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Mountain Goat 2/11/19

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Mountain Goat 2/11/19 Empty Mountain Goat 2/11/19

Post by Mountain Goatee Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:26 am

February 11, 2019 Mnt Goat News Brief

Hi Everyone,

I bring you much news today.

Today’s news has many Golden Nuggets in the articles so you need to pay attention and read the entire newsletter today. I tried to clearly explain some points of interest where needed. So I hope this helps. Don’t blame me if you skip over the important parts and then later, come around begging for something that was clearly stated today. I will NOT spoon feed anyone. READ THE NEWSLETTER! Learn to THINK for yourself.

I also added my “Mnt Goat Video Pick of the Week February 11, 2019”.

Link below:


You might also want to read more information on newly elected representative Cortez and here is a Facebook NOTE that I have composed for this purpose. “The National Socialist Conspiracy To Change America – The Truth Behind Alexandara Ocasio Cortez”.

Link below:


This week the video is all about Socialism. I think there are many misconceptions to just what socialism really is. For example: many believe that if a company is solely owned by a group of people who all invest in it, buy all the raw material, do all the work, and then reap all the profits, that this is socialism.

I have to tell you it is NOT. This is still working under a capitalistic system only the investors are the owners and workers and not silent investors using the stock markets as the instrument in which to collect and invest their capital. Get it?

So be careful on these notions from these politicians and even some “green” movements that are deceiving you. They will attempt to package their national socialism and gift wrap it for you. It is a disaster waiting to happen.

We must be diligent and put aside this sudden notion that socialism is so good. All you need to do is research for yourselves and get the FACTS.

Why would we want to replace a system that we worked so hard for hundreds of years to develop that provides housing and abundance of food and jobs for the majority only to replace it with a lower standard of living, less food supply, less goods and services and that encourages more and more living off the state rather than FREE enterprise and the ability to generate wealth. Yes, the American dream down the toilet. I don’t get it. You tell me. Sounds to me like a bunch of pot smoking hippies like Bernie Sanders group are at it again…..

Why am I taking so much of my time to educate everyone in this issue of “socialism”? Why now? I would not be doing this if I did not feel it was of the utmost importance NOW more than ever, as we move closer to the 2020 election cycle. Maybe I should have put more effort on this going into the 2018 congressional and senatorial elections? Okay, I goofed and so we see who got elected. We see the sarcasm (women in white) at the Trump State of the Union address and this sums it all up.

More news….


MP said the state of law Abdul Hadi Mohan, Saturday, that Prime Minister Adel Abdul-Mahdi take a position on the vacant ministerial cabin, while he confirmed that the meetings of the House of Representatives will be held at the end of this month.

Mohan said in an exclusive interview for / Mawazin News / that "Abdul-Mahdi to come to the meetings of the Council of Representatives next with the candidates of the portfolios of the Interior and Defense and Justice and Education to vote on them inside the Parliament Parliament.

He added that" dialogue is still ongoing between the political blocs to end differences on vacant portfolios, Indicating that the current period requires the political blocs exceeded the differences to reach a compromise formula on the vacant government cab.

Regarding the replacement of Interior candidate Falih al-Fayadh, Mohan said that "Fayyad is still a candidate for the interior portfolio, denying all the news that he talked about replacing him."

He pointed out that "the next parliamentary sessions will be held at the end of this month."

The differences are still ongoing between the political blocs on the Cabinet 4 vacant (Defense, Interior, Justice, Education)

Then what pops out the very next day?

The “Reform coalition” said on Sunday that there is no solution looming in 2019 to resolve the internal and defense portfolios, expected to be deported to the beginning of 2020. Rep. Mohamed Khalidi said in an interview with a journalist, "The differences between the political blocs on the portfolios of internal and defense, Negotiations between the blocs. "

He added that "with every dialogue widening the circle of disagreement," noting that "the differences are not national, but for the purposes and benefits of party and personal interests."

He explained that "there is no solution looming in the near future to resolve the two ministries during 2019," expected "to migrate the resolution of the two ministries to the beginning of 2020."

More news….


The Ministry of Finance; on Saturday; ministries and provincial representatives to receive a copy of the budget of 2019 starting next Monday.

"The Ministry of Finance in the Federal Government invites representatives of ministries, governorates and councils, and entities not affiliated with the Ministry, to review the Ministry of Finance to receive a copy of the amended and ratified budget law, and instructions for the implementation of the law from Budget department, starting from next Monday and the days following the week. "

The member of the Finance Committee parliamentary Ahmad Hama that the federal budget is ready for implementation by the ministries and governorates, although not published in the Official Gazette so far.

