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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/15/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/15/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Feb 16, 2019 9:51 am


(Bullet pts by AZhombre) Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Iraq TV is broadcasting the United Nations giving Iraq a warning that further severe repercussions could result of their delay in forming their government. The Deputy to Parliament reportedly stated that all of the recovered money would be pointless to Iraq if it is not based on international rates thus enabling them to compete with the rest of world. Maliki, along with his son and some in-laws, are implicated in fraudulent activities of giving inside Iraqi information to American companies to help them win government contracts.

Rates are again visible to some bank sources. Zim $0.24 – Dinar $4.43 – Dong $1.37. TIME WILL TELL what happens next! #wearethepeople TishWash note: This goes with the Update https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65314356/newspaper-talk-about-the​-involvement-of-al-maliki-suspicions/

Opening Comments:

Ray/ See earlier blast.

Tony/Friday doesn’t lead to a lot of information, but today could be different. Why isn’t the TNT song on the top 10 charts? Let’s start with Maliki. Given US companies inside info to get the contract. Sounds like somebody set somebody up. UN says Iraq needs to form a government, and Iraq says it will be by next session.

Rates went off the boards Wed but came back last night. People are looking for some action possibly over the weekend. Mtg in Iraq tomorrow. Everything that is signed is to be implemented tomorrow. Taxes and tariffs go into effect on Sunday. Looking for it to apply to more than just automobiles, etc. A lot of people on both sides of the pond are very excited at this moment.

Board Questions: https://tntshowtime.activeboard.com/t65314028/questions-for-ray-cc-021​519/

Kozmo: The budget appears to be 119 billion. Would it be in the trillions using today’s rate? It seems they are using the higher rate for the budget

Tony/anytime they’re in the billions and not trillions, the rate is even higher (rate 4.43).

Shari123: Do you think this will come to fruition this weekend or are we looking at March?

Locofelipe: Will AlreadyBlessed & DC Winston be joining us for any of the celebrations, or the final call? Will both of you be under an NDA, and if so for how long?

Ray/they requested not to be back in the spotlight!

Bzollinger: why should we be excited? The budget is passed with 1198 and in the gazette which is law! Means no RV in 2019. Am I missing something?

Tony/yes, that was the old rate. No law, no restriction can’t change rate.

Red: Are the ATM’s giving out the LD’s in Iraq?

Tony/not giving them out until RV announced.

C/Have you been notified about the release of the 800#’s? Do you feel like we’re helping Viet Nam economically buying their currency?
Tony/sure we’ll helping the rates go up when we buy. Rate helps their economy.

Bita: Is the slow rollout still going on?

Tony/are people still going to the bank? No reason to think they stopped. Looking forward to this weekend, by Tues a bunch of people will be involved in that process. We’ll know by Sat morning, perhaps be doing a call this weekend.

Sacksh: How can it be revaluing when there’s so much discontent about the budget being published and cabinet not being complete?
Electroman: Tony said it may be dragged out till mid-March. Any truth?

Quiz: How are “we are the people of TNT” going to be identified at the time of exchange? Banks will give you what is available at time of exchange. How do we inform them we’re part of TNT to receive different handling instructions? Been told by banks no managers at the bank will authorize increase.

Tony/everybody is not a TNT member and forum. Everybody is trying to exchange their currency.

Tony felt it was his responsibility after he received certain information. TNT was in the fight for everybody, not just 120k twitter followers but everybody! Not just TNT members. They all benefited from what we did. They told me X # of people will get the contract rate. We earned our seat at the table for what we did. Contract rate is more than I was even going to fight for! We’re going to look for it. People in govt & banking system, and people around the world will be tracking that they are doing what they said they are going to do. Can come back to the forum and say you got the contract rate, etc. Just have to tell them you want the contract rate. If I hear nobody is getting it we’ll have an issue!
Amadeus613: will currency increase in value on the stock market?

Tony/ think they all would at one point. I don’t expect other currencies will go up like the Dinar will.

Beethoven: Maliki sought a sr govt position to advert prosecution, won’t his immunity eventually end w his term in office and end up in prison?

Samwise:You said the opportunity to purchase precious metal during exchange would be impossible. However, upon leaving the exchange shouldn’t I be able to go and make my purchase at any local bank (wiring the money to the gold/silver dealer from there), have order delivered to that bank into a safety deposit box.

Tony/you can go to the branch down the street and do your banking business. Don’t see it durning the exchange, unless you have a lot of currency. Average person done in 30 min.

Spread?Contract rate $28.50?

Jiminkc:What new info to you have about the terms of the Structured Payouts? Is the UST requiring them and setting guidelines? What is base amount? If one currency amount meets the amount bank requires, will it be treated independently or lumped into a single amount? I’m over 70. Will we be able to reject a Structured Payout or be able to choose a period lessor in years?

Tony?What significance in change in Zim rate from :02 to .24?

Samadhi:friend says you have to have a list of humanitarian projects to exchange Zim. Has that changed?

