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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/6/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hong Kong Report" 2/6/19

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/6/19 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hong Kong Report" 2/6/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:40 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/6/19 Yosef_24

Hong Kong Report

Wednesday AM

The war is over.

Trump’s State of the Union Address was a demonstration of complete power by the BRICS over the west. He said there was an economic miracle going on. But no announcement of any gold standard or RV.

Because he did that a week ago in a simple two line tweet.

Look, we know that all the money has long been in place, and with tonight’s speech, it is obvious so is the peace… including in Israel / Palestine / Yemen / Iran / North Korea / City of London / United Kingdom / Taiwan / Condo / Nigeria / Venezuela … take your pick.

So our timing for release can really be any second. Do keep your phones charged and turned on. You’ll be contacted by text for safety and privacy reasons.

It’s not even hard or complicated. Nor are the redemptions.

The currency exchanges are mathematically irrelevant. To speak about them, or follow their rate changes, is illogical.

One footnote tonight, I got a message that Wells Fargo had been sold to HSBC… well that was interesting to me because I knew that and said that on Bruce’s call over a year ago.

And it wasn’t just HSBC, it was Bank of America and HSBC taking equal shares, with retail branches being split 75/25. All because the Chinese didn’t want it to look like they were forcing themselves into the America’s banking system.

This is why I left Bruce’s call btw… he didn’t like that intel. That and a dozen other advanced truths he refused to mention because his intel sources were mainly from Wells Fargo, and they were the last T1 bank to fall into financial . legal collapse, and thus be sold off to foreign investors behind the scenes as not to upset global markets.

So if you’re looking to either TNT or The Big Call to get your Zim information, good luck. Both have shown they no little credibility remaining, and over time have preached inaccurate information without conscious. Plus they no less about the relevance, delivery, and conversion of Zimbabwe bond notes than anything else… yet speak to it like their a fly on the wall in Beijing between the dark nobility (Draconians) and humans.

It's just sad whenever the truth is pushed aside for ego and personal agendas, all to retain some minuet internet audience to protect corrupted and immoral masters that intentionally feed bad intel to good people.

Both those communities are morally and intellectually bankrupted in my opinion, and have been for a long time. Those that can’t see that deserve what they get.

Mercifully, everyone is allowed to follow whomever they believe. Even if their dead wrong. Praise God!

Yet it’s incredibly sad that most to all Anglo-Americans still don’t know that once thought poor nations of color have leapfrogged over once believed great nations without color, and will now widen that gap everyday for a thousand years.

All because Trump trumped the cabal in their own house… after committing treason on 9/11 and being compromised by intense 9/11 intel revealing his collusion.

Watching white America cheer Trump, who in just two years has permanently set the United States of America back structurally, radically and permanently, I just shake my head knowing that the truth is not of importance to their life experience.

Same can be said for the Nation of Israeli’s claim as to the number of Jewish deaths reported during the “holocaust years.” Per published census’ of those same times and countries, there were a little more than 3 million Jews living in Eastern Europe and many fled before the German’s arrived.

So how can the claim of 6 million killed be accurate? It can’t.

But the NPTB must keep the lie alive because the backlash against innocent Jews now would be deadly. Globally. And it would take anti-semitic violence to whole new levels and that accomplishes nothing now that the global peace has been reached.

But it still doesn’t educate brainwashed white folks who just can’t see the danger of their own arrogance or historical sins; and horrifically, never will.

While all I can do is see it constantly exposed and in full, everywhere, and be the droning voice of truth screaming into the abyss of ignorance.

I won’t be doing this kind of truth telling post RV, you can be sure of that. As sharing such hard truths gives me no joy now because I know the greatest good is to bury the past as to unlock humanity’s future.

Duality can be a real mother fucker, but I gotta make a decision to bet busy living or get busy dying… and I choose life.

So I must let the past die. As the RV is a wonderful excuse to do just that… let go in form and spirit… never to return.

God is with us


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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/6/19 Empty How can u say...

Post by TWW III Sat Feb 09, 2019 12:42 pm

I have no idea why u spoke of how many Jews were murdered due to the  holocaust. How dare u speak of the count was wrong. My family lost many family members. YOU HAVE NO PHKN IDEA OF WHAT UR SPEAKING ABOUT, JERK!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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