He explained to Hammad that the ratification of the Presidency of the Republic on the budget makes it considered an effective and enforceable law, which means that the ministries and provincial governments have the RIGHT TO USE THE BUDGET AS A LEGAL BASIS TO IMPLEMENT THEIR PLANS.

(Mnt Goat – Here is proof. So if it was true (but its not) that the RV rate was in the budget they would not need it to be published in the gazette to make it legal and be able to implement it and this article is proof once again this is fact. So all these idiotic gurus telling you this is what we are waiting for are wrong. If this was true then why would publication hold up something as important as the RV not to mention this imaginary GCR (also not true). They are just playing on a single event once again to justify why the RV has not yet happened to satisfy their “secret” sources or stupid committee members they “claim” they are talking to. They bounce from event to event hoping that one of them at some point will stick. Get it?)

More news….


(Baghdad: Al Furat News) The General Authority of Customs issued a special statement on the implementation of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (13) for the year 2019 on the unification of procedures and customs fees at the level of all border crossings.

“The General Authority of the Federal Customs and the Kurdistan region of Kurdistan will begin to implement the resolution as of Sunday, 17 February 2019, which is considered an important step to regulate trade and import and export activities,” a statement by the agency said.

More news…


(Reuters) - The head of a coalition of state law, Nuri al-Maliki, said he had not sworn in parliament because he was waiting for him to be appointed Vice President Barham Saleh.

Maliki said in a statement to the agency (Sumer News), "It is not a defect in the work in parliament, but I am waiting for brother Barham Saleh to issue a decree by appointing a deputy."

"Working in parliament is a major responsibility and requires continuous work. We in the state of law are working to strengthen the role of parliament and give it an area of influence to build the Iraqi state."

Nuri al-Maliki, along with Haider al-Abadi and Asad al-Eidani did not lead the constitutional oath as members of the Iraqi Council of Representatives.

(Mnt Goat – First of all let me say I don’t believe this article in that they are going to select Maliki again. But even though I do not like the pick of Maliki for VP, this is still progress in this direction to a full government, if this article is true.)

More news…


Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi said on Sunday that the stability of Iraq provides an opportunity to increase the efforts of construction and reconstruction. "The Prime Minister received in his official office today, the head of the British-“British Business Council” Baroness, Emma Nicholson, and discussed joint cooperation between Iraqi and British businessmen and companies and investment projects proposed to be established in Iraq".

"The stability of Iraq provides an opportunity to increase the efforts of construction and reconstruction," the office quoted Abdul Mahdi as saying. "

Baroness Emma Nicholson hailed the developments in Iraq and the desire to expand relations of cooperation and partnership, reviewed the work of the Council in Iraq and future service and health projects.

(Mnt Goat – I was wondering when the Brits were going to make their move!)

More news…


The economic attaché of the US Embassy in Baghdad John Staples expressed his country's desire to enter the Iraqi market strongly.

A statement by the Iraqi Ministry of Industry that Staples and during his meeting with the technical agent of the Ministry of Industry and Minerals Adel Karim between his country's desire to enter strongly into the Iraqi market and directed to encourage US companies to work in Iraq to transfer technology and exchange of experiences to promote the Iraqi industrial reality in all sectors, especially the petrochemical sector and fertilizers.

You can read the rest of the article here: link

More news….

More FAKE news from these idiots – need clarification again. 

TNT Tony said: Far as we know we are waiting for the budget to be in the Gazette and become law and still saying it will go into effect immediately upon publication!

I think it could absolutely happen today or tomorrow. And I think they don't want us to know when it will happen. I asked them what mid-week is and they said Monday or Tuesday. I don't know they will put out a special edition. I probably would look for it Saturday.

Question for Tony - Wednesday being the back door?

(Mnt Goat- Well Tony the baloney, the budget is now law and I proved it once again (for the third time today in the article below). So why do you still keep hanging on this stupid conviction. Are you an idiot or what? The budget is already in effect and does not need to be published in the gazette for it to be effective and legal and implemented. There is no “backdoor” or any timeframe here. There is absolutely no evidence from the CBI that the reinstatement is flagged or targeted or dependent on the budget. Get it. Why must we go through this nonsense every year?)

Tony: Yes, that would work. I think once the budget is done, we are done. I think the budget is the last thing.

