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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly! DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly!

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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly! Empty Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly!

Post by RamblerNash Thu Feb 21, 2019 10:38 pm

Zig  ONE MORE THING: LOL.....I am not in anyone's CAMP.....I have invited many "well-known" people to come here and chat.....It just so happens that Kaperoni   and Sam are the only ones who have visited more than once......


Dinarbeleiver  Zig Thanks for ensuring we have a chat room that will be free from bullying and abuse. Also it’s good to generate an environment that isn’t “clicky” and welcomes new peoples opinions rather than shoot them down cause they have been here a while or they love their own egos.


Zig  I have never understood why anyone's views would upset some people so much.....in any venture/investment you will get all kinds of opinions.....good/bad/indifferent...................


Zig  And there is no way of knowing what motivates anyone to do anything........


Zig  So please stop any accusations unless you have documented proof.......

Dave  Zig partially agree

Dave  Zig bingo on that,,,,,,AMEN!!!!!~!~

Zig  @TWWlll Hi.....No.....lol.....saw your post at DD.....XYZ and I are not the same person......lol

Dave  half truths make it untrue

TWWIII  Zig Welcome bk Zig...I didnt think ur were xyz 

Zig  TWWIII : LOL....I am not that screwed up.....don't think so.....

Clay  LOL

TWWIII  Zig Seems likes big problems here last nights converations

TWWIII  Clay Hey, doing better, I hope

Clay  TWWIII yes TY

Zig  TWWIII : Yes.....have not liked what I have been reading here.....so will "attempt" to change things a bit.....a very hard thing to do......

Clay  I musy have missed all that

Clay  been sick

Clay  must

TWWIII  Zig looked like a mid school fighting to see who the biggest bully is...I seld comne here. a friend of mine was here recently & what an email he sent me last night, AM his time zone

Clay  wow

Clay  children

Clay  we r in this together

Dave  Clay iwas part of it....

TWWIII  * seldom come here

Zig  TWWIII : Hopefully making some changes will attract new members.....we'll see...........

Clay  Dave LOL

Clay  Im sure

Zig  Have had to do it before.....not easy.....will lose some people but hopefully gain others.................

TWWIII  Zig I will on monitor but will not take part with children BS>

Dave  Zig how does one discuss the earth being flat though?

Clay  ;frying-pan-smash I'll do it

Zig  Dave : LOL.....sure.....please be nice to "JO"......lol

Dinarbeleiver  Zig You have a good chat room and the resources on this site is very valuable, you will attract more new members.

Dave  Zig well that was just an example

Dinarbeleiver  Does anyone know about Q anon. Is all that stuff true ?

Zig  Remember that the chat room is owned by the person named "mod"......I have no connection to ownership of any website whatsoever...............

TWWIII  Dinarbeleiver I have followed"Q" for 2 yrs now

Clay  Dinarbeleiver never heard of

Dinarbeleiver  TWWIII I started hearing about it recently - seems trump has some secret people on his side which he needs against the deep state- do you think it’s comspiracy or true


Zig   Relatively new here?  Please read the rules above the chat box which is located at both http://www.truthcall.com/chat/ and http://www.iqdcalls.com at the bottom of the Home page (and on several other pages)... EVERYONE is welcome to participate here no matter what their perspectives are about anything...Any topic is fine...All we ask is that you be RESPECTFUL and CIVIL...It is simple to register and post: Just follow the yellow highlighted lines above/below the box...Post in the message box below then hit enter or click on the arrow at lower right...To address anyone specifically, click on their name and it will appear in your message box...Not sure how to add an avatar?...Ask in chat...100 Smileys available: Click on smiley face at lower left of box...Click on one and it will appear in your post...Click on the icon at top right of message box with a number to its left to see who is logged in...Click on any image to enlarge it, again to reduce....will appear over message box...Log out by clicking on the icon at top left of message box....The owner posts as "mod"...you may contact mod with any issues at info@truthcall.com Hope to welcome you as a new poster today! ...


Zig  Doug_W : You here?

