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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/8/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/8/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/8/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/8/19

Post by Ssmith Sat Feb 09, 2019 11:25 am

TNT SHOWTIME CC (Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029# AUDIO REPLAY

Opening Comments: Tony/no updates, with the exception of….Tony asked Ray to reconnect due to the noise! Noise before Tony answered the call. Articles coming out this morning saying budget numbers mid-week! Is that next Tue-Wed (7-13/7-14?).

Maybe Ray can text me the questions! Ray sounds like at the bottom of a well.

Board Questions:

Is it still true one must be a bona fide resident of the USA to exchange in the US, despite being a dual citizen of the US?

Ray/if dual citizen and here, I don’t understand that question!

Ray/banks will create an account with proper identification.

Any update on what contractors are paying since we are past the change date for them?

Tony/ no, have not.

Are the new notes being utilized in Iraq? Tony/ no, not distributed. If a bank exchanges Zim, how long do you suggest we wait before spending any of the money?

Tony/ask them how long it will take you to verify this currency. Wait until verified if you want to spend that money.

TransferWise article: does this mean if the rate is higher in Iraq we could actually exchange our currency here and get the Iraq rate? Is there a difference between printing the budget in the Gazette and opening the budget?

Tony/print in Gazette and hope it also converts it to the new rate. We’ve been told. Do budget, CBI change rate, we go to the bank. That’s what everybody is planning on. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

Is Iraq paying out the oil revenue royalties to qualified citizens?

Tony/nobody’s been paid. Difference of ZWL (exchangeable) vs ZWD (nonexchangeable).

Tony/banks saying none of them are being exchanged here.

Contacts said anything about this taking longer due to tax discussions in the gvt now?

Tony/has nothing to do with our tax situation. Global economy won’t be held-up by tax deals. Article says they are using the international rate and going to have to use the revalued Dinar. Those things are resolved. Sanctions. Came over here and went back and made deal with Iran. Past all that. What are odds that the new budget will once again come out at the program rate? Got info on TV this morning. Could take up to 3 months if they take it to court. Newest articles today said budget approved and should be by midweek.

Any feedback from any of your store vendors in the USA or Iraq? Can a foundation reap any rewards, benefits or tax breaks from the state or fed govt that we should be looking into?

Ray/no more than what shared. Charitable are tax exempt. Any public foundations will because they can solicit for donations. Private foundations do what you want it to do.

Do you know what dinar rate Iraqi visitors are receiving on there ATM cards in the USA?

Tony/no, can’t quote it when given last fall.

Will only full foreign currency branches be participating in the exchange process?

Tony/we don’t know which branches in the process. Going to be branches that don’t even look like branches. Purpose of 800 # is to be told where to go. Leave $ in bank and get higher rate of return?

Do you think that would include what we put in “private investment” side?

Tony/If you have $100m and you say I’ll leave $50m here that you can use and I can’t touch it for 5 yrs, what % will you give me? $ in savings accounts don’t count! Ask for 10% for the money you can’t touch for the time period. Ask questions. Don’t jump into it while you do your exchange. If you ask questions like that they will know you don’t now how to negotiate. Call a banker right now. “I’ve come into some money and want to know what my options are”.

Looking at everything going on, do you think the rates were contra t rates?

Tony/no, rates are still there. Forex Rates/average rates. Contract rates no!

Live Talkers:

CatNip (Good ? Lady). Could be a special edition next Mon or Tue?

Tony/will be Sat or next Wed. Asked “midweek” and told either Mon or Tue.

C/Wed the back door.


C/are they doing in the mosques?

Tony/nothing. Being very public about what they’re doing. CBI, Gvt telling them what’s going on, not hiding anything.

C/a lot of talk BofA, WF, online situations. Anything to do with RV?

Tony/WF down across the country. Don’t know if they are up or not! Had guy in AZ who said they were down. Nothing came out of it. Maybe just a bad system.

