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 "After it Happens" - Thoughts from KTFA ChrisC 2/8/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"After it Happens" - Thoughts from KTFA ChrisC 2/8/19

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 "After it Happens" - Thoughts from KTFA ChrisC 2/8/19 Empty "After it Happens" - Thoughts from KTFA ChrisC 2/8/19

Post by Ssmith on Sat Feb 09, 2019 10:59 am


ChrisC » February 8th, 2019

After it happens, we won't care how it happened, only that it has happened. However, I was sitting here thinking of the process and I wanted to throw something out to think about. I think WS thought this was going to happen last year because it was supposed to and Trump planned for it to.

However, as W found out with Maliki, Iran swings a big stick in Iraq and these people are hard to control. For supposedly high testosterone, manly sort of people they have a high tolerance for being called cowards and thieves.

Trump as much called them that to their face and they just kind of chuckled about it. Most of us, however much we dislike Maliki, actually owe him because we wouldn't be in this if he hadn't been an Iranian puppet and decided to be Saddam part Deux.

I was alerted from a State Department contact to buy dinar right after Maliki was put in power because this was going to go down any minute. I hesitated and when it didn't happen I believed I had made the right decision. Luckily, Maliki was who he is and gave me some time to think it through. He and Iran's best friend Obama had hooked Iran up on the teat of a cash cow that put out better than any Jersey ever did.

Realizing that asking politely and even giving them gift upon gift was not going to work, Trump came up with a new strategy. If it had been up to me, I would have made it really bloody and hurt these people obstructing the deal, but Trump being more savvy and wise than me recognized these obstructionists were just extensions of Iran and no matter how many we removed they were like Hydra. Kill one and two shall take its place.

Trump realized he had to choke out the source. Maybe he really is worried about their nukes and terrorist activities. He probably really is, however, I think all of these sanctions that have made them see stars and tap out was to force them to see the RV as a solution and not something they should continue to interfere with.

He now has Iran HAPPY to get dinar and looking forward to it rising in value. Anybody that is opposed to Donald J. Trump is really outmatched. He tries kindness and politeness first and if that doesn't work, he will knock your teeth out and kick you between the legs. He will offer you a cookie and a glass of milk afterwards though and you are then just happy that he isn't mad at you anymore.

I hope for their sake that the ones he has offered an olive branch to take it before he gets to the cookies and milk.

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