Dave  brother in law made 100k/yr at GM.......750K retirement package after putting lugnuts on cars

Zig  Never mind....will e-mail you Doug

RuthieonIce  Dinarbeleiver, (hope I didn't post this twice) check out qmap.pub for all q related info. Lots of good stuff on youtube also. Q is about to go mainstream.

xyz  Zig wow look who is back when I was think of closing my account cause of ...

xyz  Zig :popcorn

xyz  Zig r u saying Z is not civil with agent Sam I Am like Young SC

Zig  xyz : Behave!.....I am watching you.....take it easy on Sam please......lol..... :Really?

Zig  I am back for awhile to FIX this room!!......LOL

xyz  Zig anyone but Sam ... he should listen and respect newbie like me :popcorn

Zig  xyz : ;angry

xyz  Zig you are always a great mod

Zig  Flattery will get you nowhere with me buddy......lol

xyz  Zig Sam is annoying and bully

Zig  xyz : I disagree.....chat with him in a civil manner please or I will delete.......TY

xyz  Z is not politician or looking for a new date hence not flattery

Dave  Zig rumor had it that sam convinced you to sell out/

Baxter  ZIG.... yes.. please do Delete Sams Posts.....

Zig  Dave : LOL......NOT TRUE!

xyz  Dave lol

xyz  Dave i had that they met @hammerman and @blaino in Reno. They had chicken for dinner

xyz  Ooops dinar

Dave  lol

Zig  Sam is as welcome as anyone else to post here.....that is the way it is going to be......anyone who can't live with that is free to leave............

xyz  Zig and anyone including @Sam gotta right to say no to being called stupid ... zSaid

Dave  Zig called us uneducated

Clay  Baxter hey bud

Zig  Tough MOD Zig has returned.....don't like that, leave.....LOL

Baxter  CLAY.. good afternoon

Clay  Baxter our coins r up to $85 lol

xyz  Zig well am not leaving ... someone gotta have to burn me permanently jeje

Baxter  Clay... seriously?

Clay  yes

Zig  xyz : PLEASE LEAVE.....I AM BEGGING YOU!!!......lol

Dave  Clay carson city dimes?

xyz  @Sam can calm his testosterone and all shall be fine

Zig  Later....Z, you are a.....Bye.....

Baxter  I mistakenly deleted my spinning dime link..... I am in big trouble

Baxter  looking for a spinning nickel

DaveBaxter   going to lose your Guru status on that

Baxter  I know

Baxter  makes me sick to think about it


Baxter  zig... email that to me... PLEASE

Dave  Dave you are my most fav Guru though

Zig  Sure....lol....just don't post it 25 times a day!!


Dave  Zig delete!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Zig  and no posting that %$#@ popcorn 25 times a day either, Z......will delete.....

xyz  :popcorn

Dave  xyz you get enough fibre .....


Dave  see what that has done to your ears now

Daves  training too much with those BMs

Dave  a ittle yes jaundice though

Clay  wow dinner lol

Clay  wheres my 30.06

Baxter  THX ZIG...

Clay  maybe too salty lol

xyz  Baxter am not @Zag

Woke AF  Z, I agree with you 100% (!!!) You were right!!!

Woke AF  @Doug_W @Doug_W @Doug_W 

Zig  Woke AF : Hi....please do not refer to ANYONE in here as being evil or the Devil......TY

Zig  Those posts will be deleted..........

Woke AF  Obviously cant call them CIA either.

xyz  Woke AF thank you ... you should tell like Zig   and his buddy Sam I Am 

Woke AF

Zig  xyz : You're beginning to annoy me AGAIN!!..... ;angry

Woke AF  xyz , hit me up on the Twitter I'll tell you what~

Zig  I have NO BUDDIES in chat rooms.....0

Woke AF  xyz   amen!

Zig  LOL.....Don't push me....Seriously.....

xyz  Oooops Zig mean well but driven but misguided Sam

foxmulder  and their motives are quit evident ! you want confrontation ya got it

Zig  A little debating is good.....IMO

Zig  Chill

xyz  Zig I wish you can read my heart, I have no evil feeling toward you ... none

xyz  Zig in fact I missed ya a lot. You are an exceptional human being

xyz  I mean every word

Zig  EVERYONE: I helped build this room.....it is going to change a bit now.....if you can't handle that, leave.....simple.....

