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 "Mother of all Time Frames" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/16/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Mother of all Time Frames" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/16/19

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 "Mother of all Time Frames" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/16/19 Empty "Mother of all Time Frames" - Sat. AM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/16/19

Post by Ssmith Sun Feb 17, 2019 9:38 am


Baller » February 16th, 2019

Great find JJ. Budget passed. Check. President signed off on it. Check. Published in the Gazette. Check. Taxes and Tariffs started at the borders. Check. Now just drop the 3 zero's and raise your rate Iraq. Seems this is the mother of all time frames 2.0. Especially with Dr. Shabibi's 3 day weekend starting tomorrow.

JJOnesmx » February 16th, 2019

Baghdad, Arbil customs tariffs in force today

Baghdad/Iraq TradeLink: Iraqi Customs Department announced starting unification of customs

procedures starting from today, 16 February, 2019.

The department added that the new agreement will cancel all customs check-points along the federal borders.

A customs document shall be prepared in both Arabic and Kurdish languages to facilitate procedures at all border crossings, the department added.


GiGi » February 16th, 2019


Samson » February 16th, 2019

Rafidain launches a new meal of the five and ten million dinars to the staff

16th February, 2019

Al-Rafidain Bank, on Saturday, launched a new meal from the advance of employees of the State Departments, which ranged between five and ten million dinars through electronic payment tools.

The bank's press office said in a statement received by Al-Ghad Press that a new batch of state employees' salaries had been paid to more than 600 employees whose salaries had been settled at the bank and received the electronic card.

The bank explained that "the disbursement of this advance was by informing the employee by sending him a text message informing him of the advance payment after completing all the legal procedures to grant it and disbursement through the electronic payment tools, for which the financial balance was filled." LINK

In a historic gathering this week at the #WarsawSummit, co-hosted by the U.S. and Poland, over 60 nations from 6 continents came together in the interest of peace and security in the Middle East. Watch the highlights. pic.twitter.com/vjVC5NDMDD — Department of State (@StateDept) February 16, 2019

The head of the Kurdistan parliament called for a session on Monday

2019/2/16 14:56

Iraq's parliament speaker called on all members of Parliament to attend the opening session of the first year of the fifth session at 11 am on Monday, 2019/28.

According to the Information Office of the Kurdistan Parliament in a statement received by the {Euphrates News} copy of it "after the meeting of the blocks of the Parliament of Kurdistan and at their request, the head of the first session of the Parliament to invite all members to the opening session of the first year of the fifth legislative session, at 11 am on the morning of Next Monday." LINK

Don961 » February 16th, 2019

Pence says time has come for EU to withdraw from Iran nuclear deal

US Vice President Mike Pence pressed European countries on Saturday to withdraw from a nuclear deal between Iran and major powers, and urged them to be wary of using telecoms equipment supplied by Chinese provider Huawei.

"The time has come for our European partners to stand with us and with the Iranian people,"

Pence told the Munich Security Conference. "The time has come for our European partners to withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal."

"The United States has also been very clear with our security partners on the threat posed by Huawei and other Chinese telecom companies," he said. "We must protect our critical telecom infrastructure and America is calling on all our security partners to be vigilant". link

Samson » February 16th, 2019

Their contracts in the interior and defense are being demonstrated next Tuesday to demand their return to service

16th February, 2019

A number of those who have delayed their contracts in the interior and defense ministries are planning to demonstrate massively on Tuesday.

One of the retired contracts to the Agency / Information / "The dozens of recruits contracts of the Interior and Defense intend to organize a mass demonstration on Tuesday to demand the application of the provisions of the financial budget on the return of the retired contracts to service."

He added that "in every financial budget, the House of Representatives voted to return the expired contracts, but without a response from the government, but this time it is hoped that these demonstrations to the sit-ins in the case of non-implementation of the demands." LINK

UN Security Council says time to shift focus from political conflicts in Iraq

The United Nations Security Council has addressed the security situation in Iraq as well as the ongoing humanitarian crisis, calling on political actors to end infighting and allow compromise for the sake of Iraqi people’s interests.

Jeanine Hennis-Plasschaert, Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Iraq and Head of United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq(UNAMI) said on Wednesday it was "high-time for leaders to shift the focus from factional politics and invest in addressing the immediate needs of the citizens." She also referred to "experienced Iraqi women well-qualified for jobs in government."

Hennis-Plasschaert hinted that terrorist activities in Iraq had decreased, although ISIS "continues to pose a security threat to the whole region, while armed groups are expanding their economic and social reach,” she said.

She also hailed the 2019 budget allocations for the electricity sector, saying that such a move "reflects the government’s efforts to improve basic service delivery. link

Don961 » February 16th, 2019

Saturday، 16 February 2019 10:46 AM

Former PM Maliki accused of corruption, U.S. DOJ investigates

Former Iraqi prime minister Nouri al-Maliki might be exposed as one of the corrupted officials according a recent investigation by the U.S. Department of Justice.

The Department of Justice is investigating a military contracting company, Sallyport Global Services, to find out if it played a role in the alleged bribery of Iraqi government officials in exchange for exclusive contracts that cost American taxpayers billions.

An investigation by the independent Government Accountability Project for The Daily Beast raised disturbing questions that go far beyond rogue employees of a Pentagon contractor.

Powerful individuals, including Maliki, are tied to a Kuwaiti company called Afaq which allegedly sold access and dictated terms for a significant number of American military contracts.

The story of Afaq and its ties to American military contractors in Iraq comes from whistleblowers, who spoke out at great personal risk, and we were able to confirm several details through public and corporate documents.

Of the more than 30 sources interviewed, including contractors and people in business in Iraq, all asked to remain anonymous, citing fear of potential retaliation.

In January 2014, Sallyport acquired an Air Force contract to provide security, training, and “life support,” which means providing necessities like food and electricity, on base. Sallyport has received $1.1 billion for its work at Balad. It predicts it will earn $800 million more by 2021.

Sallyport operates military installations throughout the Middle East and Central Asia, but its crown jewel is Balad Air Base, a large F-16 base north of Baghdad.

Balad is an Iraqi base, but it’s funded by the U.S. government.

Afaq is ultimately controlled by al-Maliki, according to 10 sources, some of whom had firsthand knowledge of al-Maliki’s involvement, while other sources’ information was secondhand.

Al-Maliki’s son, Ahmad al-Maliki, and later his son-in-law, Yasser Sukhail al-Maliki, were also involved with Afaq, sources said. link

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