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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hong Kong Report" 2/5/19

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Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/5/19 Empty Alexander Gagin/Yosef "Hong Kong Report" 2/5/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 06, 2019 7:16 am

Alexander Gagin/Yosef  "Hong Kong Report"  2/5/19 2018-849

Hong Kong Report

Tuesday PM

Everyone saw the below tweet in late January, and thought it was the gold standard announcement, which it was per HSBC.

So this one tweet constitutes the formal and legal public announcement the the USD and US economy being gold backed.

And because this formal announcement came in lock step with the provisions of the US Constitution—on what would have been Trump’s normal State of the Union address date January 29th—it fulfilled the two week requirement from the time Congress was first in full session... which this year wasn’t on January 3rd like normal, but instead on January 25th because of the month plus government shutdown.

And also why Trump must give his State of the Union Address before February 9th, also due to the Constitution.

Making the US government shutdown nothing but a financial clearing period / cover story to remove any and all remnants of the old fiat financial system—permanently—and retool cabinet level departments for the new quantum financial system, all in time for Lunar or Chinese New Year which happened yesterday Monday at 4:03pm EST in America or Tuesday 5:03am CST in Beijing.

Now on the other side of the RV coin—the preparation aspect is deemed complete per Xi Jinping’s New Years speech today, and the execution phase of the global monetary transition can begin—this after 10 years of pain staking effort and suffering going back to January 26, 2009 (or ten year lunar new year anniversary).

Why should this matter to the likes of little old you?

Because you’re redemption of Zim is part of the the NPTB’s master plan to save the world from financial and military tierney.

And because markets and banks in China are all closed for 3 solid days to honor the Spring Festival Holiday which has already began this Tuesday morning.

Thus China is protected from a surge of money hitting the world monetary supply due to the RV.

And as a subtle US aside to this very fact, Trump met with the Fed Chairman and Vice Chairman today along with Treasury Secretary Steve “alien faced” Mnuchin... to discuss possible negative effects and administrative counters for a sudden liquidity surge into the Us economy via an RV.

Folks, patterns and evidence are everywhere if you know what is going on and why.

But wait it gets better.

Brick and mortar retail banks, not off site exchange centers or military Zim redemption bases, are now suddenly reporting seeing front screen revalued rates for the VND (6.00 +/-) and IQD (7.00 +/-).

No rates for the Zim. Why?

Because there is no Zim currency yet. Which should reenforce to all it’s a sovereign bond and not an internationally recognized currency like the others.

This is why all Zim redemptions must be privately negotiated once Zimbabwe declares their 2008-2009 bond note series as being officially demonetized and also their foreign exchange control laws being liberalized.

Which btw is to happen at any second in Zimbabwe, as those in the know are waiting with baited breath for the central bank, called the RBZ, to openly reveal their year end Monetary Policy Statement stating exactly that.

This is the legal trigger for the RV to release per international law. And it can come at any moment now that the lunar new year has arrived and the decade of GCR/RV/GESARA/BRICS Alliance preparation has officially ended.

Praise God!

The chaotic Venezuela situation with Maduro being ousted suddenly is nothing but a well concocted military psy-ops to distract the public’s attention away from the RV in Central America.

Maduro’s 100% in on it as part of his amnesty deal with the BRICS. Just like Trump, May and Netanyahu. All are patsies playing a part to get their legal amnesty. As all we’re corrupt to the core at one point.

Trump was the first interview NBC did after 9/11. Swish that treasonous act around MAGA fans. Imagine what the BRICS Alliance could roll out on Trump if he backed out of doing their bidding.

Seems the much maligned Venezuela Bolivar currency is also now very valuable post RV, and revaluing for huge profit. So naturally their making that country look incredibly poor and dysfunctional—just like they’ve done in Zimbabwe and Iran.

FYI: Here is a list of the most valuable revaluing assets in profit taking order:

Zimbabwe, Vietnam, Iran, Venezuela, Iraq, Indonesia and Afghanistan.

Zimbabwe’s bonds more valuable than all other revamping currencies combined and by a crazy wide margin. So please stop linking the Zim bond notes together with currencies gurus.

Another final point of interest with regards to a future massive GCR/RV announcement, its never coming!

Just like GESARA it happened behind the scenes and they leaked out parts of it over many years in many countries to honor the universal information and transparency laws.

There will be no flashing global gold standard revaluation ceremony. Rather, look for a thousand small but official announcements to be spread out of over many months and even years, via multiple forms of legally acceptable communication outlets a la Trump on Twitter.

The whole shotgun start concept was far too dangerous for a variety of reasons, and those preaching such a roll out now are either ill informed or trying to start a riot scenario.

Which chalks them out of the RV. Something they will find out soon enough.

I pray for their souls to heal either way. The central sun is not where anyone wants to go post RV.

So keep your cell phones charged, turned on and be on the look out for that emergency text (just like an Amber Alert).

There is no telling when this will arrive, but it will and it’s important spiritual to stay in belief so you don’t freeze when the moment does come.

Or freeze. Your choice.

Hopefully, I was mildly entertaining while attempting to keep as many Human Angels awake until the bitter end.

I think we did an amazing job of keeping each other refreshed.

I promise to be less hardcore after the event. Can’t promise I won’t still be somewhat ridiculous post RV, as it’s hard for tiger to shed all their stripes at my age.

I become AARO eligible this year! Yikes!

Again, thanks for putting up with my antics. As I tell my wife, your on-going patience and forgiveness is greatly appreciated and will eventually be rewarded abundantly:)

I literally say that almost daily.

May you be blessed in whatever endeavor your heart Most desires in service of others in need.

Looking forward to heal the soul of the world with you as equals, watching and helping all to blossom into their greatest good missionary of mercy.

Should be fun. Definitely won’t be boring. Might even be historic.

We shall see.

All praise and glory to Yeshua eternally for the opportunity to be His servant in form.

Hallelujah! A-mein!

God is with us


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