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 "Good Guy, Bad Guy" by (Anonymous) - 2/12/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Good Guy, Bad Guy" by (Anonymous) - 2/12/19

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 "Good Guy, Bad Guy" by (Anonymous) - 2/12/19 Empty "Good Guy, Bad Guy" by (Anonymous) - 2/12/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 13, 2019 10:09 am

I hate to play into this drama here on IDC who has been a great source for all of us in the currency gonna go opportunity but I have to say something that is probably going to piss off both sides in the Good Guy - Bad Guy debate. Way back in 2012 when we (our Reno team) heard from the intelligence agency that listens to everything that we in fact had confirmation that Obama, Bush Sr. and Stumpf (CEO of WF) were on a conf. call and Obama assured them that he would not allow the RV during his term. At the time we all laughed thinking that Romney would win the fall election...it was only 2 months away and things would be better for all of the currency world. Well, we all know that Romney lost (actually took a dive) and the Cabal continued to march on. Yes, Elizabeth there is a "Deep State" cabal that is and has been controlling the world for hundreds of years.

Now to fix that problem there was a group of men who came together (exactly 10 - some billionaires some military Generals) now known as "Q". Back then they were trying to figure out what was the best way to take control of the "out of control" government as we were going down in flames and the average citizen had no clue. They all suggested people for the job of President and voted 6 to 4 and Trump won the vote and was to be the candidate.

We were fortunate in 2016 to make sure the states that were supposed to allow Hillary to win did not get to fix the election. The 5 states were heavily monitored and guarded to insure an accurate vote. If she would have won the phony FISA application would never be brought up. Hillary wasn't even sworn in on the Saturday that the FBI interviewed her. Comey wasn't there either and the men there interviewing her referred to her as Mrs. President thinking they had it in the bag. If she won there would be no RV, no GCR and no hope for America. She is Cabal and believe me she will still face prosecution for her crimes.

So now we are able to have the man picked to represent us and he has worked his ass off and for no pay to boot. I was not a supporter at the time but now I am all in. He may be the hardest working person we have ever had in the WH. He is doing the work necessary to compete the transition to a new world, one way more complicated then revaluing 209 countries currencies. I think most of us know about a lot of the new things coming so I will not go into that but I was just a little frustrated and I wanted to send this in hoping that many of you will see the real truth and come to the light. Its time for us and I know we have missed literally hundreds of exchange dates. I was to be in the first van full to go in at midnight on many a night.

The MSM is bought and paid for and of course they deliver only the diatribe that is aimed solely at President Trump. The Deep State is doing everything they can to eliminate President Trump to stop us form getting this money. They know we are a force to be reckoned with. He, President Trump is on OUR SIDE if your on that side, the side to exchange your currency and be able to go out and help rebuild and fix the holes in so many places that need patching and make the world better place. Lets focus on that and try to pull together to make it to the finish line.


P.S. I should not say here and might get in trouble for it but last week we lost one of the men at the top of this exchange process and unfortunately, I cannot tell you his name but I can assure he will be missed by hundreds of dedicated men and women who are working behind the scenes. Be happy that you are here, alive and ready to participate in this blessing. The teams are working to finish this soon now.

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