(Mnt Goat- Total Bullshit once again! What will be his next event that he will claim when the RV does not happen next week? This I gotta watch play out with this idiot. Yes, me and my hubby sit around and listen to his calls and just laugh and laugh at the all the stupidity. Especially of all his gullible listeners who call in with these ridiculous questions)

Tony in IRAQ: There is no update on the contractors. They want to start construction by the first of March. If they want to do that they have to have a new rate by the first of March. 1st:

(Mnt Goat- So again the contractors were yet another event used to justify this RV timeframe of Feb 2nd. So the 2nd came and went and so now it moves to March 1st all of a sudden. What idiot is telling his this stuff? Probably no one and he just makes it all up in his head. Like the ‘G’’ man says just donate and press the Green Button and have some of that North Carolina BBQ..lol..lol..lol…you’ll be glad you did! Idiots all of them! May only God help them…. )

More news….

CBI: Project deletion of zeros from the currency still exists

January 30, 2019

The Central Bank of Iraq that the project to delete zeros from the Iraqi currency is still standing.

The director of the issuance and cabinets Abdul Karim Hassan Shannon that the project to delete the zeros was supposed to start in 2014, but security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces led to delay, pointing out that the project is to delete three zeros from the current currency with the introduction of large currencies and currencies metal. (coins).

Shannon confirmed that the current cash volume in the markets is large at 44 trillion dinars.

(Mnt Goat – A couple golden nuggets here in this article:

1.We find out they still plan to do the project to delete the zeros.

2.They did in fact plan to do it before now but it was postponed again. Timing of the article proves they did have it planned for January. Why postponed? They are telling us why – I quote from the article - “but security events and the control of the state regulation on five provinces led to delay”. So we are NOT waiting for the economy to grow and the private sector to take over to raise the rate. Get it?

3.I want to point out that in 2003 we were told that the cash volume in the markets to be issued for the money supply was 170 Trillion. So we can now see once again they are maintaining well below the 2/3 (about 57 trillion) dinars withdrawal of the planned current cash volume, as part of the “project to delete the zeros”. So we can see they still have room to issue more currency, if needed to fulfill cash volume. But this is one tool they are keeping inflation down.)


Formal Articles are below. Due to FACEBOOK limitations they do not print my RED colored fonts or italics, so my comments are in brackets ( ) throughout the articles. I will preface my comments with “Mnt Goat” so you know I am jumping in with observations. Also, I separated the articles with asterisks.


Articles Begin


The economic expert, Baqir Kazim, Saturday, presented an effective way to maintain the strength of the local process.

"It is NECESSARY TO MAINTAIN THE BALANCE OF THE MONETARY MASS IN CIRCULATION BY WITHDRAWING THE IRAQI DINAR SURPLUS FROM THE NEED OF THE DOMESTIC MARKET and the stability of the exchange rate," Kazim told Mawazine News. "The importance of providing foreign currency liquidity needed for traders and businessmen to meet the needs Iraqi market ".

He added that "the Central Bank of Iraq represents A PART OF THE SYSTEM OF ECONOMIC SOLUTION TO THE VALUE OF THE IRAQI DINAR and not the whole solution, especially as he was the only contender in the economic arena has achieved monetary achievements in the context of the duty of monetary and his quest to reduce the value of the Iraqi dinar exchange rate against the US dollar in the market Local ".

"The stability of the value of the currency can not be studied in isolation from the facts of economic reality and its basic components," he said.

He stressed that "THE MOST IMPORTANT ELEMENTS OF THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY BASED ON FOUR PILLARS of the basic and is like a square building, which is based on four pillars or pillars of leverage, represented by:

1.monetary policies;

2.financial policies;

3.development policy, in addition

4.political skills,

ie political stability, social and security and administrative capabilities in the management of the country and the employment policies and wealth material and human ".

"In economics, they are called policies, which must be integrated and harmonized as a single package in their growth and development so that these POLICIES CONTRIBUTE TO THE PACE OF THEIR COHERENCE IN RAISING AND ENHANCING THE VALUE OF THE CURRENCY PURCHASING POWER.

(Mnt Goat – So again we see that they are talking about withdrawing the dinar from the market place, as they have already done.

Sounds like to me the realize that at some point they must increase the purchasing power, thus the rate. They are telling the four factors involved. Are you listening?

Remember a reinstatement is not a float within the current sole de’facto peg to the US dollar. It is the going international with their currency and thus letting the markets drive the rate on float. They have plans to re-peg to a basket of 5 currencies as US Dollar, EURO, British Pound, Yuan, Yen. To do this they need to come out with a new rate. I can imagine they will NOT just roll over the 1190 program rate and then let it float as this would not qualify for the basket rate then. I know, I know some gurus are telling this is what they will do but this is not IMPOSSIBLE or FEASIBLE.