Tony/we’re both going in at different locations and present my business ideas, humanitarian projects, and the person says he doesn’t like them and says no. Some guy who’s never run a business in his life? Do you seriously believe that crap? Doesn’t make any sense. The only time you had the chance for the humanitarian package you had to go thru the bank. They aren’t going to review your plan and make that decision. Doesn’t make sense! When you get this money these are the very people trying to take your money when this thing goes thru.

Papito3891424:would you recommend inclusion of an annuity into a trust? Will be living off the interest from investments from principle when it comes to the annuities incorporated in a Trust.

LadyDee:We hear of slow roll out in the US. What about slow roll out in Canada?


Highcotton/(didn’t see question).

Ray/ask someone in corporation people. KC, any info on structured payouts?


Live Callers:

• 951/SoCalGuy: your CBI guy said it was done, and now the middle of March.

Tony/Wed, people were frustrated and now they’re excited for tomorrow!

C/taxes & tariffs; CBI needs to declare this international. What happens if they don’t declare they’re not international?

Tony/they don’t. If they are, the rates have to change. They’re signing the deal tomorrow. Everything (will be) implemented immediately.

C/saying new rate tomorrow possibly.

Tony/that’s what they’re anticipating. Taxes will go on everything, not just cars above $50k.

C/anything you share from the conf call.

T/they had the call and never called me back. Info now is there will be 800#.

C/404 mentioned about the mind game. You were right saying “only the strong survive”!

• 610/Gman in PA: checks made out to “Ray Renfrow, P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic donations at www.tntsuperfantastic.com or cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic

• 281/Houston, TX: I’m ready to crank the bus up, whether short or long bus! Do you think after the markets open on Sunday, we should see something?

Tony/enjoy the weekend and see it on Tues, the rest of the world is looking to see something Sat. CBI will implement it before we go!
C/how do banks know who to call?

Tony/some banks sold currencies to clients earlier. They are looking at those who purchased large amounts of Dinar.

• 865/404/Good?Lady: msg on tv of United Nations chastising Iraq for not forming their govt.

R/can be penalties.

C/would Maliki be tried in world court or Iraq.

T/Iraqi system. Battle going on. He’s doing things to protect him. C/explain contract rate of $28.50.

tony/ max for average person $28.50. In beginning, rate $4, I get $10, Ray gets $15. When we negotiated they decided $28.50 across the board. Either got it or didn’t. We negotiated 10% of us would get that rate. They far exceeded it. Not a dollar amount but the number of people who get the contract rate!

C/liked to hear about tomorrow’s meeting. Time frame?

Tony/don’t know time if he shares that info.

Tony/Iraq wanted their rate to change one hour (say 8 am) before their business day (9 am).

• 440 (nope) • 209/ Stockton, CA: pls explain spread fee.

Tony/not a “fee”. Just spread between buy and sell. $4.40 sell rate. They’ll buy it from you for 20% less to make a profit. Ex. You bought 1m Dong for $50. They will only give you $40 for it. They can make a profit and sell it again. They will buy it back for 20% less. They could say, for the Dinar we’re just taking the fee.

C/8 million people exchanging world wide.

Tony/ just US. They say at least 30 m people now have Dinar, including those with only 1 note. C/14 zeros less 6 = 24$ per note. Haven’t gotten it in writing about the spread fee. Have heard those who exchanged millions of dollars didn’t pay the spread.

• 765/Muncie, IN. How much longer can they keep delaying?

Tony/based on fact the re-construction fund will be out next week, something is getting ready to happen. Iraq’s 1st billion will be applied next week. Based on several things happening.

C/is Iraq 8 hrs. ahead of East Coast?

T/yes, could happen 4 hrs. before. Not suppose to happen until they both meet. That could happen in morning or night.

• 281/Houston, TX: Was despondent earlier. Concern: what if it doesn’t happen?

T/we can’t force anything. Wait and watch. Aren’t noticing there’s a right and a left. Mahdi is taking 2 steps forward. Maliki/Iran makes him step back 1 step. However, he’s still going forward! Slowly and methodically cause change. We can’t change the last 200 years in 10 years. If they get it accomplished it’s still a miracle in 10 years. Maliki was doing what Iran wanted him to do. He wanted to declare an emergency, but they didn’t want him to be a dictator for life. The only reason Mahdi didn’t get re-elected was because Maliki kept him from doing that. They signed off for the first time the whole of Iraq tied into one system unified (Kurdistan, etc). One system, one rate. Now they’re redoing everything including the Kurdistan language in it. Maliki still has influence, and that’s the problem. Mahdi is still fighting from within. Cleaning the government out, a position at a time. Politics isn’t about what you know but who you owe.

C/scale of 1-10, what’s your belief it’s done next week?

Tony/9. Who can even afford to buy a $50k car. Nobody! Doing to tax to tax the people.

• Texts tony just received: Man in front my cousin was picking up $1m Dong for $50. The guy next to him was buying $1B, $800m ($90k purchase). $100 throw for dunk tank in Vegas for Gman.

• 303/Denver, CO: You talked about a “bank account” the bank doesn’t retain it but it remains in your own name.

Tony/you mean an account the bank doesn’t control. Tony/call a banker and ask them. Protect your money. Call your wealth manager, discuss it, then come back and we’ll talk about it.

