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No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy DinarDailyUpdates?bg=330099&fg=FFFFFF&anim=1

No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy

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No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy Empty No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy

Post by claud39 Mon Feb 04, 2019 9:56 pm


[size=32]No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy[/size]

No plan to revive the Mosul: who hinders the revival of the lungs of the Iraqi economy %D8%A7%D9%84%D9%85%D9%88%D8%B5%D9%84-300x198

When Iraq revived the second anniversary of the liberation of the city of Mosul from the grip of the Islamic state in December 2018, new Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi vowed to rebuild the city and return the displaced to their city after the government announced its intention to restore all necessary means to life in Iraq's second largest city and its economic core. But once a tour of the streets of the city makes sure that all that was said about the reconstruction of the city is nothing more than a dead letter, and that Mosul will remain without a plan to revive it as long as the node of the popular militias that are still in the city is not resolved, and as long as the Iraqi decision remains hostage From Tehran, and corruption remained a legitimate practice in Iraq and the country remained without a government capable of managing its affairs and healing the wounds of years of war.

MOSCOW - With the passage of more than five months since the new government in Iraq takes power, Mosul, which voters have promised to be a top priority for their programs, remains without a plan to rebuild and accelerate the restoration of war-ravaged ruins and shattered structures before they become Irreparable.

The province of Nineveh, with its capital Mosul, Iraq's second largest city in terms of population, concentrated mostly in the city of Mosul.

The destruction of the old city of Mosul has been estimated at more than $ 1 billion and it is believed that between 50 percent and 75 percent of the city's 1.4 million buildings and houses have been completely destroyed.

The people of Mosul, which is almost completely destroyed during the war of the international coalition and the Iraqi army, supported by the popular mobilization militias, against the organization of the Islamic state companies and entities contracted by the government with corruption and the slow pace in its reconstruction, although the government has announced since taking power to crack down on corruption, The pace of reconstruction of Mosul.

Returnees to the city of Mosul did not find any hint that government agencies were giving top priority to restoring the pulse of the city, which the organization's fighters made like a ghost town. "The biggest victory for the forces of evil and terrorism has been scored, and we have won with great honor," said Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, who said during the commemoration of the second anniversary of the liberation of the province from a terrorist organization.

He pledged to work on "the return of the displaced and the reconstruction of their cities," in addition to providing "services and employment opportunities for the provinces that contributed to the victory."

An important feature of the continued deterioration of the situation in Mosul is that the demolition of a dilapidated building in the northern city of Mosul, the men of the Islamic state organization used to kill those who accuse them of being homosexuals, entered its third month without achieving any tangible progress. In the remaining vestiges of the building, the boys look for what works for scraping at a faster pace than the single engraving machine on the crumbling structure.

Two years after the battle in which Iraqi forces recaptured the city of Mosul from the hands of the Islamic state, the authorities do not have enough equipment to lift the rubble rampant across the city. Hundreds of city council vehicles were destroyed during clashes in which the group used suicide bombings. Only a few were replaced.

Local MPs and residents accuse the companies, which the government has contracted with lucrative contracts to fill in the required work, by deliberately slowing down or failing to perform the tasks often assigned to them. Human rights activists say those who were executed in the seven-role insurance building, now only two rounds, were often the wrongly accused opponents of the organization.

One of the workers, on the failure of government agencies and companies in charge of reconstruction, said the drilling machine on the building is rented at $ 300 a day. The machine remains static and does not work very often.

The governor of the province denies accusations of fraud and says that money is not enough for his office to finance reconstruction. All these justifications come at a time when the city's people are facing financial difficulties. Families forced to build their homes have to borrow, borrow from friends and live on what they find. People of goodness.

Others are crammed into homes whose rents are becoming increasingly expensive, while projects funded through external assistance suffer delays. Poor planning opens the door to mismanagement of reconstruction efforts and corruption, which makes the city's recovery slow and arbitrary. "There is no strategic plan," MP Mohammad Nuri Abed Rabbo said. It's chaos. "

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In this atmosphere, the population fears that the remnants of the Islamic state organization will exploit the feelings of resentment, especially since many reports issued by international or local Iraqi organizations confirm that the approaching end of Damascus and Syria poses many hypotheses, A desperate investor who lives on their own return to their city.

By the end of 2018, the radical organization managed to rejuvenate its dormant cells when suicide bombers detonated a car bomb near a restaurant in the second largest city of Mosul after Baghdad.

The state budget this year allocates $ 560 million to rebuild Mosul, according to two deputies from the city. A United Nations consultant in the city said the cost of rebuilding work for one year was estimated at $ 1.8 billion.

"It is often international organizations that do the work. It is absurd that money comes from abroad in light of Iraq's oil wealth. " "The authorities are spending too much and the work takes too long. The demolition of a large building should take a few days at the latest and cost a few thousand dollars at most. "

In the face of all these accusations against government agencies, Nofal Hammadi, the governor of Nineveh, has dismissed charges of mismanagement and spending too much.

"The lifting of the rubble is not arbitrary, but there are some neighborhoods that have reached the extent that there is no solution. People should not be asked why they are slow (in reconstruction), but they should ask why they are in a hurry. " Cleansing does not seem to take place on a regular basis. More dirty boys than workers load steel skates and window frames onto donkey-drawn carts for sale in scrap markets.

Some families in Mosul are rebuilding their own homes. Younis Hassan, 67, borrowed $ 9,000 from his friends to rebuild his purple-walled house at the highest point of the old city on the banks of the sprawling Tigris River. "We borrowed everything. There is no money from the government and no bank loans. "

Authorities have banned bank transfers to Mosul, a stronghold of Sunni Islamists, even before Dahesh's arrival because of fears of funding extremists.

The massive destruction of the city of Mosul shows that nearly 2 million Iraqis are still displaced by the war on the organization, according to a survey conducted by a non-governmental organization. Many say they are not prepared to go home because of destruction and lack of services.

Corruption is the main cause of the delay in the Mosul reconstruction, but residents and observers confirm that there are other, more serious reasons. These are the large-scale infiltration of popular militias, some of which did not leave Mosul after the end of the war against Da'ash. Mosul and its environs.

Residents fear that the longer the reform process begins in Mosul, the easier it will be for groups such as the Islamic State Organization to reappear and recruit individuals.

Conditions that helped the organization to control Mosul and other cities in 2014 remain, including corruption and the neglect of the Shi'ite-dominated government of Sunni Muslim communities.

"They will be the next generation of the Islamic state," he said. "They thrive in corruption and chaos."

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