In this regard re-pegging is what is going to raise the rate initially(justify it) and then the FLOAT will drive it accordingly up afterwards as the market of supply and demand dictates. It will then settle down to a nominal rate for long-term market sustainability.)



Balance News February 7, 2019

Confirmed economist Ghadir Attar, on Thursday, THE IMPORTANCE OF THE RESTRUCTURING OF THE ECONOMY ACCORDING TO THE STRUCTURE OF THE GLOBAL CONTEXT and the reform of the business environment, laws and procedures make it convenient and engage private sector activity environment.

Al-Attar said in an interview with Al-Mawazin News, "The importance of the Iraqi economic reform in accordance with modern economic fundamentals, namely to provide the basis for moving from a central economy to a free market economy, and to encourage the private sector and develop it.

"Article (112) second stipulates that the federal government and the governments of the region and the provinces producing together to draw the strategic policies necessary to develop the wealth of oil and gas."

He pointed out that "Article 110 of the Constitution provides for the exercise of federal authorities exclusive powers in the formulation of economic policy and foreign trade, as well as the formulation of trade policy across the borders of the province and provinces in Iraq and the development of the general budget of the state and the formulation of monetary policy.

He pointed out that "THE PRIVATE SECTOR HAS A FUNDAMENTAL ROLE IN ALL SOCIETIES AS THE CORNERSTONE OF ITS ECONOMY, and that private sector projects are CAPABLE OF ELIMINATING UNEMPLOYMENT AS IT WILL OCCUPY THE LARGEST POSSIBLE NUMBER OF WORKERS." He pointed out that "this vital sector will solve many files, including the banking sector."

He pointed out that "all countries that rely on the market economy are private banks of high durability and have a large area of work to develop their work."

The Economic Commission, had called for the need to restructure the private sector to support economic projects.



Dear Investors:

Welcome to Iraq

We have embarked on a mission of rebuilding Iraq by attracting Iraqi, Arab, and foreign capital investment. Such investment will contribute to the transfer of knowledge and technology in all Iraqi economic sectors currently being TRANSFORMED FROM CENTRALIZED ECONOMY TO A MARKET ECONOMY based on free competition, equal opportunity and the development of the private sector. NIC witnessed receiving many official delegations, businessmen and international companies and holding various forums with signing several agreements that facilitate the smooth entrance of investors into Iraq and guaranty them lots of privileges and incentives.

– The One Stop Shop in the National and Provincial Investment Commissions which facilitate the processing of the investment licenses applications, issuing the license, allocating the land, securing tax exemptions, and facilitating the entry and exit of investors and their employees.

– Providing potential investors with the updated Investment Map for each year which lists the investment opportunities with a geographic description at the different provinces as well as a product and service sectoral description.

– The Investor Guide, which provides the necessary information to facilitate entry and exit procedures to and from Iraq and how to enjoy the many benefits of the investment law, in addition to explaining the investment environment and the procedures followed in registering companies to work in Iraq.

– Amendment of Investment Law 13 of 2006 which guarantees the ownership of land by local, Arab and foreign investors for housing projects based on law No. 2 of 2010 and the amendment of the Statute (7) which organizes the lease rates for lands invested in the various fields.

We are happy to address any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Please email us or visit our headquarters in Baghdad. We are committed to providing all necessary services to achieve a mutually beneficial relationship.



(Reuters) -

Operation Determination of Steel published a detailed report on its military operations against a militant organization in Iraq on Friday, saying it aimed to create an environment for investment companies in liberated areas.

"Solid momentum has supported the efforts of the joint forces in order to bring about a decisive earthquake in certain parts of Iraq and Syria, and to create the conditions for the inevitable defeat of the fragile Middle Euphrates River Valley in Syria between 20 and 27 January 2019."

"The local police forces in Baghdad and Diyala have intensified the targeting of those wanted by the arrest warrants, resulting in the arrest of 11 alleged terrorists and associates of Badash," she said, noting that "Baghdad police forces through the method of targeting those wanted Which is developed through the Alliance's training program, is one of the basic skills in collecting and managing information, as well as gathering evidence to support investigations with a view to prosecuting the perpetrators in a correct manner. "

The Iraqi police forces continue to improve their capacity to enforce Iraqi religious laws. Since its establishment in June 2015, police have trained more than 26,000 police officers from local and federal police. In 2019, the Iraq Police Training Force will change its approach to a training program aimed at supporting the self-sustainability of the Iraqi police force, according to the "Solid Determination" report.

