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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/4/19 DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/4/19

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RayRat/Tony Call Notes   2/4/19 Empty RayRat/Tony Call Notes 2/4/19

Post by Ssmith Tue Feb 05, 2019 8:08 am

(Bullet pts by AZhombre)

Replay: 641.715.0623, PIN CODE 409029#


  • Opening Comments: I have not been told that yet. I’m sure

  • The banks are holding steady, ready to go. Now what the rate is, gave you that info. Sitting there waiting to go. Alright Ray.

Board questions: Q&A (37).

  • How long will the PTB wait for the full public release? T/in 2008 they started paying people, about 5 or 6k people. Know of some government people who said I wouldn’t have taken if I had known they weren’t going to take all people. The plan to do it in March changed last weekend with high alert. Were planning on doing 60/day. Delegation from Iraq here. He’s had 15 days to sign it, he’s already signed it. Don’t know how many days. Should be this week.

  • Do you know if exchange will be non-taxable event? T/should be following same guidelines.

  • How do we know we’re getting the best rate compared to those they prefer? T/Only if they come out with guidelines. Ask “if that’s the highest rate you can get”. Won’t work with the teller. We’ll put on our board the rates and contract rates.

  • Any intel for favorable outcome with Iran? T/The Rial is not going, on the sanction list. Nobody else can trade it as long as the sanction is there. That’s why the delegation of Iraq is in DC. Not going to happen.

  • Any info on contractor’s rates? T/no, was supposed to go into effect Feb 2nd. Haven’t talked. Committee guy said it was moved to March 1st.

  • Does the budget have to be in the Gazette before we can go to the bank and exchange? Yes, should be for Wed. Pres signed it.

  • Was missing Dinar returned? Tony/no. Nobody has ever been charged for the Billions coming off the plane and were stolen.

  • IMF projects. How will we know about the taxes? R/introduced to us it would be tax free investments. T/Want to know how much to hold. R/set aside 50% and invest the rest. Can get on the IRS pmt plan and pay the taxes from what you earn. Not going to IMF projects at time of exchanges. Find out the way to make sure we’re doing it right.

  • Ratio between buy and sell, 25%. What are your banking contacts saying exchange fees? Tony/fees should be about the same. Less than 1% isn’t worth arguing about. Negotiate if necessary.

  • Are all banks informed about the contract rates? T/We won’t know what to do until we’re there. Ask to speak to the next level up. Keep track and post info on the boards. I would think most of you want the contract rate. Have some people nationally who are watching it. We’ll see the numbers. Individually you’ll have to sense for yourself. Maybe go do it with somebody else who will work with you.

  • Did the banks give point of no return? T/we’re giving the chance to do that.

  • Do we need the 800#? R/no, it’s a convenience.

  • Disposable phones, PO Boxes, still advisable? T/phone seems extreme to me to go out and buy a phone for an appt. Anything else, your banker can help you. Complete the transaction then disappear after the transaction! Mail forwarded to PO Box, new #.

  • R/If you have 4ea 25k notes, call and make an appointment to see if you can get contract rate.

  • Political stability, etc. w/Iran before this happens? T/yes. I don’t think they will wait until June 30th. People know the money is there. Will see it before everything is stabilized.

  • Any idea which Canadian Banks exchange? R/call your top banks! Won’t have problem.

  • “The package” referred to by DC & Tony in the past? T/RV or Prosperity packages? Haven’t heard about them in years. The gov’t was going to send out $1m to citizens in the country. They would be notified in advance. At the same time they would pay-off some people’s mortgages. Know if 2 people who’s mortgages were paid-off. There will probably be more when this goes. When told about contract rates, and what I would do, the present Admin said they weren’t doing that. They even wanted to do away with the 800#’s. Makes more sense to me for better protection. I don’t see an RV package.

  • Does the committee share with other groups? R/only us, that’s what they tell us!

  • If we can pay for law-a way’s, how’s that not “double dipping”? T/didn’t say it wasn’t. They can’t tell me I can’t borrow $ to do it.

Live Callers:

  • 865/Knoxville, TN. Disappointed that “by Tues” has been changed to “by Thurs”.T/banks didn’t say that. I said it because the banks put out schedules. Don’t think it will happen until it goes into the Gazette. They haven’t said “by tomorrow”. C/hope the Gazette comes out with a special edition. Who are members of that delegation? T/in an article, go find it. Iranian delegation in Bagdad trying to convince them not to go with the USA.

