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 "Ready to Go Live" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/4/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

"Ready to Go Live" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/4/19

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 "Ready to Go Live" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/4/19 Empty "Ready to Go Live" - Mon. PM KTFA Thoughts/News 2/4/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:10 am


7-FA » February 4th, 2019

Family this recording is from Frank

Frank Monday recorded Update: 2-4-19


Samson » February 4th, 2019

Central Bank: We bought 20 trillion treasury transfers to move the market

4th February, 2019

The central bank governor Ali Al-Alak said on Monday that the bank bought 20 trillion treasury bills to move the market.

"The monetary policy occupies an important part of the economy and investment sector and the central bank participates to achieve it," Al-Aallak said during a dialogue session at the Rafidain Conference held in Baghdad and attended by Baghdad. "Monetary policy achieves economic stability. The stability of the exchange rate and the adequacy of reserves. Fundamental to the stability of the economy."

He added that "the central bank has not only achieved the basic goals, but entered the economic growth, which is unconventional policy," noting that "through the unconventional approach we have bought 20 trillion of treasury transfers and the purpose of maintaining the economic situation and move the market."

He pointed out that "the central bank has taken the initiative of unconventional, the initiative of lending agricultural, housing and industrial and launched financial allocations, which is important," as he can secure financial for any real project if the necessary conditions." LINK

MilitiaMan » February 4th, 2019

I really do think this article is massive in that it shows they are ready to defend their new currency!! They have now told us they are ready to go live with an international exchange company that will be traded on the Iraq Stock Exchange

( "Possibility to put the stock in the secondary trading market because it is a joint stock company after meeting the requirements of the Iraqi market Securities. " )

They go so far now as to tell us they are linked with Jordan for trade and we also saw yesterday where I showed the data from 01/23/2019 about Iran going live 02/05/2019 Foreign Exchange Platform that is believed to be not just for Iran, but, the AMF as a whole too.

In addition to all that we see the lifting or restrictions from the CBI directly. The CBI is talking very loud.. imo Well, them telling us they have lifted restrictions and now having populated them selves with 20 Trillion in treasuries to support their currency, it is all but go time. imo. lol

We await the announcement now, imo. Take a peak at the below and get the fell I have. As in all good!! imo. ~ MM

"With the increasing confidence of international banks in the Central Bank of Iraq and the lifting of restrictions and barriers"~



The reasons for buying could be to use this paper as:

an addition to the inventory of “reserve currencies” to support its monetary and exchange rate policies

as a means to pay for future commitments to other countries.

as liquidity to pay for transactions carried out with enterprises, institutions and individuals of another country. If the currency is legel tender it could also be used for transactions with a third country.

a precautionary measure

a contribution to diversify national reserves.

to be used as part of restructuring a countries debt in case of balance of payments problems.

To help another country in balance of payments problems. ~

Alphons R anner, Independent economics, finance and governance expert

Updated Jun 22, 2018 ·

Thanks WS, Frank and Delta, Teams, Newshounds, etc.. Your focus is so very much appreciated! ~ MM

Don961 » February 4th, 2019

Trump: We were wrong about Iraq's possession of weapons of mass destruction under Saddam Hussein

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - US President Donald Trump said on Monday that his country's intelligence services had made a mistake by concluding that Iraq possessed weapons of mass destruction before the regime was overthrown.

"The US intelligence services made a mistake when it concluded that Iraq had weapons of mass destruction under the rule of former Iraqi President Saddam Hussein, and we were wrong about that," Trump said in an interview with CBS .

He pointed out that "the leaders of the intelligence agencies in his country do not believe about what they say about Iran's commitment to the nuclear agreement, which withdrew from the United States," asserting that "disagree with them." Trump added that "the United States may rely heavily on the work of the intelligence services in Afghanistan, and respond to developments in Syria from the US bases in Neighboring Iraq ".

On the other hand, US President Donald Trump, said that "the retention of the United States military presence in Iraq is important so that it can monitor Iran, because it is a real problem."

Trump said: "One of the motives behind my desire to keep them is that I want to monitor Iran in some way, because Iran is a real problem."

Asked if that meant he wanted to be able to hit Iran, Trump said: "No, because I want to be able to watch Iran." link

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