"The Baghdad Operations Command also issued a statement announcing the opening of Al Rashid Street for the first time in 15 years.

In addition, Iraqi security forces destroyed more than 430 improvised explosive devices through road clearance patrols. Joint Task Force - Solid Steel and Iraqi Security Forces conducted more than 65 missions for coordinated raids that destroyed weapons caches and Okara for Daish and led to the exclusion of many members of the organization from the battlefield.


On January 25, the 7th Iraqi Army Division carried out clearance operations in the al-Jazira area to deny a safe-haven organization in safe havens. During the decommissioning operations, the 7th Iraqi Army Division found an improvised explosive device factory and confiscated quantities of explosives materials.

"The Iraqi security forces are doing a great job by carrying out missions in some areas that are difficult to reach in order to move the battle to Dahesh," said Brigadier General **** Thomson, the US Army's deputy commander in Joint Operations Command - Iraq. They are present in harsh and remote conditions. The Iraqi army shows impressive flexibility and determination. The implementation of these decontamination operations has a significant impact on the enemy in terms of continuing to exert pressure on him and deprive him of his vital capabilities. "

The process of solid resolve is the military name of the US military intervention against the organization of a preacher in Iraq and Syria. Since August 21, 2016, the US Army's 18th Corps was in charge of joint task force.



In the past days, Abdel Nasser Hemmati completed one of his most important business trips during the Central Bank’s time, according to the Mehr News Agency. A journey where important meetings at this historic point of the Iranian economy took place, and of course, the agreements that took place on the fringe, may have provided one of the most unique opportunities to the Iranian banking system, which, if properly implemented and timely implemented, It can be an important and effective step in the field of the Iranian foreign exchange system .

Accelerating the Iraqi debt repayment system to Iran, the activity of Iranian exporters through Iraqi banks, and the possibility of opening an Iranian bank account with the dinar and the euro, including agreements made with the Iraqi authorities at separate meetings of the head of the Central Bank of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Many banking experts say the deal, along with the importance of time for Iran, will be positive in terms of currency remittances .

Of course, the success of the implementation of these agreements necessarily involves the political will of the two sides to timely and in accordance with the agreements reached, in particular, that Iraq has for months been the first Iranian trading partner and has the largest exports Non-oil Iran. In addition, at least in the last few months, Iraq has been able to influence the foreign exchange market with its foreign exchange markets Herat and Sulaimaniyah.


Majid Shakeri, an economic analyst in an interview with Mehr News Agency , referring to the visit of Iraqi Central Bank Director Abdul Nasser Hemmati to Iraq, said that the trip was both the most important and positive in terms of the content of the Hawala Of foreign currencies this year. In addition, Iraq is a very important country in Iran’s foreign exchange map and is considered to be the most important export destination of Iran in recent months.

He added that the Sulaimaniyah market is a bazaar related to Istanbul, Herat and Dubai, and thus has a serious impact on the cash market of Tehran, while considering the demographic situation in Iraq, the access of currency to the Central European and South American countries It is found in this country .

Shakeri believes that among the countries that have successfully succeeded in converting their currency into dollars, Iraq has the best conditions for security cooperation with Iran and has the most consistent security interests with Iran, which is why Iraq has a very important point for Iran. Including the results of the visit of the Chief of the Central Bank to Iraq, subject to the implementation of the agreement, is an appropriate access to the facilities; in addition to all the cases, such as opening an account of Iraqi companies in Iran, opening an account for Iranian banks in this country. And the opening of dinar accounts is also very important.

Shakeri said that if the dinar was a currency such as the Indian Rupee and the Russian ruble, this trip could not be very effective, but the dinar is very strong due to Iraqi foreign exchange earnings, and because of the interplay between these incomes and the interests of American companies, in the long run, the problem no special occasions.

Why is foreign exchange agreements important with Iraq?

He stated that the status of Iraq is very important, saying that the news out of the agreements shows that all actions have been in line with the purpose and the real work; the time of the agreement is also important, because in the second half of the avalanche and MARCH BECAUSE THE MARKET IS MORE OR LESS DORMANT, IT IS A GOOD CONDITION FOR IMPLEMENTATION OF THESE POLICIES.

Moreover, if these agreements are well implemented, it will be possible before the next year’s payment system WILL BE DEPLOYED IN MAY. Use this system appropriately.