Zig  Later.....

Tebow  xyz  IMG]https://2img.net/h/oi66.tinypic.com/sblb9f.jpg[/IMG

Clay  foxmulder foxmulder foxmulder

xyz  Zig There was a time last year I was really pissed with @doug_w but got over it. These days I miss chatting with him.

xyz  Tebow is drunk jejeje

Clay  Woke AF Woke AF Woke AF

Clay  hey all

foxmulder  Zig perhaps it is the continuous narrative I am right you are wrong period ! you are all Ignorant

foxmulder  Clay hey clay you feeling better ?


Zig  foxmulder : LOL.....Kaperoni is the same way.....don't let it bother you.....a lot of people are stubborn like that......

Clay  foxmulder yes thanks

xyz  Zig so you have choosen @Sam, @sandyf vs us?

Zig  xyz : GO AWAY.....lol

xyz  Zig personally I like @Kaperoni   ... He mean well

Zig  Bye

xyz  Zig am not going anywhere

xyz  Until Dr. Shabibi hit the trigger

foxmulder  Zig no ZIG actually nothing really bothers me after all these yrs I got real thick skin ! and to be frank I really dont care about their arrogant attitude

xyz  foxmulder wow look at that skin

foxmulder  xyz hey Z leave my doll baby outta this LOL

Clay  foxmulder ditto

Dave  after being called uneducated and ignorant......may attract some neg responses

Tebow  From Dinar Recaps: Member: I heard Prosperity Packages were going today. In Iraq – my contacs say the rate still has not changed even though they are all talking about it on the TV and in the news.

foxmulder  xyz thanks now i got a laugh out of that LOL

Tebow  Mon. Feb. 18: President Trump and the UK ended their sanctions on Zimbabwe – which released their vast natural resources that would back all 209 countries for participation in the Global Currency Reset.

Clay  Tebow what resources

Tebow  Thurs. Feb. 21 9:30 am EST: 2008-2009 Zim Bond Notes (valued at 1:1 to USD) and 2016 Zim Bond Notes (valued at 4:1 to USD) became one and the same and demonetized as legal tender. Because Zim bond notes would instantly become cash, plus the Zim bonds needed to be redeemed in order to back the Global Currency Reset, there would need to be an immediate RV.

Dave  Clay same place where sam gets his

foxmulder  Clay put your tin foil hat on and it will all come to ya !

Clay  Dave LOL

Clay  foxmulder wish4

Tebow  Clay doesn't matter anything can be posted according to Zig 

Clay  Tebow JK

xyz  Hey we should all vote for forcing Zig man to apologize for siding with out distress - like Sam and guru sandyf

Tebow  C. Feb. 20 2019 TNT Call

a representative of the Central Bank of Iraq said that the RV would happen somewhere within the next 5 days.

xyz  :popcorn

Tebow  The Zim: It was my opinion that uncirculated 2008-2009 Zimbabwe Bond Notes if bought from a reputable dealer, could be redeemed on military bases with HSBC Private Bankers for a yet-to-be-determined rate that was dependent upon a redeemer’s humanitarian plan. On Feb. 16-20 Zimbabwe demonetized both their 2006 and 2008-2009 Bonds.

Zig  You are free to bring Guru stuff in here.....Z does it a lot.......

xyz  Tebow  

DaveZig   oh nooooooo

Zig  I don't know who is more of a pain in.......Z or Tebow......lol

Doug_W  Zig take a poll

Clay  wow more dinner lol

Sam I Am  Can I vote?

xyz  Doug_W wow uncle doug

Zig  xyz : No Goat stuff to post??

Zig  Sam I Am : LOL....Sure...

xyz  Speak of the devil jejeje

Tebow  We did hear that there may be big news from Zimbabwe this afternoon. I really was expecting something spectacular in the news yesterday…and still expecting something big today

Clay  Tebow   Zim?

xyz  Zig  

Zig  Doug_W : Get my email re. post??

Doug_W  will look

xyz  Tebow I do have a real ZIM news ... no kidding but ...