  • 317/Indianapolis City, Indiana. What happened to people who were being paid and nobody else getting pd? T/They were pd. The plan changed from 60 people a day.Budget was already approved. All of that could have happened by Sat. Didn’t it go into the Gazette last Sat, but can see it going by this coming Sat. They had people in the bank ready to go. C/concern they won’t let us get our money. T/When I told you last Wed, I had bankers looking at screens saying I have #’s on my screen. Also, people in DC saying they were ready to go. We know it’s done, so we’re going to start calling in people on our lists and started paying those people. C/wanted to be pro-active and concerned, so has gone to several banks. Nobody knows what I’m talking about. T/in the state of NC are two cities where banks are showing the rates and getting people through. More and more bankers are finding out about it. Know Chase has told their tellers about it. We know they have paid people. C/what I’m hearing isn’t fair!

• 951/So CalGuy/ Did you get ahold of your guy that exchanged at 7am in the morning? T/no, he’s not answering the phone. C/update on Zim rate. T/live rate is the RV rate. 2 cents, so 100t less 6 zeros = $2m if they’re going to use that rate. Min: $2m. Live on screen now.

• 281/Houston, TX. Expecting rate in Gazzette? R/they put the rate out at 199m, then back to trillions. We know everything is right where we want it to be. They put it out to start with. C/if they don’t let us go after this is done, do you think they drag it out to March? T/they did say until Parliament done. People aren’t going stand idly by. Sat the LD’s were supposed to be released. C/are we going to get any instructions before we go to the bank? T/no! I might get some. We’ve been given instructions the last 10 years. All info came from the bank but didn’t write it down. Don’t get upset if it takes longer than you expected. Only thing different they aren’t using 800#’s.

• 209/Stockton, CA. Was planning on giving daughter $14k. But may be getting a divorce. Now she and her husband want to each give her $14k to avoid taxes. R/Give her 500k Dinar & Dong. Current rates aren’t posted yet! Questions on rates at exchange. T/Only have 30-45 min. Depends on who you’re negating with. Only thing negotiating exchange fees, rates. If w/ wealth mgr, ask for contract rates!

• Gman from PA. Checks made out to “Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822. Electronic Donations: TNT SHOWTIME DONATIONS $$$$ EVERY $1.00 HELPS $$$$ CHECKS MADE OUT TO “Ray Renfrow P.O. Box 1748, Elm City, N.C. 27822 Electronic Donations now accepted at: www.tntsuperfantastic.com/ or cash.me/$TNTSuperfantastic Thank you for being a part of our TNT Family and your Donation

• XXX Rate didn’t go international. Any idea when? T/when I say Fri after 3:45pm makes sense, because they have said that for over 7 years. Go live and banks use that money throughout the weekend. Now could go any moment any time because the markets are using the new rates on the back screens. They could push it to us any moment. C/waiting for confirmation of being pushed to March 1st. Whey did they change it? T/because of Parliament and have the gov’t in place. Banks wanted to “slow pay”. Everything doesn’t make sense and can’t be exact so public will be surprised and fear of bad actors out there. C/any contracts for the Dong? T/didn’t talk to them over the weekend. Same thing about the dinar: No Contracts now! T/that wasn’t my agreement. These are the rates, and this is the number of people they were going to give it to. No word back yet! C/confirmed people exchanged over the weekend. T/no, told by the banks, 60 people a day and done throughout the month of Feb. C/2 cities in NC, and other states. Can you share? Tony/ NC, Reno NV, IL (where a guy got paid). C/think it could be on placing the budget in the Gazette, or are they going to slow-walk it thru? T/the Gazette. Iraq wants to start their construction on the 1st of March. Do the RV, get lower denoms out there, then start construction.

• 360/Vancouver, WA. Asked the banker questions, including how large of a deposit. No limit! T/banks aren’t limited. The limit is to the person authorized to do the transaction. Has to be done before 4pm. Can’t bring in too much. Some banks limit is $20k/day. “Can’t let you take half of my bank!” Contract rate? T/they were saying they’ve already used it. The guy above Tony’s guy said we’re honoring the agreement for the rate and need to do this know.

• 954/Fort Lauderdale, FL. (nope!)

• 770/Roswell, GA. (nope!)

• 718/New York, NY. Do we get a straight up answer on the 800#’s? Propper instructions on how to do this. T/They think this new way will work. As long as I’m in line it’s o.k. C/we don’t mind being in line as long as we know we’re included.

• 707/Santa Rosa, CA. This leaves us wondering where the line starts and how we get in it. Other guru’s talk about HSBC will be doing the Zim. Any info? Tony/HSBC/WF will be doing the Zim.

Final comments: There weren’t a whole lot of changes. I feel confident they’re saying it’s done. First time with “live rates” that have held. Remember the earlier days? Rate is matching in other countries. Let’s see if Tue goes, if not it should go in the Gazette and we should be ready to go. Don’t be disappointed. Take the time and make sure you’re ready. Somebody bought another 1 million Dong while doing this call. Ray/we’ll either have a pre-RV call or Post-RV call Wed.

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