Shakeri said that Iraq has other positive points for us, and that those populations in the south and north of the country, said that their respective textures are on the Iranian border, allowing the offices to be completely disconnected, similar to those between Tehran And Dubai exists for the Iranian and Iraqi side; while the border between Iran and Iraq is in a way that corresponds to the availability of money transfer with banknote access and reduces the sanction of the settlement unit.

The expert in economic affairs, arguing that the gender segregation of US interests with a part of Iraqi society is such that Americans can not isolate a bank in Iraq for cooperation with Iran, stated: “It seems that the head of the central bank and The country’s foreign currency team has been pre-contemplated in terms of prioritization of the previous program, but along with all of these, what makes the security attachment necessary to get a good financial result in order to make Iran a good financial result, Iran’s security implications West Asia and helping Iraq during ISIL’s invasion.


He stated: “The sum of these conditions says that, in contrast to the concept that the Europeans put forward, and in line with that, Iran must deal with the security gains in West Asia and receive direct access to the euro against it, a new concept can be born.” Which lies on the resistance axis, which has had security and military layers to this day.

Shakeri said that this concept is technically more powerful, more credible, and more in line with Iran’s security conditions, so that the access that Iraq opens to us does not solve all the problems, but it does not solve a significant part of the problems with approximation. Well, it can be solved on condition that it is executed.


Sayed Kumal Seyyed Ali, a former deputy foreign currency deputy of the Central Bank, said in a conversation with Mehr correspondent about the change in Iran’s foreign exchange map and recent agreements with Iraq, saying: “Certainly, because these agreements have been signed by the head of the Central Bank, the current situation THE COUNTRY’S CURRENCY IS INCLUDED IN TERMS OF SANCTIONS.

Accordingly, what is happening is that when the two sides work with local money, they set off their sanctions, but they must also consider the dinar’s use of the country; in other words, IF A IRAQI EXPORTS GOODS TO IRAN, AND WE WANT TO GIVE IT THE MONEY FROM THE PURCHASE OF GOODS, WE CAN PAY THE DINAR AT THE DISPOSAL OF THE RECEIVABLES, or if we export and they want local currency to us give it, it’s possible.

Seyed Ali said that Iraqi exports to Iran and Iran should be compared to Iraq so that the two sides can settle this money, but the important thing in these agreements is that if the dinar we obtain at the right rate becomes International currencies will be of benefit to bothers and can be important for exporters because they reduce costs.


The agreement concluded by the head of the central bank also states that Iranian exporters can use this mechanism. Seyed Ali noted that the actions taken by the Central Bank in Iraq, if executed AND THE POSSIBILITY OF CONVERTING THE DINAR INTO GLOBAL CURRENCIES, is a good and big job and should provide a land that would convert the dinars resulting from exports to the country. Other currencies and, through that, provided part of the country’s currency needs.


(Mnt Goat – Iraq is going to use the dinar to trade with Iran. They are going to pay for imports and then Iran can use the dinars then to pay for Iraqi exports. How long can they use the dinar then in this capacity before they must get the rate on FOREX and reinstate it?

I don’t know about you but this has going “international” written all over it. Will the Iranian sanctions facilitate the reinstatement of the dinar? I say yes after reading this article today. I think we will see the RI much sooner than we think. We are not going to have to wait until 2020….)



WASHINGTON (Reuters) – Senior White House adviser Jared Kouchner and White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt will travel to at least five Arab countries in late February, US officials said.

The senior officials in the White House said on Thursday that the visit comes as diplomats in these countries are briefed on the economic aspect of the long-awaited US proposal for peace in the Middle East and seeking their support.

Kouchner, the son-in-law of US President Donald Trump and White House Middle East envoy Jason Greenblatt, are planning to visit Oman, Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar on their week-long tour.

(Mnt Goat – You know something…I really hate the picture the nasty socialist news media is painting of Trump as a dictator and war monger. He is anything but that. He knows the US needs to create world peace and he is trying now to facilitate that in the middle east. But it is hard since he is fighting constantly falsified intel by the CIA deep state, who supports the “military industrial complex” and will tell you anything and create any event to get the American people to foster yet more military buildup and more modern weapon developments. Can we maybe spend some of this money on domestic projects in the US? Hey – what a novel idea! Trump knows and he is trying to move slowly in that direction. But he needs YOUR support. Can you see now? Pulling out of Syria, Afghanistan hopeful, N. Korea off to a good start, limited watchdog contingency of troops left in Iraq. Can it get any clearer what his plan is? Of course we know too the US can not afford more debt with these constant wars. Go read the book “Phoenix Rising” by mary Summer Rain. Written and published in the 1980’s. It tells of exactly this occurring. “The US will bring home all its troops from these “small wars”.

