numbers on Sunday. Just my opinions

Q: Do you feel the Iraq government must be fully seated before the RV can take place?

MZ: I absolutely say no. They have enough of a government seated

Q: Mark, have you heard anything on gold standard being announced?

MZ: the rumor I have been told is it will be announced early next week.

Q: Do you think we will RV before Prez gets back from China??

MZ: Yes I really think we will have the RV before then. I am still looking for the month of Feb.

Q: Mark, did you have an update on Zim?

MZ: Still hearing the Zim will be going right after or the same time as the the RV. A banker friend is going to give me a lot of details on the zim…I will let you know

Q: Do we have a BASIC list on What is needed to bring to exchange?

MZ: Bring everything. Its better to bring things you didn’t need then to get the exchange and need something….ID’s, Receipts, Proof of address, questions you want to ask, ect……just bring everything

Q: there was some discussion in the discord about the QFS...some good and some not so good... can you give your thoughts on QFS?

MZ: It’s a very cool and much more reliable system then we had before…I think there is a lot of hype out there about it. Some of it is a bit farfetched, The new system will be a lot safer and faster. Our funds will be safer. But its not a magic know all system that thinks for itself like I’ve see posted some places.

Q: At exchange "getting a card with 100k on it ….. Can you speak about this?

MZ: I have been told that with the zim you will receive $100K and the rest will be paid in structured payouts. As to the dinar and dong…..we won’t know until we exchange IMO. Its good to have a couple plans in your mind to cover all the possibilities. I have been told that if you have zim you will go to a special exchange center and they will ask you that when you call for an appointment.

Q: Do you think this will be a taxable event?

MZ: From talking to many people at all levels of Gov and banking I do not think it will be a taxable event for the currencies. Now the Zim if handled as a bond may be taxable. And I am being told it will be handled as a bond. It is wonderful to see all the articles on the Zim in the MSM…There were articles all over yesterday. It sure makes us know for sure that we arn’t crazy…lol

Now I am hearing that our government, IRS, tax system will change as this all happens. So, trusts, taxes and laws may all be changing….keep that in the back of your mind and we may not want to be in a hurry for all that. Our funds will be safe in the bank while we take our time talking to professionals and decide what to do.

Q: my bank says they have the New currency but can't give it out yet

MZ: I have heard that from a couple banks as well……very cool you are also hearing it in your area

Q: rial is that still a go

MZ: Yes I have been told the rial is still a go..and its going in the basket at the same time as the other currencies we hold

Q: anything on the Dong?

MZ: I am still hearing the rate will be $2.00 to $2.20 on the dong.

Hoping to have more news tomorrow. Will let you know . Good night everyone

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