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 "Timing of Things" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/5/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Timing of Things" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/5/19

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 "Timing of Things" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/5/19 Empty "Timing of Things" - Tues. PM KTFA Thoughts, News w/ DELTA 2/5/19

Post by Ssmith Wed Feb 06, 2019 10:07 am


Samson » February 5th, 2019

Published the text of the Budget Law 2019 after the ratification of the President of the Republic LINK

2019/2/5 10:36 DELTA FOR YOU (In Arabic)

For the text of the 2019 budget law click here

MilitiaMan » February 5th, 2019

Well, imo every citizen in Iraq, including the politicians are looking for the public announcement now on the results that should be found within the 2019 Budget.

The rate for many things and imo most likely HCL monies are in there, which has to be what everyone in the world that owns Dinar is waiting for... The citizens may get retroactive pay too..

So by this and with Franks opinion among others everything is done and we await for it to come to us. The SOTU is for tonight 9 EST or around 5:00 am Baghdad time, well before, or at least just before the markets open there.

If true, the President of Iraq had this on his desk Saturday the 2nd, today or their tomorrow is over a 3 day period. Imo It could be more than enough time to publish in the Gazzette, imo.

I noticed too, today, there wasn't anything in regard to the Forex yet for the AMF, Iran, etc....So timing of things are incredible and may align with what the SOTU has to say... imo ~ MM

2Cents » February 5th, 2019

Hey MM, great ideas but the posting in the signing by Saleh happened yesterday and the posting in the Gazette happened today. It is based on $56/barrel, total budget of:

Article (2) First: Expenses - The amount of (133107616412) thousand dinars (one hundred and thirty three trillion and one hundred and seven billion six hundred and sixteen million and four hundred and twelve thousand dinars).

Revenues of:

Article (1) First: A- The revenues of the federal general budget for the fiscal year 2019 are estimated at (10556986870) thousand dinars (one hundred and five trillion five hundred and sixty nine billion six hundred and sixty-eight million and seven hundred thousand seventy thousand dinars) and on the basis of the exchange rate (1182) dinars per dollar.......

It posts for 3 days and then off to the MOF.......We are hoping the MOF is instructed to change the rate prior to opening........the MOF will have a maximum of 30 days.......

Just didn't want to see anyone going down the wrong rabbit hole......

MadeeandLyndee » February 5th, 2019

Between tonight and 30 days? Wouldn't that be awesome!!!!!!!! or ????????? you pick.

DELTA » February 5th, 2019


Hilton » February 5th, 2019

Thanks, Delta. Really appreciate all that you do!! Is publishing the budget in the old Gazette a necessary step to allow the CBI to make rate change and announce what we all know (In Our Opinions)? Or is the CBI able to do their thing whenever they want? Thx.

MilitiaMan » February 5th, 2019

Sounds like at anytime, imo.. But, I'll defer to Delta on that. ~ MM

Samson » February 5th, 2019

Capital Planning and Liquidity Planning Course in accordance with Basel II decisions for the period 4-2019/3/7

5th February, 2019 Downunder Translating

Training Course ( capital planning and liquidity planning in accordance with the
decisions of the Basel - III ) for a period of 4 - 2019 / 3 / 7 ... To view Click here

To government and private banks

All Capital Planning Course and Liquidity Planning in accordance with Basel III
For the period 4-2019/ 3 /7 The Center for Banking Studies presents its greetings ...

This Center, in cooperation with the Association of Iraqi Private Banks and the Union of Arab Banks, announces the establishment of the training course on Capital Planning and Liquidity Planning in accordance with the Basel II Rules for the period 4-2019./ 3 / 7 As shown below :.

1. Terms of nomination :. Staff of regulatory authorities / market risk managers and their principal associates Risk managers and their principal assistants / managers or compliance officers and their chief aides / risk analysts Internal auditors.

2. The Lecturer
- Mr. Arafat Hassan Salim Al Fayoumi / Executive Director of Risk Management Department, Central Bank of Jordan

3. Course Syllabus: - Identify the most important updates on the standards of Basel Committee new concepts of capital according to Basel || :
* Capital Conservation Buffer.
* Countercyclical Capital Buffer. - Highlighting the future implementation of internal capital adequacy assessment by Basel III / Discuss elements of internal capital adequacy assessment / Clarify the role of regulatory authorities in the supervisory review process Identify elements (LCR) and other important topics.

4. Place of the session: - The headquarters of the Association of Iraqi private banks: Language of the session: - Note that the fees of participation (650) dollars for the participant includes a fee

Participate in the presence of Al Koura and receive work papers and daily rest

The distribution of the scientific material and hospitality shall be made in cash or in the Association's account in dollars at Ashur International Bank / Main Branch No. 172AIB1995002891268750. Please send your nominations by e-mail to the Association of Iraqi Private Banks

pb / 2004 @ gmail. Com with respect https://cbi.iq/news/view/997

Pentagon increases its forces on the border with Mexico 6 times

World , 2019/02/04 10:08


The Pentagon has announced that it is sending an additional 3,750 soldiers for 90 days to the border with Mexico to support customs and border guards operating on the southwestern part of the border.

The ministry said the measure would allow the total number of troops on the southern border to increase to about 4,350. This means that the number of US troops on the border with Mexico will increase by about six times. The Pentagon plans to deploy mobile surveillance systems, as well as barbed wire at 240 km, between border checkpoints, and will deploy additional units for 90 days link

Sources: Trump will choose a senior official in the treasury to head the World Bank

5th February, 2019
The Trump administration plans to test David Malpas, a senior Treasury official, as a candidate for the United States to lead the development bank, well-informed sources said

The nomination of Malpas, one of Trump's supporters and skeptics in multilateral organizations, is setting the stage for the bank's presidency, which pledged about $ 64 billion to developing countries in the year ending June 30, 2018

Politico, the first to publish the report, quoted unnamed administration officials as saying the decision would be announced on Wednesday

White House spokesmen and the Treasury Department declined to comment

A European diplomatic source said the Trump administration had informed several capitals of Malpas's nomination, adding that European shareholders were unlikely to oppose the nomination LINK

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