• 713/Houston, TX. Clarity; can we pick what bank when we call 800#.

Tony/ don’t know how it works. They want your name, zip code, amount in each currency, then set you up with someone who can handle. Not aware if they’ll set you with a particle bank you want.
C/contract rate offered for Dong?

Tony/believe so. Told were paying out on Dong.

C/how will they determine?

Tony/Gone thru $20m, then below that #, let’s wait until we get their instructions then we’ll go thru it again. I’m going to take all of my currency in and try for all of it.

C/contact thinking going into March. But depends on what’s done tomorrow. Anything else hold it up?

T/makes sense to have the whole country unified. Agreed how much oil, Kurdistan included. Don’t know what else since they’ve agreed on everything. Things changed quick from Wed. Today they’re saying Parliament will start the first of March.

C/between now and Tuesday and let us know what happens tomorrow. •
918/Tulsa, OK. (nope).

• 386/Palm coast, FL. Asked for Fed bank district map. Had a stroke and forgot FL’s #.

• 503/Portland, OR: biggest issue in 17-20% spread, drop it, and just go with the 2% fee.

• 205/Birmingham, AL: (nope) • 559/Fresno, CA. Gave idea of hand-signs and wondered why others didn’t like the idea sharing who are Dinarians. Google it and learn how to send TNT signal.

• 440/Parma, Ohio. Said in the past, some people have been able to exchange. Reason they’re not saying anything?

Tony/sure it’s part of the agreement. They obviously told me someone or I wouldn’t know. People in different states can figure out from volume transactions taking place. Mahdi and Barzani mtg Sat uniting Iraq.

C/who’s holding the purse strings?

Tony/US Treasury. We had the final saying. Iraq has tried to go in the past and we stopped them. Seen in CBI but US Treasury needs to release it! I’m sure the decision is being made above his head and will tell him to go ahead.

• 704/Charlotte, NC. Loaded to the gills and holding 5 currencies, I’ll either get “pretty” or “ugly”. I don’t trust nobody! Let’s say you have $10m dinar and $10m dong. Rather than give them all, would rather take ½ in and see what they can do.

Tony/it’s your transaction. This is what I’ll do with the $4.40 and bring back the rest later. Or, if you trust them do it all at once. This will probably the most watched, scrutinized banking event in the history of the world. If we get 50k-100k asking questions about one situation, nobody wants that kind of exposure. I know my numbers. In 24 hrs show up, 48 hrs be there. It’s too easy to expose this to the world. Definitely not going to ask for the contract rate. Don’t want anybody to have any control over me, be the 2nd or 3rd mouse.

Closing Comments:

• Tony/ long, up and down past week. On both sides excited about this weekend. Documents signed, tariffs, then we’re on our way.

• Throw-back (Mon 2019.01.14 and Mon 2018.17):

• Ray: Be either a “chaser” or “waiter”. Go after the contract rate or wait at least 24 hours and know, rather than guessing what the rate will be!

• Tony: …go and look for yourselves, we have 138,000 followers on Twitter… All right guys, it is what it is. It’s a good day. All we know is the Kurd’s got paid. The Kurd’s got paid a lot of money. It was more than at the 1190 rate. We said there was no way he was owed that much money at that rate. The equivalent of $4 or 5 million US Dollars. There was no way that everybody there got at least a million dollars based on what they got. So, it’s going to be a good day! And if Kurdistan is spending that kind of money it’s not going to be long before the rest of the country wants to spend that same kind of money. They will see that on their cards too.

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/15/19

Post by Zig Sat Feb 16, 2019 10:32 am

What a load of RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Bullshit-bs-smiley-emoticon....LOL...I wasn't going to comment about these CON ARTISTS again but maybe a few of you who still believe their BS will benefit, I don't know....they make up all that stuff out of thin air!.....THE ONLY REASON THEY DO WHAT THEY DO IS TO GET PEOPLE TO DONATE....they care nothing about you....have NO CONSCIENCE WHATSOEVER.....okay, enough....lol....still have my Dinar....will wait and see what happens....have a great day!!..... coffee
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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/15/19

Post by CCat Sat Feb 16, 2019 11:58 am

Zig, aren't you and XYZ the same poster at IQD?  You both have the same tendencies to stir it and then want to sit back and watch people melt down.... in other words backboneless.    And this is nothing to do with the above post, just wanted to ask that question since I saw your presence here.


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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Empty ZIG...

Post by TWW III Sat Feb 16, 2019 1:21 pm

Hay Zim, been missing u for quite a while.
Do u have any idea when all of this is going to happen with these exchanges????
Over on the chat group, some think ur xyz but I doubt it. If so I thought u might email me.
Recently, as u may know, a lot of talk abt 1991 w/Kuwait RI. But I stay out of that conversation as u might except.  crazyspin waiting 


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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/15/19 Empty Re: RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/15/19

Post by Mission1st Sat Feb 16, 2019 7:44 pm

The Texas Currency exchange is happily selling Dinar to the gullible at about $950 per million, and graciously buying it back at $500 per million, making for a tidy profit. Their phone number, if you are interested, is 210-227-4447.
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