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of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens

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of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens Empty of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens

Post by claud39 Fri Feb 15, 2019 2:16 pm


[size=32]of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens[/size]

of the Iraqi Ministry of Electricity to respond to a parliamentary contract accusing the German company Siemens Siemens_M%C3%BCnchen_Martinstr

The Ministry of Electricity on Friday expressed its regret for the recent statements made by Iraqi Member of the House of Representatives, Alia Nassif, and circulated a number of social networking sites, which accused the ministry of complicity in the case of holding the company "Siemens" German.

On Thursday, Nassif called on the Prime Minister, the Integrity Commission and the regulatory authorities to verify the authenticity of the information about an attempt by the Ministry of Electricity to oblige Siemens to accept the entry of Orascom as a secondary outlet for electricity development projects in Iraq.

The ministry said in a statement today that Nassif directed the accusations "without knowing the truth of the information or listening to the opinion of the ministry," adding that "the ministry is a government institution that does not implement any paragraph of its work except in accordance with parliamentary legislation and the government program and decisions issued by the Council of Ministers, And all its formations are subject to regulatory bodies, foremost of which is the Iraqi Council of Representatives, along with the representative's reference to the German company Siemens, which submitted an expanded road map that requires high-level international consultations, negotiations, preparation of financing plans and a trade-off with competitive offers. on her until now".

The statement pointed out that "the negotiations were limited to the proposal for the accelerated plan for 2019, and through the meetings of the Ministry with Siemens, the company explained that it has secondary contractors will carry out the work, and the ministry objected to one of them being idle at a number of work sites and failure to detail the work plan, as well as our objection to The proposed new solutions aimed at the German company followed in the country and have never tried in an environment similar to Iraq, in addition to the exaggerations of prices and unfairly, which amounted to three times the estimated costs approved by the relevant committees in the government, although negotiations are still ongoing with Siemens and will be resolved Wazz Rh its position soon to offer. "

The statement added that "the Ministry of Electricity confirms that any of the information stated by Nassif, is inaccurate, and was the most effective to investigate the truth of the Ministry of Electricity open its doors with all companies and public departments in front of all regulatory bodies, not to be penetrated the ministry's communications and cut the words of the reporter As well as that the office of the Minister receives on Wednesday from every week members of the House of Representatives, and the provincial councils since taking office.

The statement concluded by saying that "the ministry is preparing such statements, that it inflames public opinion and creates an atmosphere of repugnant investment will have a negative impact on the arrival of large international companies, on the one hand, and the functioning of the ministry's staff, on the other hand, and thus will be reflected against the status of the national electricity system , Because it will hamper the implementation of the Ministry's plans for reconstruction, and will be the first loser and the last is the Iraqi citizen. "

In a statement yesterday, MP Alia Nassif said: "There is information about the Ministry of Electricity reporting to the German company Siemens through the voluntary consultant called WH that if they want to spend their contracts and complete the roadmap to develop a network Electricity, production and distribution of Iraq, they must contract with Orascom as a secondary outlet and give them all the work assigned to Siemens, and if they do not and did not give all the secondary companies to this company, the ministry will not sign any contract with Siemens and will call other companies have the willingness to give the work to Secondary company ".

"According to the information we received, Siemens sent a strongly worded letter to the Ministry of Electricity saying," We can not be forced to do a weak job, and we are ready to do business directly without any intermediary or subcontractor. Orascom is ready to withdraw immediately, and you can give the business directly to Orascom and we have no responsibility. "

"Some people seem to have erred in their calculations," said Nassif. "There are big international companies with a reputation and a long history that refuse to stigmatize their reputation in shameful and shameful deals. As a result Siemens will refuse to treat chronic electricity in Iraq as if our people were to suffer forever from the power problem. "Amperes buy from generators."

And stressed the: "the need for intervention by the Prime Minister and the Integrity Commission and the relevant regulatory authorities to verify the validity of this information and take legal action against those who caused it."

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