Doug_W  New here?  Please read the rules above the chat box which is located at both http://www.truthcall.com/chat/ and http://www.iqdcalls.com at the bottom of the Home page (and on several other pages)...Read the yellow highlighted area at the top/bottom of the chat box for registering information so you can post.....WE WELCOME ALL PEOPLE!

Tebow  Clay Zim will RV you will make Trillions

Doug_W  TY

Zig  I have no Zim..... ;crying;

Clay  Tebow   LOL

Clay  dinar dong anything

Zig  Doug_W : YW

xyz  Zig your best buddy Sam I Am from Tennessee has

Tebow  Clay Still time to buy dealers waiting for your call

Zig  xyz : If I ban you do you promise not to come back in with 1000 names??......lol

Tebow  xyz bring your Zim news all welcome here true of false doesn't matter

Clay  Tebow lol already own some unfortunately

Zig  Tebow : People bring Guru stuff in here.....nothing new...........

Tebow  Zig why banned xyz he is only bringing unverifiable news.

xyz  Tebow already banned by Sam I Am best buddy :popcorn


xyz  Breaking news in dinarland ...

Zig  In fact, Baxter brings a lot of Guru stuff in here.....lol.....he is a PTR junkie.....

Baxter  ptr PTR.... SAYS.................. S O O N

Dave  all clear for landing.....

Baxter  Mondays PTR call... had verified Wells Fargo Updates... they are R E A D Y

xyz  :popcorn

Baxter  ;not-true;

Clay  lol

Clay  damn Bax u got me

Baxter  LOL

Zig  Baxter : Dan must make a fortune from that site......$20/month.......

Baxter  ZIG... 1800 members.. times 20 bucks a month

xyz  Baxter we are all ready except Sam and sandyf

Baxter  36000 a month

Sam I Am  xyz I'm ready for the redenomination

Zig  xyz : Shoo!.....Shoo!!!!!...... ;swat

Baxter  UHOH

Sam I Am  the sooner the better IMO

Zig  BE NICE!!!

xyz  And ... not saying otherwise banned

Zig  ISH......lol

Baxter  Iraq isnt involve

Kaperoni  Zig man

Kaperoni  Sam

Baxter  Kaperoni...

xyz  omg

Zig  Not really into banning.....but will delete posts.....

Baxter  Good Afternoon

Kaperoni  xyz 

Baxter  Kap... I ha

Sam I Am  Afternoon Kap

Kaperoni  Baxter 

xyz  Speak of the devil

Baxter  Kap.. I have a question for you

Zig  Kaperoni   : Hi.....long time

Kaperoni  ok Baxter 

Baxter  Has Iraq ever been in Article 8

Zig  Sam and Kap: how about a little debate between you two???

Sam I Am  okay

xyz  Kaperoni you should come often ... wear heavy coat aka have thicker skin

Sam I Am  about that float theory

Sam I Am  they're already on a float

Zig  TEBOW: :censor:

Zig  Please

xyz  i was terrorized in the beginning but here i am ... banned by Zig   + not saying

Kaperoni  hmmm. All I know is Iraq has been in a state of conflict since the 80s. Dont know difinitively if they have or not.

Baxter  Ok.. thx Kap

Zig  Please allow Sam and Kap to chat.....TY

Kaperoni  lmbo

Kaperoni  Sam will never accept the words of the IMF

xyz  Zig r u saying that I ought not ask a question?

Kaperoni  He prefers his own views

xyz  Kaperoni   whew --- exactly

Zig  xyz : Okay

Sam I Am  Kaperoni The IMF has stated that the CBI's policy is exchange rate stability ... do you believe that?

Kaperoni  Baxter, to expand on your Article VIII question, the IMF is very clear on member acceptance into Article VIII and that once your in, you cannot go back to Article XIV. So that may tell us something.

Tebow  The Iraqi dinar will revalue to $3.86 in the near future.

Kaperoni  Sam to meet compliance yes.

Sam I Am  They've said that since 2012 and the rate has in fact been quite stable

xyz  Tebow hey ... let wait ... please

Sam I Am  Much to the consternation of dinarians

Dave  Will we ever see Fils?