Can he get peace with Iran? I think it may be possible too. Let’s see what he does. I am VERY hopeful for word peace…..finally.

Note we do not need the UN and the New Word Order and their form of extreme socialism to help us move in this direction. This is too is why these extremist hate Trump so much. Get it? They are not having their way with this UN extreme socialistic agenda for the world under ONE global rule.)



Baghdad: Al-Furat News – The Federal Budget Law is scheduled to be published in the Iraqi newspaper “Al-Waqalat” mid-week, and the law will enter into force after its publication.

A source familiar with the Justice Ministry’s media said Friday that after the president signed the budget law, a copy of the law was sent on the same day to the Ministry of Justice and then sent to the Directorate of “facts” to work on it for the official publication.

The source added that the newspaper “facts” Iraq will be published on Monday or Tuesday, there is no doubt that the Federal Budget Law will be published in the newspaper.

According to the law, any law in the House of Representatives after its ratification by the President of the Republic and published in the fact sheet is in force and if the government does not appeal the law to the Federal Court, it enters into force.

The President of the Republic Barham Saleh, approved last Monday, the federal budget law for the current year 2019, a deficit of 23 billion dollars.

The parliament voted on January 24 last year on the Federal Budget Law for the fiscal year 2019, which began earlier this year.

The budget estimates revenue of 106 trillion dinars (88.5 billion dollars), while estimated expenditures 133 trillion dinars (111.5 billion dollars), and the total budget deficit amounted to 27 trillion dinars ($ 23 billion).

The estimated budget revenue account on the basis of 56 dollars to the price of a barrel of oil, with an average export of 3.00088 million barrels



BAGHDAD – The General Authority of Customs announced on Friday that it will begin implementing the Cabinet Resolution No. (13) for the year 2019 concerning the unification of procedures and customs duties at all border crossings. Effective February 17th.

“The Federal General Authority of Customs and the Kurdistan Regional Customs will start implementing the decision as of Sunday, 17 February 2019, which IS CONSIDERED AN IMPORTANT STEP TO REGULATE THE TRADE AND IMPORT AND EXPORT ACTIVITIES,” the agency said in a statement received by Iraq Press. The UNIFICATION OF CUSTOMS TARIFF FEES at all border ports, including the ports of the Kurdistan region (Pervez Khan, Bashmakh, Ibrahim Khalil, Haj Omran, Erbil airport, Sulaymaniyah airport).

The decision also included “the adoption of a unified customs declaration (customs declaration) in Arabic and Kurdish according to the customs law,” stressing that “all border ports in the provinces and the region comply with the decisions issued by the Council of Ministers on the protection of national product and agricultural calendar.”

The decision referred to “the commitment of all border ports in the provinces and the region to implement their part in the international agreements signed between the Republic of Iraq and other countries, especially with regard to customs exemption, and the abolition of the Council of Ministers Resolution No. (186) for the year 2018 on the clearance of containers on the volume of containers and return To the contexts adopted in accordance with the law. ”

The Commission also said that the decision also included “the abolition of the current customs points in both (Fayda) (Shiroh – north of Kirkuk) and (Lilan – east of Kirkuk).”

The Commission affirmed that “THE DECISION CAME TO SUPPORT THE PRIVATE SECTOR THROUGH THE REALIZATION OF THE PRINCIPLE OF FAIRNESS in the imposition of fees and to encourage competition between companies on the basis of quality and services in the light of the equal costs among all with the offer that the decision INCLUDED A SIGNIFICANT REDUCTION IN IMPORTS and the proportion of customs duties of imported goods and goods and the adoption of unified importation.

(Mnt Goat – Again I will tell everyone these customs and import duties can bring enormous revenue into Iraq, to rival oil revenues if they can get a handle on it and enforce it. This the GOI telling us this years ago. Their words not my OPINION! )



Economy News – Baghdad

The Association of Iraqi Private Banks held a seminar on “Managing Monetary Policy in the Current Economic Conditions” on Saturday, the third day of the Baghdad International Book Fair under the theme “One book more than life”.

The symposium began with the participation of the Governor of the Central Bank of Iraq, Dr. Ali Al-Alaq and the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanal, and was interviewed by banking expert Samir Nusairi.