C/any updates to 800 protocols?

T/nothing for NDA’s, procedures, etc. Everybody is very quiet. Want to give you some good news. Bank personal working this weekend like last weekend. The article said it should be in the paper “mid-week”. Trying to find out what that means!

C/no news is good news.

951-Riverside, CA. SoCalGuy/ You mentioned 190b, then 133t = ? How did you come up with that #? 199b, then 133t.

C/anticipating seeing it in the Gazette?

T/already put budget broken down in the Gazette.

C/is investment conference this Sun/Mon going to have it at the “program rate”?

Tony/don’t know. They said everything by March 1st. M or T is good a time as any! Banks still working this weekend.

C/silent still? T/yes, last 2 wks. should have been! Still have all their money, not sending it back. 281-Houston, TX.

Tony, we know contractors will pay 1:1. Already put the numbers out and we know their plan. If it doesn’t happen we’ll find out why and be as mad a hell.

C/Iraq citizens exchanging?

T/no. They’re treating them like us, like peasants!

C/said they can retroact back to the first of the year. How far can they go?

T/don’t know.

C/some paid 1 to 1. 2 sets of books?

T/heard that. We have contractors over there. 2 are the largest in Iraq. One of them got his pay at the new rate, over $5m.

C/makes sense, we’re waiting on the rates. Working for the “contracts”. If we’re looking for it for Wed, do think CBI will change before it hits the Gazette.

T/the budget has to become law before changing it. Everybody, even people at CBI, are saying it’s done. Heard that for years. This time just waiting for the budget to be recorded.

610-Allentown, PA.G-man! Donate: www.tntsuperfantastic.com Raymond Renfro, P.O. Box 1478 Elm City, NC. Cash app: $tntsuperfantastic

713-Houston, TX.Did you get anymore info from committee for contacts on Dong?

T/no. Hiding like everybody else. LD’s not being used, not released yet.

C/said it could take 3 months if they take it at court.

T/What do you do? Hope and Pray!

C/just one TV station?

T/only got it from Iraq. Also have one news article says something different. Banks and everyone expect “now”, not “3 months from now”.

C/sent to Gazette and just waiting to record it?

T/That’s it. C/any other things to stop it? T/Went thru several scenarios and came up with “don’t think it will hold it up either”.

C/rates solid for 2 wks., etc. Everything in place.

T/Throughout the years we were 10 min away. Don’t know how close now, but it’s right here!

• 972 Dallas, TX. Daughter called a few days ago and said WF is holding my currency?

T/WF shut down all across the country to do a “rate change” and no other banks shut down to do the same thing. People take anything and make an issue out of it.

C/several different 800’s across the country?

T/only plan I know that makes sense. Committee guy says “new guys” are asking for trouble not wanting to use 800#.

C/will we get that # and have a conference call, or just get the #’s.

T/hopefully they will have created a site. We’ll put out a tweet, a call, and any info we can.

C/you’ll give the info out, and maybe 30 min later a conference call?

T/Each region will have their own. We’ll have it up and within 1 hour see how’s it going. Depending on what time have a call later. Banks want it done within an hour. Everybody can tell how it works.

C/last time said 3:45pm eastern time. Can we write-off today?

T/wouldn’t write off anything but said would be implemented immediately. CBI could do it anytime.

C/appreciate info.

T/some are saying as clear as mud.

• 713/Houston, TX/1st time caller. Ordered Dong last Wed. Went in Wed this week and found out they had to order more because they’ve run out!

• 434-Lynchburg, VA. Nope!

• 708-Cicero, IL. Asked to speak with Tony, said she sent him a package!

• 765-Muncie, IN. everything dragging out. What makes you think Iraq is not going to continue to drag it out? Keep moving down.

T/everything you mentioned we went thru. Reading articles referring how rich Iraq is based on Iraq doing it. They’ve been poorest country the past 13 yrs. Something in the background going on. Banks and Iraq have been trying. Until we know it’s protected, they won’t have it. Passed all of that. Everything done except them releasing it.