Kaperoni  um, well it was stable for a year under Shabibi 2011-2012 think 11 or so months

Kaperoni  they with different governors since it was a mess

Kaperoni  only since march 2018 was it stable again

Sam I Am  The rate was 1170:1 on Jan. 1, 2009 and it's 1190:1 today

Kaperoni  and 90 days later in compliance

Kaperoni  they are not talking about the CBI rate., they are talking about the Market Rate

Sam I Am  Well they have stated that they want to keep the market rate near the CBI rate

Sam I Am  at any rate...

Sam I Am  Their policy is stability and stability is what we see

Sam I Am  Not that there have been no changes, but no substantial changes like we saw from 2006-2009

Kaperoni  stability of the market rate effects duel currency practice or the price of goods

Sam I Am  so yes, I do pay attention to what the IMF says

Kaperoni  Well if your going to pay attention to the IMF you cannot exclude the plan documented in the 2012 Article IV

Sam I Am  Does that plan say anything about removing them from a peg and allowing the IQD to free float?

Kaperoni  and of course most know about the 2% spread as this is referred to

Kaperoni  well...let me get the quote...

Zig  The bottom line is that Kaperoni thinks we will profit from this "eventually" albeit slowly, while Sam thinks we never will........

Sam I Am  pretty much, Z

Sam I Am  and for the record I never called Kap a scammer

Kaperoni  "...staff encouraged the authorities to consider creating the conditions which would make possible a move to a more flexible exchange rate policy."

Sam I Am  we disagree for sure, but for the most part our relationship has been amicable

Kaperoni  "Such flexibility could allow a predictable and gradual appreciation of the nominal exchange rate,..."

Sam I Am  Kaperoni more flexible doesn't mean "free float"

Kaperoni  They are talking about "floating" no other term would describe such an event

Sam I Am  It means a willingness to change the rate more frequently

Sam I Am  Vietnam does this with the dong

Sam I Am  and it's losing value

Sam I Am  pegged currencies can be flexible

Sam I Am  it depends on the willingness of the central bank to be more active in revaluing or devaluing the currency

Kaperoni  If you read about transitions, the CBI needs a plan to counter inflationary pressure created by what Iraq expects is an influx of investment. And I think we can all agree Iraq needs "billions" to rebuild.

Sam I Am  but as long as the rate changes by decree of the central bank rather than market forces it's not a free float

Kaperoni  Staying pegged in not an option

Kaperoni  To continue with the IMF....

Sam I Am  I disagree .... a free float isn't an option as long as 90% of their revenues are oil related

Sam I Am  All of the countries in that region have pegged currencies by necessity

Kaperoni  "..triggered by strong oil revenues and the Balassa-Samuelson effect, to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Kaperoni  They specifically state in that sentence the purpose of allowing the float...

Tebow  Dave they must have fils when they RV, to make change just like here

Kaperoni  ...to accommodate a possible real exchange rate appreciation while keeping domestic inflation low.”

Sam I Am  exchange rate appreciation doesn't mean value appreciation .. quite the opposite

Sam I Am  the higher the exchange rate the lower the value

Sam I Am  they could be saying that Iraq should follow the Vietnam model to lower the value in order to attract buyers for their exports

Kaperoni  In other word to counter the pressure created by an influx of investment through the Capital

Kaperoni  Account

Kaperoni  they will never lower the value

Tebow  The value of the Iraqi dinar will appreciate beyond your wildest dreams. Then it will float on the world market.

Sam I Am  Kaperoni they just did last year

Sam I Am  and they did in 2015

Sam I Am  They went from 1166:1 to 1184: and now to 1190:1

Sam I Am  My guess is that it will go to 1120:1 this year

Kaperoni  the IMF already stated the purpose of the recent rate in 2015/2016 that it was monitoring purposes during the SBA to watch compliance

Sam I Am  oops ... I meant 1200:1

Kaperoni  They will never LOP

Young SC  Sam thinks they will

Kaperoni  Iraq has had an excellent monetary policy since 2003 despite difficult times

Sam I Am  Kaperoni I suspect that they will never lop, because they don't want to be on the hook for all the trillions of dinar they exported

Doug_W  GN Gang

Sam I Am  but they definitely described a lop in their delete the zeros plan

Kaperoni  wait! what? Sam just said they will never LOP

Sam I Am  Kaperoni   I suspect that they won't

JoeSchmoe  Didn't Sam ALWAYS say they would LOP? Now a change in tune?