The symposium was attended by a distinguished audience from the Deanship of the Faculty of Information and a number of academics from the University of Baghdad and the University of Mustansiriya and a number of those interested in the economic and banking affairs and a distinguished presence of local and Arab media. The Council of the Faculty of Business Economics also participated in this scientific symposium represented by the Dean of the College Wafaa Jafar Amin and her assistants. The Dean also extended her thanks and appreciation to the Governor of the financial grant granted to the College to expand the classrooms and the library of the College.

The symposium began with a question by the Governor of the Central Bank about how the bank faced the challenges after the events of 2014, between the Governor that the economic side is significantly affected by the economic, social and political events, the most affected by others, as Iraq was subjected to a war with ” Oil to 50 or 70%, and there was also another challenge to the exposure of the Central Bank and the banking sector in the provinces that entered, calling for the loss of its total existence of human and material resources, for example branch of Nineveh and branches of banks amounted to loss of about 2 trillion dinars.

“The other challenge is the fear of the country being in a state of recession and instability,” he said. “The other challenge concerns the security aspect by controlling the movement of funds and preventing them from subverting terrorists. So the central bank has taken measures to prevent this .

The governor also said during the seminar that the bank had to maintain the exchange rate, because the dinar’s decline against the dollar is a blow to citizens. We succeeded in this challenge and maintained the exchange rate.

The governor said that in these difficult circumstances, the bank launched lending initiatives, including real estate and housing, for 2 trillion dinars in order to move the economic situation in the country, considering that these policies were no less important than confrontations in the battlefields .

Asked about the achievements achieved by the bank within the strategies for the years 2016 to 2020, the governor said that the strategy that was developed is the first that received the exact timing and was focused from the reality to reality, the transfer of the Central Bank from one era to another horizontal and vertical development is the expansion of tasks The Central Bank , and the development of units and formations within its organizational structure and training its employees in order to keep abreast of development.

The bank has established the National Payments Board and has introduced new sections that are in line with the strategic development, such as TQM as well as other departments such as risk management and compliance management. The strategy has also worked to combat financial crimes, terrorism financing and money laundering.

After that, the axes moved to the President of the Association of Iraqi Private Banks Wadih al-Hanalal asking him about the goals achieved by the Association during the past years. He answered the goals of the Association at the Baghdad International Book Fair is to promote the project of financial coverage to be launched by the Central Bank. Dissemination of legal concepts. One of the achievements of the Association is our focus on training and development of human resources, and here it must be lame that the US Treasury provided a shield for the first time in the training area of the Association of Private Banks .

He continued by saying that there are three things we focus on are human resources, operational risks and auditing, because if these factors converge, the institutions will take their natural and effective role in all parts of the state. The important factor that helped us is the confidence of the central bank.

He said that the good partners are the basis for funding community initiatives. The Association has worked on many social initiatives such as rehabilitation of bridges, Baghdad initiative, providing study trips to schools and supporting many projects such as the Academy of Cancer Warriors Basra, as well as the project of the station, which won the approval of international bodies.

(Mnt Goat – these types of seminars show us the economy is growing very rapidly. They must coordinate interest rates to be charged, how to finance, etc, etc, This is all very good!)


Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, No Opinions ,,,,,

Just the FACTS!

Disclaimer: All information in this newsletter is not intended for investment decisions / purposes. Mnt Goat is not a financial analyst, planner, banker, attorney or associated in any role with giving out professional investment advice.

In ending I want everyone to know your constant prayers in the fight against evil (ISIS) in Iraq have worked. God has guided these young men and women on the battle field. The major war with ISIS has been over since Dec 2017. Let us all know that there is a new battle now to fight. A battle to save our homelands from the corrupt politicians and secret societies who are bent on taking what they want from our current wealth and from future generations without our permission. We must keep praying for the end to the rapid corruption and enslavement of people in Iraq and in the United States. We must pray for our leaders when they are being guided by the Holy Spirit. We must stand by them and let them know we are still there to support them, even after the election is over. I have composed a prayer maybe we can all pray today in our own way and until the reinstatement of the Iraq dinar occurs.


“For the Iraqi Prime Minister and the President of the United States, that all their cabinet members, and deputies may be anointed by the Holy Spirit to do God’s will and bring the free democracies of the Republics of Iraq and of the United States of America to the much-deserved prosperity and abundance.

To do this thru justice and freedom from oppression and corruption. That they may be a shining example for the rest of the middle east and to rest of the world to follow.

In the name of Jesus Christ our King and Savior, Amen”

Auf Wiedersehen

Much love to ya all,

Mnt Goat
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