Does Trump have a role in this?

T/in the plan’s hands. For some reason it was stopped for security reasons (internal security that must be filled by June 30th). It doesn’t seem it will be held-up until June 30th. Contractors, bank, etc contacts say it won’t go that late.

C/does the US/China deal have any part of this?

T/no! Everybody can’t be related to this deal. China can buy from us, that’s where the groups came from.


T/budget approved and went to the Gazette. Pres has 15 days to approve it. He signed it and sent it out! I think they intend to do something with it. They do things to throw it off.

C/everybody waiting for next Tues or Wed, perhaps they will spring it Sat!

• 205-Birmingham, AL. info coming via updates?

T/superfantastic.com, .info, .net. When they give me the info we have a computer guy to upload the info on 3 sites!

C/will there be a link or tweet to take you to that?

T/hmmm, don’t know if we’re going to do all that. Maybe the bank will send me a link and I can tweet it out and all 130k can go see the rates. When we put it on the site it will be acceptable to everyone.

C/could trading people steal $ at the end? (stay in auctions as long as they can).

T/Maliki has always been doing this. Fighting against the corruption laws in place. Now they have a way to arrest them if doing it. Sure, they’re still trying to hold it up. I really think this is the last thing they have to do.

C/what would your announcement tweet say?

T/it’s live, let’s get started. We’ll have a call the next 30 or 40 min. trust me, you’ll know when it’s time to go.

C/my job doesn’t all me to have my phone all the time. Will we still be notified?

T/yes, you’ll know. • 918-Tulsa, OK. Whether the RV happens next wk or 4 mo’s from now, “the right hand is guiding this to completion”.

Ray/I don’t recall using that phrase.

C/everyone’s looking at the left hand, you should be looking at the right hand. Watch our government.

Ray/never said the right hand is driving us to something. Don’t pay attention to what they say, just what they do. Don’t look at this one sided.

Tony/you’re always looking at what they’re saying and not paying attention at what they’re doing.


Tony/never will be. Trump will never say USA stole all this money from Iraq. Everybody should have been learning the whole time. I know what I learned from experience. You’re going to have to hear investors, partners, people bringing suggestions. Notice it will cost you some money. Whenever they say you have to do it within the next 24 hrs. don’t do it.

• 828-Asheville, NC. Explained no access to WF. Said smoke in bldg. shut down system. Any ideas why holding up after Ahmadi sent it immediately to the Gazette to be posted. How come not posted on Wed, Sat, or this Wed.

He had 15 days to hold it but forwarded it on. Should have seen it the next publication. We don’t know why.

• Springfield, MA. NC & Vegas banking system trying to process elites?

Tony/asking me if some people went to the bank and processed? So many people went thru and the system caught on fire? I don’t know if 1 server in NC stopped the whole system. A guy in Phx, AZ said it was because changing the rates.

T/in Reno was WF, in NC (2 places) was WF, in AZ was WF. Other guys were notified by Chase. Told to come back and going to do the exchange. Hasn’t happened yet!

C/understand your future post could be limited. Requested stories, questions, etc. posted about things to ask or not forget. General things.

Tony/here’s what we have to do. Want to help, but not licensed. I can have a conversation. People can share their experiences. This is what I would do, I can’t tell you. Doesn’t mean what you would do! I would be willing to do that.

C/recently gone thru you-tube videos to learn. Told people to go buy $50 worth of Dong. Enjoyed telling others to get off their butt and do the same thing. Told young banker who said his father was doing the same thing, and now would do the same. 3 wks. later he was no longer working there.

• Closing Comments. It is Friday. Anything could happen. Todays paper … should be in the middle of the week (AZ/hombre: Tues-Wed, would make a terrific Lincoln’s Birthday present!). Until then, enjoy your weekend.

Ray/keep believing, we sure do!

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