Sam I Am  I've never said that they are going to lop. I've always said that a lop was the stated plan

Kaperoni  Sam and I do agree though that the Gurus are full of it

Sam I Am  true dat

Kaperoni  and the stories from them are harmful

Kaperoni  we both had that BS

Kaperoni  hate

Kaperoni  Seem that way Joe

Sam I Am  kap, what was our bet?

Zig  Trying to keep the convo between you two

Sam I Am  I forget

mod  Zig THANKS!!!!!

Kaperoni  WE may find out that the talk (if you believe that the CBI was saying that) of a LOP was just to curb speculation

Zig  Knock it off or yoiu will be gone

Kaperoni  Sam ur sending me a pizza

Sam I Am  could be, but the way gurus interpreted it defeated the purpose if they did

mod  Cleaning house That Zig Go Zig 

Young SC  I disagree with both Kap and Sam

Sam I Am  I will send you a pizza if ????

Kaperoni  the rate goes down

Zig  Tebow.....1 day ban

Young SC  Cbi came out and said no float so how can one speak of a float all the time and they stated a fix rate

Kaperoni  But I will never collect because I do not eat pizza no more

Sam I Am  Do you mean if they revalue to 1189:1 I owe you a pizza?

mod  Zig :Thumbs-up

Zig  I asked politely to let Sam and Kap chat alone...

Kaperoni  Sam no u win then

Sam I Am  I guess it call comes down to Kap and I interpreting the IMF statements differently

Sam I Am  1189:1 would be a revalue

Sam I Am  1191:1 would be a devalue

Kaperoni  ah yes

Kaperoni  tired today lol

Sam I Am  Okay, so if the rate goes up and the value goes down I O U

Sam I Am  I mean U O ME

Kaperoni  Sam, nobody would believe me anyway, but I also know things that are not in print, but cannot prove.

Sam I Am  now I'm confused

Sam I Am  LOL

Sam I Am  Kaperoni Now you sound like sonny1

Sam I Am  oh well

Kaperoni  Or should I say "saw things" lol

Kaperoni  yes, that is why i do not talk about it

Sam I Am  feel free to email me on that

Sam I Am  I won't share

Kaperoni  Whether or not the Dinar ever floats or not is yet to be seen, but it was going to float in 2012.

Sam I Am  it was also going to RV

Sam I Am  and RI

Sam I Am  LOL

Kaperoni  lmbo

Sam I Am  depends on who you listen to

Kaperoni  i guess and that is why I do not talk about that.

Sam I Am  okay, it's been fun but I gotta run

Sam I Am  take care Kap

Sam I Am  later guys

Kaperoni  Ok Sam

Kaperoni  We learned something today

Kaperoni  Bye Sam


Kaperoni  Sam is no longer a LOPPER

Kaperoni  lmbo

Laura  "Maybe you should eat some makeup so you can be pretty on the inside too."

blackgold  people talk about oil and no one talks about 90 plus tons of gold Iraq has

Kaperoni  I wish I could eat pizza but my heart says no

Zig  Z, did not appreciate what you were doing......please do not email me again......

blackgold  iraq has Rare Earth, no one figures that in

xyz  Zig i will not sir

Zig  I will not be back for the long term.....just trying to change things a bit.....

blackgold  wheat

Kaperoni  I will just add, I think every person is going to very confused once the dinar does begin to rise as to what to do. The Guru nonsense of running to a bank won't happpen

blackgold  and many other grains

blackgold  Oh well

Kaperoni  Zig how you doing?

JoeSchmoe  Kaperoni   how long do you see it taking to get to an exchangable rate?

Zig  Will be doing a lot of deleting......as for Tebow.....was not just for today........................

Laura  Zimbabwe was expected to announce their new (gold/asset-backed) currency very soon. This would set an example for the rest of the world to follow, thus bringing in the QFS.

Kaperoni  Joe that is directly related to how fast investment comes into Iraq

JoeSchmoe  Kaperoni care to guestimate?

JoeSchmoe  iyo

Zig  Kaperoni : Fine thanks.....kind of pissed at some people here......some will not be here much longer

Kaperoni  I have state it could be 6 months to 2 years so that is my guess. lol

JoeSchmoe  Zig i seem to be one,asto why i have no idea

JoeSchmoe  keep giving me a whiteout

Zig  JoeSchmoe : Been watching your posts lately........

JoeSchmoe  and?

xyz  Zig Please ban me parmanetly

Zig  have no time time now to elaborate......

Zig  I will be here for a short time.....

JoeSchmoe  well if I'm to get that treatment, then many others should as well

xyz  Zig threat are given by bullies


Kaperoni  People need to understand that a float is not a random act. It is specifically to counter inflationary pressure created by a large influx of capital (which Iraq is expecting)

xyz  Zig no more bull by paid agents

Kaperoni  They need 50-80 billion dollars

Kaperoni  or more over the next couple years

Kaperoni  That just to rebuild infrastructure

xyz  Zig I have no problem with Kaperoni   ... but never your buddy Sam that is paid to ensure the weakest among us sell dinar

xyz  What am I missing?

Kaperoni  xyz, I've known Sam a long time. He is not getting paid that I know of.

Kaperoni  He just hates the BS by gurus

xyz  Kaperoni is he a sadist?

Zig  xyz : Do you have proof he is being paid??......If not, shut up!!

Kaperoni  I think he means well

xyz  Zig do you have contrary proof?

Kaperoni  Keep in mind the gurus outweigh the rest of us 10/1

xyz  Kaperoni why can't he go to Vegas and convince the gamblers to stop wasting their money -- in their face

Kaperoni  lol he probably should

xyz  Zig please proof and I shall kiss Sam

Kaperoni  I am surprised actually that he came back after leaving the Dinar scene

xyz  Kaperoni I may disagree with your assertion of floating but you believe in the outcome. Its up to me to suck it up

Kaperoni  it does not matter really as long as it rises

Kaperoni  and I think we all want that

Kaperoni  Even Tebow will agreee

xyz  Am not a naysayer

xyz  Kaperoni here we go ...

Kaperoni  I would love a substantial RV or RI but that will never happen

xyz  Kaperoni if dinar float 1000% overnight, I can be jumpy and you shall be smiling all the way to the back --- as it floated

xyz  I can = I shall****

Kaperoni  Well my time is up also. Have a good night everyone.

xyz  Kaperoni it shall be semantics then.

Baxter  thx Kap.. for coming in

Kaperoni  Ok Baxter  .

Kaperoni  take care

xyz  Kaperoni thanks and come often

Baxter  have a call soo

xyz  :popcorn

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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly! Empty Re: Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly!

Post by Kevind53 Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:07 am

Kaperoni Baxter, to expand on your Article VIII question, the IMF is very clear on member acceptance into Article VIII and that once your in, you cannot go back to Article XIV. So that may tell us something.

It tells me you don't have a clue. They can move to Article XIV anytime they need to, they just have to notify the IMF. It's there for emergencies.

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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly! Empty Re: Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly!

Post by Muskie Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:27 am

Kevind53, you may want to tell the IMF you know more than they do. 

Under the Fund’s Articles, a member may formally notify the Fund of its
acceptance of Article VIII obligations.
formal notification has certain legal
consequences. A member is subject to the obligat
ions of Article VIII, Sections 2, 3, and 4 as
soon as it becomes a member of the Fund; no
formal acceptance of th
ese obligations is
necessary. The only legal consequence of a me
mber’s notification of
the acceptance of
Article VIII obligations is that
the member can no longer rely
on Article XIV, Section 2 to
maintain or adapt the exchange measures it
had in place on its date of membership. Once it
notifies the Fund of its acceptance
of the Article VIII obligations,
it loses the right to rely on
Article XIV, Section 2 forever.
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Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly! Empty Re: Sam I Am And Kaperoni In Chat 2/21/19 - Zig Moderates Members Sternly!

Post by Chess Fri Feb 22, 2019 12:03 pm

Zig sounded like Barney Fife there, his little bit of authority has gone to his cowardly head.  I guess when you have the owner of the site cheering you on from behind your skirt, it gives you b**ls.        


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